#OilJoeBiden are u an opressive caudillo or a leader?

#OilJoeBiden are you an opressive caudillo or r u a leader?
Coldly aiding and abetting a killing officer who was choque holding face down cuffed citizen Floyd and doing nothing as she killed him is so callous, inhuman& malicious.
Why have we allowed a theocratic-police institution to perpetuate racism against complying cuffed citizens & murdering them under color of law while fellow officers aid& abett with their action till the victim is executed by an the all white, judge, jury, prosecutor& executioners, inmune& impunely!
And when citizens exercise peacefully, their grievance right to the callous, inhuman& malicious cold murder of citizen Floyd, police brutalize and arrests tax payers who are paying their high undeserved salaries?
And then police& their enabling racist state gov and federal government singled out and entrap reporters who are informing society and arrests the whole news crew. And then declare curfew and deploy military national guard to opress unjustly, grieving people who are pained and upset for police coldly murdering citizens who entrusted themselves their security to the police?
By their unjust oppressive actions government is killed our democratic society and descended to fascism with curfew and mass arrest and unjust brutalizing its citizens, specially women of color.
These facts prove and confirm government is the unjust enemy of the people, by opressing us, violating our human rights& suspended our constitutional rights unjustly!
The government is imposing a tyranical Police State und using police, military and execessive and dispropprtional use of deadly force over peaceful grieving people
#OilJoeBiden your words are empty without actions, we da people challenge you to put your money where your mouth is and show us, are you an opressive Caudillo like #OilTrump or are you a leader like MLK, who leads on the streets a peaceful protest to demand the end a state police abuse and to purge the teocratic police institution who is unjustly killing us with perpetual inmunity and impunity?
#OilJoesbiden u haven't signed the notarized contract to abrogate carbon Pandemic & carbon subsidies, and you have rejected to peacefully lead the people on the streets to end this injust State police abuse! 
Come Nov3 2020 and we the people will speak at the ballot box with our votes!

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