Evangelical votes . . .

Like Bolsonaro, EvilEvo asks evangelical votes for his undeserved reeleccion!

Whenever is convenient, Evo tells the catholics, "I am catholic" and they support him, now after seeing evangelicals gave Bolsonaro his electoral victory, Evo goes back to his adolescent homo-sexual and religious beliefs with the evangelicals, and tells them to support him, saying "I graduated from Tambo school & I've always been an evangelical".
When evilEvo gets the evangelical vote for his reeleccion scheme, you'll reconfirm, evilevo became a contractor in his youth and is that foreign power SOB, yet he preaches drunk of a non-existing socialism while enjoying the high life in his Evo's palace & flying to soccer-vacations throughout the globe while we slowly die of cancer epidemic and lack of universal health care, a death gift from evilEvo. Remember Evo, "a man cant serve two masters, he will love the one but hate the other" (matt 6:24). Atentamente  you, the voter, should ditch Evo and Mesa too . . .
DM (c) Reserv 02/11/18

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