Unthanful BlackRock's wages of Extinction!

Unthankful BlackRock's wages of extincion! Continuing to eat transgenic soy&red meat&perpetuate the use of carbon,oil, gas fracking&consumerism will enrich BlackRock Global management& push humanity to faster extincion by gasing us withGreenhouse gases #CivilDisobedience

Milenio de mujeres ambientalistas al poder!

Milenio de mujeres ambientalistas al poder #Bolivia somos mujeres defensoras Climaticas de raices indigenas & servimos la causa Indigena! No servimos los Q x 15aƱos rechazaron abrogar Latifundio Militares Policias Genocidas& rechazaron abrogar structuras economica, politica&social&son MentirososPseudoSocialistasJudiosLatifundistasMilitaresPolicia: Evo Morales LuisArce Liberaron Gral Cuellar, the genocidal murderer of indigenous Climate Defenders at Sacaba, Senkata, Pedregal...

See you later Alligator!

See you later alligator! We peaceful Climate defenders of Mother Earth are in mourning for the loss of DiegoFromThePeople, who opposed more carbon markets disguised as pseudo-prosperity markets. We have just lost Diego Armando Maradona, an icon of the people, specially of the silent masses & the disposssed paupers of the world! Today he is being buried. Diego you aren't gone for each one of us is you and we hear you and see you marking goals against injustices. See you later alligator And you will answer: After a while crocodyle, goalllllll! #AhDiegoDelPueblo/ #CuanCortaEsLaVidaCortaComoLaCanchaQ no pudo contener el balon de tus agiles movidas/#AunQuedanBatallasQenfrentarMujeresQConquistarYAmarlasEnteramente & #EducarAlBalon #PibesQNacenPaGolear.    Te raptaron subitamente! #AmemosYMuramosxVivirElDulceDelVivir

...impunity sought against Bolivian military accused 4 committing genocides Sacaba& Senkata!

Bolivian Armed forces Commander demands impunity for Armed forces who stand accused of Genocide! Same as the Austrian& German Jew nazi defendants before the Nuremberg trial for the inhuman Shoah of 6 million civilian innocents, Bolivian Military armed forces Chief, ragingly demands his military commanders, including detained army Gral HenriquezCuellar, not to be penally trialed for "Obeying their commanders' Genocides orders in Sacaba& Senkata, Bolivia, bc they preserved the territorial integrity and spared others from being hurt and we can't be punished for complying with PresidentAnez comands and fullfilling with her SupremeDecree law 4078, to open fire against civilians who were endangering others with their protest" The problems with these nazi Bolivian soldiers and commanders, are: 1] DS4078 to grant them blind inmunity and impunity for opening fire on unarmed peaceful civilians exercising their constitutional grievance rights against the Anez Dictator an

Only Civil Disobedience around Oil refineries saves us from continued gasing us to extinction!

YearsAgoWeRetired academiciansTold u get competent advisors&Urefused!LittleTooLateU'll realize Biden,Obama,Kerry, ParisAgreement&EU& BlackRockGlobalManagement fooled u&u failed saving Climate w/Skolstrejk4 Klimatet, We'llBeGreenhouse gasedToExtinction  #CivilDisobedienceRoundOilRefineriesSaves us from ongoingly being greenhouse gased to Extinction!

...Since when US extends from Canada to Argentina to allege US is America?

Since when one equals two dozen countries to say US is owner of two dozen countries that form the American Continent? @ JoeBiden u need to learn Reality&Geography& the ongoing climate catastrophy due to fossil fuel& carbon with your fake elimination of oil by the fakeParisAgreement of cheaters& volunteers, who talk, talk and talk like you of GND but its a fake GND and you and parisAgreement are imposing your failed carbon tax( which also failed while you were Obama's VP) to perpetuate carbon& oil which causes human extinction by deadly greenhouse gases & taxing carbon means taxing deadly extinction. You can't tax deadly extinction, you need to abrogate carbon& oil&fracking& nuclear space race and nuclear energy AKA deadly NuclearPandemic AKA MAD/Nuclear Mutually Assured Destruction! Please learn geography: US doesn'textend from Canada to Argentina to missappropiate the name of a whole American continent! In fact our United States is a me

Inctact oil Capitalist structures under Govs Morales-Arce, perpetuate, destruction, defeat...

Intact oil Capitalist structures under govs Morales-Arce perpetuate, destruccion,defeat& economic slavery in Bolivia... By Mama T'alla Domitila Mamani M Applying gray eminence Dr Felipe Campos's oral seminars on Social revolutions, I write the following experience that is present not only in Bolivia, IndoAmerica but in most of today's world. In 2006 reached the presidency Evo Morales- Garcia Linera, for alnost 14 years both preached the Bolivian revolution was being born, implemented and practiced daily in Bolivia. We observed their policies and economic model, prodded and made hypothesis if he was a caudillo or a leader and if his was a cultural change rather than a socio- economic revolution& after 14 years, based on the facts, we write this proven theories. Elite Tambo school's graduate Morales enacted his living personal  living-deification as a cultural revolution, with his own monuments, museums, stadiums, synthetic plastic soccer game courts, schools, etc