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Unthanful BlackRock's wages of Extinction!

Unthankful BlackRock's wages of extincion! Continuing to eat transgenic soy&red meat&perpetuate the use of carbon,oil, gas fracking&consumerism will enrich BlackRock Global management& push humanity to faster extincion by gasing us withGreenhouse gases #CivilDisobedience

Milenio de mujeres ambientalistas al poder!

Milenio de mujeres ambientalistas al poder #Bolivia somos mujeres defensoras Climaticas de raices indigenas & servimos la causa Indigena! No servimos los Q x 15aƱos rechazaron abrogar Latifundio Militares Policias Genocidas& rechazaron abrogar structuras economica, politica&social&son MentirososPseudoSocialistasJudiosLatifundistasMilitaresPolicia: Evo Morales LuisArce Liberaron Gral Cuellar, the genocidal murderer of indigenous Climate Defenders at Sacaba, Senkata, Pedregal...

See you later Alligator!

See you later alligator! We peaceful Climate defenders of Mother Earth are in mourning for the loss of DiegoFromThePeople, who opposed more carbon markets disguised as pseudo-prosperity markets. We have just lost Diego Armando Maradona, an icon of the people, specially of the silent masses & the disposssed paupers of the world! Today he is being buried. Diego you aren't gone for each one of us is you and we hear you and see you marking goals against injustices. See you later alligator And you will answer: After a while crocodyle, goalllllll! #AhDiegoDelPueblo/ #CuanCortaEsLaVidaCortaComoLaCanchaQ no pudo contener el balon de tus agiles movidas/#AunQuedanBatallasQenfrentarMujeresQConquistarYAmarlasEnteramente & #EducarAlBalon #PibesQNacenPaGolear.    Te raptaron subitamente! #AmemosYMuramosxVivirElDulceDelVivir

...impunity sought against Bolivian military accused 4 committing genocides Sacaba& Senkata!

Bolivian Armed forces Commander demands impunity for Armed forces who stand accused of Genocide! Same as the Austrian& German Jew nazi defendants before the Nuremberg trial for the inhuman Shoah of 6 million civilian innocents, Bolivian Military armed forces Chief, ragingly demands his military commanders, including detained army Gral HenriquezCuellar, not to be penally trialed for "Obeying their commanders' Genocides orders in Sacaba& Senkata, Bolivia, bc they preserved the territorial integrity and spared others from being hurt and we can't be punished for complying with PresidentAnez comands and fullfilling with her SupremeDecree law 4078, to open fire against civilians who were endangering others with their protest" The problems with these nazi Bolivian soldiers and commanders, are: 1] DS4078 to grant them blind inmunity and impunity for opening fire on unarmed peaceful civilians exercising their constitutional grievance rights against the Anez Dictator an

Only Civil Disobedience around Oil refineries saves us from continued gasing us to extinction!

YearsAgoWeRetired academiciansTold u get competent advisors&Urefused!LittleTooLateU'll realize Biden,Obama,Kerry, ParisAgreement&EU& BlackRockGlobalManagement fooled u&u failed saving Climate w/Skolstrejk4 Klimatet, We'llBeGreenhouse gasedToExtinction  #CivilDisobedienceRoundOilRefineriesSaves us from ongoingly being greenhouse gased to Extinction!

...Since when US extends from Canada to Argentina to allege US is America?

Since when one equals two dozen countries to say US is owner of two dozen countries that form the American Continent? @ JoeBiden u need to learn Reality&Geography& the ongoing climate catastrophy due to fossil fuel& carbon with your fake elimination of oil by the fakeParisAgreement of cheaters& volunteers, who talk, talk and talk like you of GND but its a fake GND and you and parisAgreement are imposing your failed carbon tax( which also failed while you were Obama's VP) to perpetuate carbon& oil which causes human extinction by deadly greenhouse gases & taxing carbon means taxing deadly extinction. You can't tax deadly extinction, you need to abrogate carbon& oil&fracking& nuclear space race and nuclear energy AKA deadly NuclearPandemic AKA MAD/Nuclear Mutually Assured Destruction! Please learn geography: US doesn'textend from Canada to Argentina to missappropiate the name of a whole American continent! In fact our United States is a me

Inctact oil Capitalist structures under Govs Morales-Arce, perpetuate, destruction, defeat...

Intact oil Capitalist structures under govs Morales-Arce perpetuate, destruccion,defeat& economic slavery in Bolivia... By Mama T'alla Domitila Mamani M Applying gray eminence Dr Felipe Campos's oral seminars on Social revolutions, I write the following experience that is present not only in Bolivia, IndoAmerica but in most of today's world. In 2006 reached the presidency Evo Morales- Garcia Linera, for alnost 14 years both preached the Bolivian revolution was being born, implemented and practiced daily in Bolivia. We observed their policies and economic model, prodded and made hypothesis if he was a caudillo or a leader and if his was a cultural change rather than a socio- economic revolution& after 14 years, based on the facts, we write this proven theories. Elite Tambo school's graduate Morales enacted his living personal  living-deification as a cultural revolution, with his own monuments, museums, stadiums, synthetic plastic soccer game courts, schools, etc

Trace, test, isolate& get rid of...!

Trace, test, isolate& get rid of...! We're Rabin's peaceful followers of co-existance, we reject all forms of abuse under the National Security Law AKA 1933 Enabling Act, which is a blank check for gov abuse of power against its own peaceful citizens, bc it means global fascist dictatorship! Government's interests are not your interests as a citizen, to give you what you need, nor to protect you & your family! In fact Gov is the elite in power's interest and while talking to serve the people, the elite in gov is benefitting itself in the name of the people! BlackRock global management runs the govs and its interest is to trace, surveillance you and for that uses the Gov, to trace, you, test you, isolate and get rid of you if you don't blind and obediently do what gov tells you to do! BlackRock Global management runs the world gov, through elite's govs. BlackRock management placed in power JewishAustrian Adolf Hitler and he did these evils BlackRock is ab

Germans head to the slaughter house: For 2 SarsCoVid2 shots!

Germans head to the slaughter house: For 2 SarsCov2 shots! Tragicly obedient germans who didn't fight Nazi rise to power nor fought against their genocider Fuhrer's deadly massive missdeeds, now confronting SarsCovid2, wishfully think twice becoming vaccinated, will lead them back to fleeting normalcy! BlackRock's global media is about to score a hit by creating a hyped up herd mentality for germans to rush to the slaughter house to get two vaccines in a row. 16 billion dosis are being ordered for the globe's most gigantic sars- coVid2  vaccination and Biontech-pfizer, Sinovac&Merk-Bayer stand to hot the jackpot by advance payment, without yet knowing if it will work, they are becoming billions richer! Sad to see meek germans, hyped up for normalcy, excited running to countless centers and mobile slaughter houses to get twice vaccinated! Achtung germans, wake up and don"/ hump off the cliff of common sense, bc the mutating sars covid2 virus are waiting down bel

undeniable facts: 1947 National Security Law, Patriot Act/ freedom Act were enacted by USA, now imposed globally...

TO FB& M Zuckerberg& countless thousands of readers following, "" Undenianle facts are: During the cold war unleashed by Truman, he had congress enact the unnecessary 1947 National security Act/ law, singling out anyone who was perceived sympathizer of communists or a comunist applicant for Fed jobs. J McCarthy unleased his McCarthism & accused the State Dept being full of domestic enemy communists, which was an agenda by the oil, carbon& banking interests, but McCarthism was quashed by SCOTUS rulings& E Hoover denouncing official looking papers were forgeries. G bush Jr pushed the 1947 National Security law even though he never punished 19 SaudiArabians nor punished Saudi Arabia for allegedly attacking the twin towers& produced 3K victims and through congress enacted the Patriot Act, which infringes the Constitutional rights of us American citizens. But in their gobbelian hysteria to advance BlackRock's fos

Working by our growing sheer numbers, we stand a chance to prevail, don't fight alone!

Working by our sheer growing numbers, we stand a chance to prevail, don't fight alone! Global BlackRock Management is attempting to consolidate Police State in most of the globe, via its coluding govs by misuse & abuse of National Security law. Aryan BlackRock Global management's commonality of fossil, carbon banks money is the fiber of less than 1%Elite membership that at the tip of the MasonZionist pyramide, decided in secrecy what is best for them is best for the globe, which places them above the law, without any transparency, fairness, accountability... No gov on earth stands a chance to challenge their economic, political, social& cultural policies, so penalty of being obliterated by all means available, from economic warfare including economic embargo, lawwarfare/ lawfare, conventional& unconventional warfare, including nuking you or neutralizing you by drones as Qhadaffi, etc Look what is presently being done to our Indigenous HongKongers human siblings by m

All you lemmings jump off the cliff of common sense...the virus will be waiting for you!

All you lemmings jump off the cliff of common sense to get your unsafe& inneficient sars-coVid2 Vaccine, the virus will be waiting for you, down below! Trump, Biden, Bolsonaro& many politicians have a  political&economic interest at stake in rushing sars-Cov2 vaccines under emergency law. In fact the governor of Sao Paulo wants Sinovac's Coronavac vaccine to be compulsory to all Brazilians right away, bc he wants to be the undisputed favorite 2022 presidential candidate, but at the possible cost of countless brazilian lives. Other politicians&mega pharmaceutical corporations who were paid in advance for a vaccine, whether it works or not. Political- economic rushed vaccines are a reality with 3 russians vaccines at phase 3 clinical trial, Aztrazeneca, Sinovac, Johnson- Johnson, etc. They all stand to patent the richests billonaire vaccines for a herd of 8 billion dispensable  animals, bc greed and political careers of ambitious politiciansvhave no barriers for all t

Choose food to live or waste it in arms race...

Choose food to live or waste it in arms race... Our country is battered by frequent mutating SarsCoVid2, excessive oil subsidiez, 100% retirement pensions for military and police, with unemployment people are starving & our economy is almost broke and carries unbearable excessive debt and with arms race and 20X increasing carbon pandemic, we the people are cornered: A) We are either starve to death and spend money in arms race&pensions, oilsubsidiez B) Or we end arms race, cut the size of military-police budget& their excessive pensions& endOilSubsidiez What is your decision as tax payer?

Are u in a hurry to get killed? Biontech-Pfizer has a shot for you!

Are u in a hurry to get killed? Biontech-Pfizer has a shot for you! BlackRock global management who controls govs& corporations throughout the world, is  ordered the aplication of emergency law to license a SarsCovid2 vaccine by BionTech-Pfizer pharmaceuticals, to increase fossil fuel& carbon economic output. BlackRock calculates coldly, people will desperatelly flock to get vaccinated without asking questions if said vaccinevis has been tested in 10% of the human population and if its safe and efficient. To all those fools who blindly believe fake news that Biontech- Pfizer vaccine is ok and before you rush like a headless animal to get vaccinated know this little: Biontech-Pfizer is hidding data of how unsafe is and couldn't pass the regular testing standards in 5 years but Trump& others pulled strings and got it licensed under the emergency law. More than 10% of pacients who will be vaccinated will die bc the vaccine doesn't work on them, and that is equivalent t

Beware for who you voted for!

Beware for who you voted for! We respect each member and work along with you to bring peace and offer you a prosperous& secure world. Those are BlackRock's PR scripts spread to the four corners of the globe by Democrat& Republican candidates to different countries and within the USA. But they are fake peace, fake prosperity and fake security offered to you, with social psychology chosen words for you to fall for them and sofn as regional members deliver not only their trust but you are giving up your own countries' resources, independence and become handtied to their imperial unilateralism and you gave up multilateral offers and solutions to your own countries or regional needs! And worst, you signed your country to duties and compelling non-opt out obligations. And when it comes to the treatises obligations on the unilateral empire, they simply  breach them and laugh at you and forgo their treatises obligations! You ask me for evidence. Here some: Aryan USA has signed

Crying happy while singing our National Hymn is being true to oneself!

Crying happy while singing Our National anthem Is being true to oneself! It happen to us along MallkuFelipe Campos& president Arce& countless people who owent through so much! President Arce shed tears while singing our hymn on the day of his presidential inauguration. He led the uphill battle to regain our Bolivia's presidency and with all our help, he is taking us back o the wheel of Bolivia's fate for the next 5years. Late in the day and distant over 5000 miles from Lucho, the video I received from MallkuFelipeCampos still living in exile in the USA, caught my attention shedding tears as many of us did lin Bolivia& through the world, when we sang our hymn..." rather die than live as slaves...morir antes q esclavos vivir" His memories had taken him back to loosing his mentor Marcelo Quiroga Santa Cruz...surviving torture...being exiled by military and not being able to say good bye to his dying mother nor being allowed to attend her burial nor see her re

BlackRock's racism& fascism& oil& carbon perpetuation causes our Climate catastrophe

Evo Morales: Debes Recordar q el Racismo Ario&fascismo del Gob mundial BlackRock los impone noEstaDerrotado xq #BlackRock perpetua RenteriaPetroleo  reemplazo OilTrump con #OilBiden q sobrefinancioPoliciaQ asesina incontables emigrantes,multiples PetroGuerras interminables  invadiraVenezuelaNicaraguaALoMonroe Big Brother BlackRock doesn't let the global media expose its managed oil corporations and poppet G7 govs& BRICS cause this climate catastrophe with its oil& carbon perpetuation policy that is gasing our lungs& human bodies with  BlackRock's deadly trapped greenhouse gases!

Will the Phildelphia Liberty Bell toll for life or extinction?

Will the Philadelphia Liberty Bell toll for life or extinction? Separated by a thin line of plain clothes policemen, OilBiden's & oilTrump's followers stand face to face at Philadelphia's historic Liberty Bell Anxious and anguished waiting to hear it toll! Oil Biden's deceived people of color&environmentalists with false promises for their votes, he said he will join the Paris Agreement of volunteer cheaters of carbon quotas& bring nuclear proliferation camouflaged as GreenNewDeal but it is fossil fuel perpetuation. OilTrump promised to deregulate everything, keep stick beating anyone who doesn't do what he wishes& anyone who requests oil ban. As you can see both oil candidates are rented oil mouths for BlackRock's oil perpetuation with a carbon tax of death4Humanity by trapped deadly greenhouse gasses! Long ago libertu bell of philadelphia, tolled for Freedom Being an absolute truth both BlackRock oil candidates will give Victory& perpertual

BlackRock is gasing us to extinction!

BlackRock is gasing us to extinction! BlackRock dumps trillions of metric tons of CO2, methane, nitrous oxide& mercury etc & has converted our planet intoAClosedIncinerator & as  hotMolecules move faster& they become hotter& overtime food chain,water,soil& biodiversity,permafrost, glaciars&oceans colapse&we're being gased to extincion bc those trillions of deadly greenhouse gases are flooding our frail lungs, getting into our blood circulations and sooner than later, cause us cancers, critical health conditions and compounded with sars covid2, we are being placed at the brink of extinction, bc of these deathly gases, our planet is being made hotter, bc its's a closed system and hot deadly gases have no where to escape: what goes up comes down on us! We are being made extinct  or we stop these deadly greenhouse gases by peaceful civil disobedience or we are going to be extincted by fossil fuel& fracking and nuclear mutually assured destruction

Nov 4th protests battles at genesis, to stop the 3Fs!

Nov 4th protests battles at genesis, to stop the 3Fs! OilBiden alleges he is at 264 electoral votes, short of 6 votes to declare himself the winner of 2020 USA presidential elections! As Dr Felipe Campos long ago forewarned us this 2020 election would be a repeated Al Gore Vs BabyBush polarized election between OilBiden Vs oilTrump. OilTrump declaring himself winner in the following contested States has filed legal torts to stop election count at Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia... OilBiden who is a failed carbon tax& Cheaters ParisAgreement pusher has promised to go back to the cheaters club if he wins& has readied legal teams to contest OilTrump's legal maneuvers. According to Dr Felipe Campos, there are several theories to sustain oil Trump's tort claims and 2 venues to go to. The USA senate& SCOTUS. Oil Trump chose SCOTUS& according to Dr FCampos, like Bush, Oil Trump is coming to demand pay back to the justices he appointed to the US Supreme Court/SCOTUS and

Nov 3d Storm threaten us!

Nov3d Storm threatens us! Aryan BlackRock genocidal oil& carbon 4 profit has caused this deadly Silence Night preceding the Nov3dStorm. It requires for all people to please think& count to 10 before you react before others who think different& your candidate may not have won. Yes, I am talking to you aryan driver to stop your urges to push in the thrust pedal of your vehicle, against others whose candidate won  this Nov3 election. To groups angry for the election results, don't hit people with your baseball bats! To protestors who are angry bc they believe with election fraud their candidate's was defrauded and you will force them to do what you think is right! To policemen angry at protestors making demands, here and now, you want to beat& gas them to submission to you. Hold! Stop and don't crack their heads nor stunt gun them, bc you can kill people and if you kill people, sone will flee, others will fight to defend themselves from you trying to kill them

Wed Nov4th we are at Gov Centers to abrogate the 3Fs!

Wed Nov4th we are at Gov centers to abrogate the 3Fs! Rightly Greta has Now acknowledged and globally denounced  Fossil fuels& fracking  are taking us to the brink of human extinction, biocide,ecocide and it implies people must give in driving guzzler vehicles& stop eating red meat& plant zillion trees globally, in order for us to survive and give children a  good future! Big Brother BlackRock global gov talks& talks through his controlled Paris Agreement by adding a carbon tax& transitioning from carbon& Fossil fuels& fracking through to a 2050 carbon zero economy, but its too little too late andvitvrekies on cheaters incorregible addiction to cheat but not cheat on pieces of paper but cheat in reality with double carbon credit& sub- sidies for giving up carbon. Blackrock is going to win in the USA's election, bc both OilBiden& oilTrump are BlackRock candidates to perpetuate oil, carbon and nuclear Mutually Assured destruction by proliferating d

...Latifundio racist robber barons...

Can u believe Evo wants to bring back Latifundio racist robber barons to Bolivia& extinguish incarian organic seeds? Latifundistas En Poder Qmaron &robaron 20millones HAS 2019 &2020 &Nos Golpearon E intentan golpearnos 2a Vez& Evo no desea ver la mala realidas & quiere Cogobernar con Latifundistas ganaderos Golpistas Transgenicos Biocidas Q Extinguen Permanentemente Nuestras Semillas & Con Semestre Semillas Transgenicas Crean Hambruna Y Dependencia Economica

Globally Nov 4th we must be at gov centers to abrogate the 3Fs!

Globally, Nov 4th we're at Gov centers to abrogate the 3 Fs! Globally, Nov 4th we must be at gov centers to defend life for humanity, our children& grand children, biodiversity& climate to abrogate the 3Fs: Fracking oil&gas Fossil Fuels Fascism by Aryan President&killerPolice wanting to force StatePolice instead of free Humanity&Constitutional rights&Human rights!

People need to claim back their intelectual independence!

People need to claim back their intelectual independence! Westerners who are bookish as us goodshooshoos, need to liberate ourselves from Corporate academia whose agenda is to perpetuate intelectual racial Religious coal copy reproduction in academia. We need to claim back our intelectual independence which we were born with and when we attended school, university, etc, they stripped our intelectual creativiry and independence for holllow post doctoral degrees. Today discussing little Bolivia, will address the need to claim back our intelectual independence! In Colonial times, european religious colonizersbin the Americas, imposed religion, besides Latifundio, etc In 2019 AngloAmericans religious interests controlling the OAS, fabricated a doctored fraud report in their audit, alleging fraud by indigenous MAS climate defenders and based on the OAS-Catholic church viciated audit report of election fraud, stripped the Indigenous of their electoral victory mo nitored by countless election

...Theocratic crusade war distracting us from Carbon Pandemic...

Cartoons are causing theocratic crusade war against Islam, distracting us from Carbon pandemic& lab caused SarsCoVid2 Pandemic& Covid Vaccine Pandemic&imminent global Famine! Am an a thankful jewish survivor of death, sars Covid solidarity with all crime victims& their families. Unjust deads caused by individuals is wrong& we all condemn it, but our reaction shouldn't it be proportional to the offense/ hurt/loss of life? All massive genocides are racial& religion is used to pseudo justify massive genocides, specially those labelled "Terrorist attacks/terrorists killlings" by Aryan racist manipulators who are in positions of State authority, who define 3 individual stab killings with a conspiracy terrorist killing by a bilion muslims who were not part of the 3 individual  kitchen knife killers!  But  without a trial& without a guilty finding, now politicians wanting to reap political reelection begun their cristian theocratic crusade agai

Fake citizen BlackRock wins white house & threatens us with Carbon-Gas extinction.

FakeCitizen BlackRock wins white house & threatens us with irreversible Carbon gas extinction! Global gov BlackRock Oil&carbon, banking corp has bought out former big shots in world banking institutions& former G-7& BRICS gov officials to globally talk of a folly carbon transition policy through its controlled global media. This secretive global govt Corporate fake citizen supranational gov rules with the use of cuasi- monopolar power USA, our globe& academia knows it but like every G7& BRICS & other states, talks not of BlackRock systemic conflict of interest and Aryan elitist BlackRock secretly keeps going towards consolidating its Global Gov. Few times you hear from them but all the roads lead to its private hub in New York city and its oil& carbon perpetuation with its failed carbon tax in the USA during the 8 years of the Obama-Biden Gov, with BlackRock having both carbon presidential candidates has no way to lose and through its Paris Agreement is

BlackRock fake citizen!

BlackRock fake citizen! If Letters could substitute inaction we're gods! If Structures were working 4 true citizens, we wouldn't be # ExperiencingClimateCatastrophe! # PerpetuatingOilWithTax # DoesNotResurrectUs # BlackRockFakeCitizenOilGasingUs OnlySolutionNow JoinMassive # CivilDisobedienceAroundOilRefineries 

Yo Apoyo Elegido Constitucional Arce contra 2o Golpe...!

@LuchoXBolivia Juramentate #YoApoyoElegidoConstitucionalArceContra2ndoGolpeXMentiraDeCamachoDefraudadorRacistaGenocida  Pa abortar UstachasCamachistas q quieren GolpeMilitar q es Inconstitucional xq viola nuestraEleccionComo PuebloSoberano&CPE e imponeYankismo Hambruna&Genocidios HOAXsofisticadaPropagandaPaQ MilicosComoGarciaMesa se encaramen al poder bajo justificativo fabricado,"Ante 2o fraudeElectoral,a pedido del desesperado pueblo&preservar el bienestar del PuebloAnteAmenazaComunista,cumplimos bajoLeyOrganica dFFAAelDeberD preservarIntegridadBolivia" Al no tener suficientes hombres,CIA invento HOAXpropaganda contra Ubico Arbenz presidente Guatemalteco& desinfirmados guatemaltecos les creyeron&no resistieron al golpe de CIA ni apoyaron a su presidente como HoaxFraude aEvo2019! RRSS son #HoaxFalsaPropagandaCreaPuebloDondeNoHay!

Wanted 155 Constitutional Assambly members of the People...

Wanted: 155 Constitutional Assambly members of the people, by the people&for the people! Congratulation sisters& brothers of the Great Motherland IndigenousAmerica! Congratulations chile For the plebiscite victory! We're burying fascistPinochet& His fascist constitution of Neoliberalist famine, Neoliberalism of privatization of University Neoliberalizm of privatization of health system Private-pension-starvation Choose 155 candidates of the people to create a new constitution that provides free University, free universal health care, good&abundant public pensions as Maestro Salvador Allende wanted it for all citizens: A New Allende Free Chile 2022

Maestro Salvador Allende tu sacrificio no fue envano!

Maestro Salvador Allende tu sacrificio no fue envano! Era moza cuando traicioneramente inmolaron tu cuerpo Allende e impusieron CPEpinochetista con cuposmilitares vitalicios pa milicosTraidores& asesinos del pueblo! Madre con hijos lloro de alegria, hoy Chilenos como parte de la Gran patria aprobastes convencionConstitucional! Gracias hermanas/os Chilenos por esta victoria q reivindica Allende!  Todos nuestros hermanos de AmericaIndigena celebramos con Uds! Aun queda lucha ardua en elegir delegados pa q recreen la Constitucion Allende, xa q todo ciudadano tenga derechos q lo protejan& le den mejor futuro, sistema de salud& derecho de sustento pa vivir dignamente! Gran Allende junto con Victor Jara con valor legas igual q Marcelo Quiroga Santa Cruz ejemplo moral y ejemplo de verdadero liderazgo, de no rendirte como tantos& de tomar la decision de Sacrificarte por Chile, por la patria grande, hoy Allende estas siendo reivindicado por el pueblo chileno& pueblos de la P

Alerta Chile aprovemos plebiscito x Convention Constitucional!

Alerta Chile  Aprovemos plebiscito xCONVENCION CONSTITUCIONAL xa q pueblo nomine a los representantes a la convention&no los pineroPinochetistas del congreso. RECHAZEMOS CONVENCION MIXTA,xq los pinero-pinochetistas nominaran representantes a la futura asamblea constitucional MueraPinochetConstitucion

# Vote4NoPresident

# Vote4NoPresident! Bc 40 years Democrat&Republican have not provided Universal health care, no employment, no free university education, no peace but never ending oil wars, no social justice but racismo& Biden not defunded but overfunded killer police&tanks&assault in police hands and has threatened to perpetuare fossilmfuel that kills over 70 million people by gasing us with dioxide carbon gas, nitrogenous oxide, mercury, methane& 1000 deadly fracking chemicals that cause frequent earthquakes and Biden admitted, " i will never ban fossil fuels after telling in the debate he will ban fossil fuels. So asbbiden&trump continue gasing us with carbon pandemic, #Vote4NoPresident

L Arce wait's for Mr Biden's carrot or the stick!

L Arce's waits Mr Biden's carrot or the stick! I don't know what is going through the head of Luis Arce, the newly elected president of Bolivia but Bolivia is still polarized & the Defacto regime of Anez holds the force and Mr Trump is not on the side of the new elected president, while armed UstachaJewishCrost terrorists in plain clothes, are roaming through Bolivia, the military& police commanders ilegally promoted in rank and on charge of large guarrisons are not on the side of Arce& have so much to lose, including their freedom for making the 2019 Coup& comitting multiple genocides of smsll scale! Extrangely amid intrigue and polarized Bolivia, after the TSE announced officially Arce- Choquehuanca with the MAS party won by obtaining 55.10% of the vote and a congressiobal majority! Last night we know some journalists threatened by the Ustacha chief and security czar minister Murillo& defende minister Lucifer Lopez, had to be flown out of Bolivia

GasmanBiden threatens not to ban fossil fuel!

GasmanBiden threatens not ban fossil fuel! We voters know Trump is a hopeless liar& embedded with aryan BlackRock oil& carbon Corps...and he doesn't deserve our climate defenders vote& he is being defeated by his same bed partners BlackRock Oil& carbon corps...bc he's embarrassed them by acting as a vociferoud alocholic syndrone sufferer, but #SecretiveJoeBiden is worst! When @ JoeBiden was about to be done for by Sanders& Bouttegieg, with big money, Black Rock& bankers&superpacks like Bush's, came to his rescur& Klobachar, Yang, Warren&Buttiegieg inmediately joined dropped out Harris and they all endorsed BlackRock's picked president for 2021-2024: OilJoeBiden! All the superdelegates& Democratic party jumped to endorse and destroy antiCarbon climate defender candidate Sanders and soon had Sanders drop and then duped him to believe Biden was a born again antiOil&carbon candidate Soon Biden got Sanders to endorse him&