BlackRock's oil parter, Aera offers virtual/false salvation!

BlackRock's partner, Aera offers virtual/false salvation! In reply to BlackRock's oil parter Aera's Operations manager, Will Spear, "The role of oil& carbon in the community&thecarbon economy" Reporter, Vol45, issue2, Ventura, California, he projects his oil industry's wishful dreams of NetCarbon Zero economy past 2050 by an all volunteer without enforcement  laws& club Paris Agreement and building jobs beyond our comunity by only using their deceptive oil& gas technology, through their concocted scheme of Carbon Capture& Storage/CCS, with double credit carbon emissions, alledging it will benefit us all in a distant future 2050 and enjoy perpetual heaven of oil& gas in  combustion cars. But wrongly assumes "There is Not a 'Now and here' solution" but distant 2050  on the terms & conditions projected by their global oil and gas corporations, Net carbon zero through the Paris agreement is unfeasible& unenforcea

BearBiden's bear hug policies

BearBiden's bear hug policies! We are banned from peacefully protesting against oil & carbon pandemic! We survivors of  sarsCovid2, wear double mask & keep socially distant from outsiders and have a medical history of allergic reactions to vaccines, hence we won't be vaccinated! Tragically greedy pharmaceutical corporations & politicians are rushing vaccination campaigns globally with a promised all cure vaccine but their politically rushed sarscovid2vacine is useless to mutated pandemics which spread globally, like covidB.1.1.7 for which there is no vaccine! Among milions of sarscovid2 vaccinated people, U.S. congressman Lou Correa took the sarscovid2 first innoculation but now he's found the hardway, the magic cure sarscovid2 vaccine he believed in, has not protect him! Correa has medically confirmed after he got vaccinated, he's suffered a covid infection that precludes him as a Congressmanfrom attending Biden's presidential inauguration on Jan 20

Are seditious military officers above the rule of law?

Are seditious military officers above the rule of law? Despite luxurious trillion$us anual pentagon budget, it's active& passive servicemen, who we tax payers pay them 100%retirement fat pensions, are seditious against us. We demand Congress to investigate countless seditious& high treasonous pentagon officers to be in vestigated& penally tried them for their crimes! We covid starving Americans, demand the pentagon return the trillions received& be defunded bc its madness to deny our children social programs& food, to fatten these treasonous combat dressed seditious officers, (See the evidence) like Lt Cnel Larry Rendell Brock, who had in his possesion plastic cuffs for congressmen, to kidnap them& forcefully have them change their votes for Trump, one of the masterminds of the seditious act! How come these fat pensioners are receiving Public Defenders, as fake indigents? Is discrimibatory to continue to give 100% pension to seditious military officers a

There is no magic cure!

There is no magic cure! There isn't a single magic vaccine cure 4Mutating virus pandemics! As a matter of fact, grandparents GenerationSurvived 1918InfluenzaVirus choosing one: 1)Natural immune system 2) Others dealt byBeing vaccinated&each year get a new improved flu vaccine #ChooseBloodPlasmaNoVaccine

...loosing our 1st Amendment for somebody else's act?

Unjustly, why are we loosing our first amendment for somebody else's act? Ordinary americans we agree impeachment& penal trial4 Trump's -planed Jan6th Sedition! We don't accept BlackRock corporatism misusing failed sedition to up-the-ante by taking the People's peaceful Assambly right, redress grievance, Free speech& invasion ofPrivacy byBigBrother to ban the people from peacefully protesting BlackRocks perpetuating pandemic FosssilFuel&carbon that threatens our human existance. Its totally unacceptable to ban Trump's 1st amendment w/o first finding him guilty and is absolutelly unnaceptable that corporatist-FakeCitizens in violationof USA's co nstitution to ban him, unser the false premise, private corporatism is above the constitution&the rule of law and it has the rightto ban Trump. That happens to racist seditious Trump, sentence him & throw the key away but don't impose fascist ban of 1st amendment to the unsentenced president, bc

Poema de Madres Adoloridas!

Poema de Madres Adoloridas! XJuliaEsPuebloDeGabineteIndio Aiy hermanas miren como han asesinado a nuestros hijos marcando sus craneos como ganado de reses LatifundistasCambas Banzer&Garcia contratistas de la Cia! Con q dolor los llevamos por 9 meses & parimos a los frutos de nuestras entranas con q dolor miramos& tocamos sus cuerpos torturados, marcados como ganado antes de ser cobardemente asesinados por estos condoresMilicos hijos de proxenetas cia! A nuestros amados hijos con q sacrificio los hicimos crecer& educamos pero estos milicosHijosDeBurdeles Y padres alcahuetes, Sin conciencia alguna Los torturaron hasta matarlos a culatazos. Al escuchar cuentos de mar, ansiosos Banzer&Guzman abrazaron a oPinochet Y con otros contratados asesinaron incluso al JJTorrez. Y cuando Marcelo Q SantaCruz hablo de enjuiciar milicosGenocidas Banzer corrio a NatuschBush& con Golpe evito lo enjuicenXGenocidio Inestable Natush& Lidia Gueiler fueron golpeado

Luis Arce Ladron de Glorias Ajenas!

LuisArce ladron de glorias ajenas! #IntiYChatoPeredoSacrificaroSusVidasContraLatifundioMarinkoviches #IntiFueAsesinadoCobardementeComoAMarceloSantaCruzYaChatoLeDestrozaronSuVidaConTorturaSicologicaYsufrioPTSDHastasuMuerte #DictadorGarciaTorturoAFelipeCampos #EvoA├▒ezYTuLuchoLoExilian15A├▒osXqDemandoAbolirLatifundio