JoeBiden why are you hiding while we suffer the consequences of your co-created fascist laws

JoeBiden why are you hiding while we suffer the unjust consequences of your co-created deadly fascist laws?

We are living under fascism with a pseudo democratic christian mask. A fascist gov that is a self righteous self serving Trumpian republican colluding with JoeBiden's DemocratFascist wing but mascarading a Democrat.
This TrumpianRepublican fascist Gov didn't just popped out of the blue with Trump, bc it takes two to tango and factually was co-created by prior southern confederate fascist George W Bush gov with complice colluder Democrat leader JoeBiden whose name is involved with all big and small laws and the unchecked and unbalanced growth of fascist Gov by legislation. and increase of carbon/ oil subsidiez, overfunding the military&overfunding the police& multiple NonEnding oil wars& surges!
G.W.Bush-Cheney manipulated the twin towers incident till he got rid of constitutional guarantees, overriding the wars power act, no more checks& balances with aproval of the Pseudo Patriot Act, plus Biden's 1994 Omnibus Law which took away Habeas Corpus relief for citizens.
Then Bush Confederate fascism created massive human rights violations at Guantanamo prison, Abu Ghraib, prisoners wete dehumanized hooded victims and blinded, deafened and numbed us with their esthetic war brieffings and media from our gov's fascist policies in the middle East.
Then JoeBiden Fascism prevailed in the Obama- Biden administration and they extended the opressive Patriot Act labelling it Freedom Act and broke their promise to end oil wars in the middle East but surge them and refused to withdraw from Afghanistan, the door to central Asian oil countries and kept the giant Homeland Security Dpt which clusters 34 federal agencies and Biden as VP stepped up Fascism by colluding with Republican fascists, creating the National Defense Authorization Act/NDAA, which fascistTrumpRepulican Gov is using it across the USA to violate the constitution, human rights of citizens & immigrants and unleashing Homeland Security as Gestapo kidnapping innocent tax payers in our streets of Portland Oregon, Seatle, Washinghton, Denver Colorado, etc.
These kidnapping show the evidence we live under Confederate corporatist fascism, bc the American Gestapo Homeland Security officers dressed on black, no-names, no department-name, are not only kidnapping innocent citizens but in collusion with the local police, are shooting to kill at point blank, with flash bang grenades, chemical weapons, rubber bullets and clubbing peaceful protestors with deadly 10 feet sticks and singling out clearly marked medics to terrorized protestors that not even war-exempt non-comatant medics are being shot at and better flee fir there will be no mercy for you, as thete was no.mercy for medics assisting injured victims.
Matter of fact in Portland, Oregon, surrealy saw a medic was shot at less than 10 feet and the tear gas canister K him unconscious and journalists run to assist the unconscious medic into the care of other medics and the victim was transported and had an EKG, confirming his serious injuries.
This fascism doesn't end in Nov3 2020, bc it continues under JoeBiden, who cocreated the deadly fascist law NDAA and he is not abrogated the omnibus law nor the abrogation of Habeas Corpus relief for americans.
His naive, gullible& brain washed followers allege he is a savior. But if that is true, how come he co- creayed the above fascist laws and he us not on the streets fighting along with the people, against TrumpRepublican fascism but hiding and closing his mouth? Doesn't that tell you he is implicitly admitting his guilt but stay hiding till he is elected in Nov3?
The DemocratFascists congressmen who voten against the People and in collusion with Republican fascists approved the bad laws being used against our peaceful citizenry and co-creator of the biggest Gestapo Homeland Security, who are kidnapping lnnocent protestors, nowadays all play naive and ignorant, alleging, they could never have imagined the Gov was going to use the Homeland security repressive aparatus against the people and that they voted for Clinton to get rid of criminals and those attacking the twin towers but they regrey the error of having empowered Bush and approved the NDAA law against the people.
I tell you Joe Biden and mea culpa Barbara Boxer democrats are lawyers who well knew what they wrte voting for and who was going to be hurt, but Boxer who is related to the clintons bc one of her relatives married the daughter of the Clinton fascists, so save your mea culpas and stop your wishful thinking of saying, " congress canbabrogate the bad laws" bc like you Boxer and like you JoeBiden, they are not going to abrogate it and if you Democrat Boxer and Democrat Joe Biden are so sorry you voted and cocreated these fascists laws and Homeland Security, why aren't you on the streets along with protestors being injured, shot at and over 10 war exempted Non- combatant medics have been shot at and are still hospitalized, eh?
The road to hell is paved with good intentions of Biden, but it is us the people who are being violently violated by these fascists, who Biden co-created by these deadly laws.
As we are in front of these violent fascists hitting us with ten feet deadly sticks, we should remember from Hong Kongers, next time they are swing those large deadly sticks at us, to have at least a baseball bat or a shield, to hold it with both hands over our humanity, so their deadly stick blows, canister projectiles, don't crack open our skulls or bodies, bc fascists have no mercy nor care if they kill the unarmed us.

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