...JoeBiden going to save us or continue to carbon gas us...?

Like Trump Is RacistCarbonJoeBiden going to save us or continue to carbon gas us with Carbon dioxide gas, methane& nitrogen oxide?
Its shocking the irresponsible media coverage for irresponsible promises carbon candidates make to voters, just to reach the white house for the next 4 years.
The carbon media doesn't make the hard questions, but give them free mileage!
RacistCarbonCandidate Trump continues to promise americans jobs in carbon mines, artic oil fields, ocean platforms and glaciars to drill& extract oil and frack shell rock for gas& oil without caring to exceed multiple tipping points now and not by 2050, plus deregulating EPA laws, hence producing soon the extinction of thousands of species, including homo sapiens.
RacistCarbonJoeBiden megalomaniacally promises 2 provide 2 trillion dollars for lesser pollutant energy.
What is irresponsible is racistcarbonJoeBiden continues his pattern of plagiarism bc his demented senile brain can't produce his own realistic platform so he resorts to plagiarize FDR's civil corps job creation by calling it Environmental civil corps.
Biden plagiarizing plan calls for rebates of old used cars for new cars that are less guzzlers instead of solar powered cars.
Biden also calls for half a million school buses to be replaced by less pollutant buses instead of solar buses& build half a million electric charging stations!
He plans to invest most of those 2 trillion dollars by pumping it to his favorite nuclear energy racket& hydroelectric schemes that need dams. Then build token 60 thousand wind turbins!
The left over money he would use it to upgrade 6 million buildings& weatherize 2 billion homes, he alleges his future created environmental civil corps would provide those jobs.
This is what the carbon media fails to ask and adress before #BidenCarbonMegalomaniac, who is made a lifetime careeer financed by toxic carbon corporations and police unions, and Biden has subsidized carbon Corporations all his political career, alleges with his wishful green deal plan he is going to abrogate carbon in 15 years by 2035, when he knows he won't ever be president for 15 years. What an unrepentant liar, megalomaniac, neurotic and psychotic Biden is!
1)Where is Biden going to get 2 trillion dollars from a CoVid broken economy and still push his trillions dollars expensive endless oil wars, trillions dollars expensive nuclear arms race and continue to overfund the military& overfund his gang-member-police and still teillion dollars subsidize his carbon, oil& fracking corporations?
2) Biden's Environmental Green deal is repetition of his Obama-Biden failed carbon tax 2009-2016 policies.
3) Biden can't accomplish thebtotal control of the Senate, which will terminate his megalomaniac plans as it terminated during 2009-2016 the Obama-Biden carbon tax with which they planned to decrease carbon emissions and afterbit Obama and Biden gave up!
4) Even if #RacistCarbonBiden were elected but after 4 years of not delivering his 2 trillion dollars NewGreen deal megalomaniac unfeasible policies, once out of office, Biden has no control of what the multiple next presidents will do by executive orders ending his Biden policies as Trump did it,and Bidens megalomaniac GreenNew deal will be proven, we americans were victims of Biden's habitual broken promises following his previous broken promises from 2009-2016, like ending the afghan war, he surge it and still is costing us to lose the Neverending oil wars!
5) Irreversible Consequence of fracking& oil drilling, have caused the plates of the Earth to moved and we suffer multiple Earthquakes and one of those earthquakes will hit Biden's nuclear plants, and Biden will cost repetition of Long Island nuclear disaster, Fukijima nunclear disaster and chernobil nuclear disater, costing countles american lives by nuclear contamination and radiation!
We are already exceeding climate tipping points in the Artic, Antartic, Siberia, etc and suffering irreversible droughts and with no rains, no water, no dams, no hidroelectric plants, no half million electric charging stations but billon dollars useless white elephants, and what is worst, Biden's dams will have distroyed irreversibly our environment and thousands of species, including homo sapiens!
Our new reality/normalcy is a #BrokenCovidEconomy and a GrowingCoVidPandemia, and whether #RacistCarbonTrump or #RacistCarbonJoeBiden gets elected president, they are not saviors but carbon gassing us and there are no magic rushed cures nor rushed magic CoVid vaccines, bc CoVid is multiplied its mutations and any rushed CoVid vaccine will fail but worst, all vaccinated billions of people will suffer the destruction of their efficient natural inmune system that allowed our jewish grandparents survive the deadly Kansas/Spanish pandemia during WWI without destroying their inmune system!
Whether #RacistCarbonBiden or hisbidentical twin Trump, we must wear our Protective Covid gear and keep social distance during our peaceful civil disobedience grievance against elected RacistCarbonBiden or Trump, bc our only hope of survival rests on massive civil disobedience throughout the globe until carbon is Abrogated and #SolarAndVeganEconomy becomes a reality globally, bc its suicidal to eat meat contaminated with deadly Mutating CoVid virus!

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