Don't you want to save Monarchs, bees& yourselves?

Don't you want to save Monarchs, bees& yourselves? # PlantMilkWeedToFeedBuffyAndBees if # YouTrullyWant to # SaveMonarchsAndYourselves  from # BeingGasedOutToExtinction by # NotEatingRedMeat # AbrogateOilCarbonGas # JoinCivilDisobedienceAtRefineries till Switching2 # SolarAndVegan # PoliticiansAndCorpsLie # JoinCivilDisobedienceHereNow #PlantFlowrs

Gobierno entrante o saliente?

Carta Abierta a EvoSinMorales LuchoTraidorArce: Re:Gbno entrante o Saliente? A Uds Incapaces les pregunto: Para q m...continuan con su o sesesion compulsiva-obsesiva de quemar nuestros bosques&rifan nuestras tierras quemadas por votos en elecciones regionales? Pa q mier...incrementan & perpetuan latifundio ganadero-soyero? Pa q mierd...continuan importando e imponiendo transgenicas q causan extincion de nuestra fauna& flora incaria& hambruna permanente y desertificacion xq sin arboles no hay lluvias ni aquiferos ni agua! Las vacunas corona no protegen contra multiples cepas mutantes ni fueron experimentadas clinicamente y aun sus vacunados se recontagian& contagian a otros. Asimismo sus vacunas extinguen nuestro natural sistema de immunidad con el q nacinos& nos expones a morir xcausa de tus vacunas politicas q no son seguras ni eficientes y asi nos genocidas con tus ineficientes vacunas, q aun inventores Sahun- Tureci no confian y rechazaron por 5 meses

COP26 another deception to perpetuate deadly oil, carbon& gas...

COP26 another deception to perpetuate deadly Oil, Carbon& Gas& mislead us to the Point of No Return! COP26' goals are virtual, as virtual as its bad predecessors! COP26' results are empty pledges made by incorregible cheating deadly polluter G7&BRICS countries, who only talk, talk, talk without Abrogating fossil fuel, carbon& gas WITHOUT Polluter G7&BRICS TRULY ABROGATING THEIR COUNTLESS SUBSIDIES FOR FOSSIL, CARBON& GAS! They want to sell you euphemisms like resilience, adaptation, mitigation which really mean: resign yourself to our donation change 4 beggars which we are throwing at you: 100 billion dollars in exchange 4 you to sell me ten fold pollution increases so under the excuse of carbon zero2050, you resign yourself as good beggars to die quietly inside your CombustionCoffinCars with a fare inYour mouth, so Charon can ferry you & your family to the other shore of the Stix river in the valley of death! No, no, no! We reject G7& BRIC

FB vs The People of the Earth!

   FB Vs the People of the Earth! FB, the supranational global social media is an incorregible Samson, who has a pattern of abuse record, globally! When it pleases FB and is for its own monipolistic interest perpetuation, if you get in their way as obnoxious apprentice TrumpDaTramp is, without a hearing, w/o evidence, Samson FB will revoke your FB pg and violate your free speech and constittutional rights. In absence of apprentice Trump in FB, i gather FB is not letting him come back to express and exercise his constitutional rights. I, an ordinary citizen& retired faculty member, w/o any hearing& w/o any due process was wrongfully suspended repeatedly and FB staff hid and refused to answet and disclose their alleged evidence and never did but kept repeatedly suspending me. Tired of their abuse, began to write to congress, EU and other govs, etc and eventually FB began to back off from their abuse pattern against me. Their pattern of abuse showed me FB had secret arrangem

Steinbeck says...

John Steinbeck says ..." Knowing a man well never leads to hate but almost always leads to love" I say: Practice his legacy with wisdom&with # Who Deserves You Boys AlwaysBurstInAnger when they're love needy&want to love But #Love Must Be Reciprocal, else he is a # Useless Narcissist who will take&take& take&give nothing in return butAbuseU, bc he # WRONGLY ASUMES He Owns You # HE is A SlaveOwner 

Being separated from

Open letter to Dear Senator Alex Padilla, Calif, USA Being separated from parents causes  lifetime PTSD! WeJewishChildrenSeparatedFromPersecutedParents by Notzees # WeSufferedLifetimePTSD ! PlsSaveNow # ImmigrantChildren from # SufferingLifetimePTSD IntroduceSenateBill: # KeepICEDetainedChildrenWithMomUnderHumaneConditions # WhileDadsRSeparatedfromFamily WhileICEProcess

arce va a perder en Elecciones regionales!

Arce va a perder en Elecciones Regionales @Evoespueblo @LuchoEsBolivia NosIndigenas hastiados de ser usadosXUds Xq UdsNosGenocidaronX15AnosigualQAnez, estamosEnLasCalles contraTuGenocidioXCoronaXHambruna XVacunasQNoProtejenContrCepasMutantes YProtegesGenocidasCuellarVelardeRojasConDetencionesDomiciliarias 981DiasPaTuRenuncia ConParosYDerrotadoEnEleccionesRegionales #VamosASalirAdelante #ConArceEnChonchocoroXGenocidaYExiliadorDeIndigenas