Open letter to JoeBiden& DTrump in re: To become president you have lost your soul!

Open letter to JoeBiden& DTrump
In re: To becone president, you have lost your soul! 

Joe Biden& D Trump:
Am I one of the fools who is being conned by you CCRRBiden or CCRRTrump, to first vote for you then get a sit at your table when I am being misused by being conned  to vote for you and once you are in office, unrepentantly you will choose to forget your platform promises and nothing changes carbon genocides of more than 7 millions people being killed prematurelly every year by your Carbon Pandemic that produces excruciating cancers?
This 2020 election is a BlackRock Carbon corporations' elections to put one of you 2 carbon candidates in the white house and perpetuate your oil subsidies, tax cuts&bail outs and tax loopholes& while we the people pay almost 40% of our income, practically BlackRockers don't pay taxes by fudging busines loses.

Do you know for 400 years these Carbon Confederste aryans like you Mr Trump and Mr Biden you have been killing black americans through your overfunded police and bc You carbon Actors of power control politics, the carbon economy and media, tyou have preserved hoarding bc your aryan deadly police kills people who question social injustice, climate injustice, economic injustice and without your police BlackRockers,bincluding bothbof you , fear to loose your own private property personal empire so you keep overfunding your Aryan confederate racist police, which causes countless George Floyds and Jacob Blakes being coldly subjected to torture- killings by chokeholds &shoot innocent Blakes bc of the color of their skin, while you both protect your police's embedded 2nd amendment death squad militiamen patriot prayer executioners, including 17 years old Kyle Rittenhouse, who got coached by police not to incriminate himself for killing 2 & wounding one innocent victim, but patriot prayers send him alone to prove he is a patriot and after RIttenhouse killed them, trumpist politicians advised Patriot Prayer militiamen, to say Rottenhouse is not our member to avoid indictment as accomplices of a violent terrorist death squat and you Mr Trump fundraised for terrorist Kyle Rittenhouse& praised him but damned the innocent dead victims as violent mobs against a pseudo property defender Rittenhouse.
Incredible but true!
Millions of QAnnon death squat militianen are confederate racists as youBiden& Trump& not only intimidate but self deputized themselves as property defenders, but these_patriot Prayer terrorists are not there to defend the people or defend the country, or defend private property. They are with their guns at the ready to kill any Black Lives Matter liders or americans against racial & social injustice!
These are not fabricated myths, these are the dark, ugly veiled truth that comes from confederate Carbon Racist Religious caudillos like you Mr Biden& Trump and are your crack militiamen, armed with AR-15 assault rifles, to crash and kill social injustice peaceful protestors. And if they are not killed by police for shooting against unarmed american protestors, Rityten will get a slap on the wrist and let then him go home free with a presidential pardon like Flynn!

Biden& Trump, you are not just Confederate carbon candidates but racists&religious.
Mr Trump, you are loosing for several reasons!
Biden you admitted your racism with subtle talk, you call black Americans, "Boys" as in your cotton plantation. And you enacted unjust antiblack laws, to imprison Black Americans 5 fold and you refuse to abrogate your racist laws that have caused in America a social Justice movement but you both refused to introduce congressional bills to abrogate these killing decrees against Black Americans. You Mr Biden, as unrepentant conman, are pushing your way to
Your victims' homes and use them to further your presidential ambitions!
Your talk is empty& cheap bc you can't resurrect your countless black American victims, unjustly executed by your overfunded police, but neurotic and narcissistic.You Biden wrap yourself in your Black victim's banner, to become president.
I ask other Black Americans not to fall for your habitual deception trap, "You stop questioning my laws and policies and your complaints about police killing blacks and vote for me and once I am elected, in exchange i will give you a seat at my table and have you enjoy my justice plans"
Once elected you won't need the voters anymore and you take us for granted.

Case in point: you screwed us when you was elected VP. You broke your own promise to end the Afghanistan war and bring our service sons, home you made the surge and our service sons are still in Afghanistan, being wounded& dying!
Biden, you wrap yourself in military banner& demand Trump to apologize.
Both of you should more than apologize, but go to war and combat die or if they become disabled, then you can talk of the military.
But over the blood of innocent civilian afganies and our service men's both of you enrich yourselves with military contracts, while like Tammy Duckworth servicemen suffered the loss of their limbs and  experienced the destruction of their lives and still you Biden& Trump war criminals, war profiteers and chicken hawks, hipocritically wrap yourselves under the military banner.
Biden you suffer a neurotic- psychotic incurable illness, and shame& guilt and you can't face your son's home cancer death caused by war chemicals&:carbon gas& methane. War chemicals you profited from during your surge in your never ending oil wars and got rich but lost your soul & conscience.
These Neverending oil wars condemned your innocent son to die of cancer.
Yet as an incorregible callous Gobbelian demagogo you are pitting not only anonimous accusers but the military against Trump to cleanse your guilt and shame and stealing from servicemen their votes, to reach and profit from the white house over the corpse of innocent Beau.
What a masochist, disappointing and unscrupulous player you are even with your dead son. All to become an elected president!
Biden you had your chances to bring our sons back home but you chose profit ove their lives and like Judas Iscariot you traded them off.
Stop tormenting the innocents& let your own son rest in peace, for he doesn't deserved to be toyed with!
Wrapping yourself under the military banner without having been wounded or killed in combat, you think you are the military banner and that the military and the USA must flock after you. But first why don't you serve in the front lines of your never ending oil wars. And if you can't serve, then resign your candidacy and let an American serviceman like an Ytzak Rabin become candidate&President, rather than cowardly hide in congress and evily push from the rear our sons to die or become mangled &permanently disabled and leave mothers, wives and orphans paying in excruciating pain for your dirty blood stained oil profits!
You parade yourself like a primadonna with your plagiarized Green New deal but except tokenism there is no Green Deal bc publicly you are pushing not for Solar Energy& vegan economy but for shale fracking to increase 20X deadly toxic greenhouse gasses and gassing us to death by methane, carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide plus a thousand fracking chemicals.
And then you take your failed Obama-Biden carbon tax& double carbon credit and convert the Paris agreenent in the biggest carbon stock trade market and tell over 8 billion humans, "Now 20X carbon increase and sale is legal until 2050. PHere is your beggar's change/carbon tax, adapt, be resilient and mitigate yourself the effects of deathly climate change and get used to it till 2050 when maybe will voluntarily reach carbon zero"
Sorry Biden, but you can't tax irreversible genocide by gassing us with greenhouse gasses as your predecessors Aryan Confederate carbon racist religious predecessors did with zyklon B to six million innocent goodshooshoos!
You can't mitigate deadly climate change with 6-12°C/10years bc its unlivable with famine pandemic, drought pandemic, soil infertility pandemic, 12 meter rise sea level, compounded with mutating Sars-2 CoVid Pandemic, neverendingboul wars, soace nuclear race& nuclear Mutual Annihilation Destruction which contaminates with high levels of deadly Nuclear radiation for over 300 years!
Environmentalist ha e requested you transition to a solar&vegan economy after you abrogate carbon, in exchange to make you president but you are de- ceiving by your plagiarized pseudo Green New deal which is tokenism and not carbon abrogation now, hence it's not a true New Green Deal but deadly carbon perpetuation with. carbon tax. We reject you and will not endanger our lives before the 2nd wave of CoVid19, for what good is to loose our lives by Covid, to cast a vote for your carbon perpetuation policy and  become chokehold tondeath by your overfun-ded Police or murdered by yours and Trump's armed death squats militiamen, when you refuse to move a finger to abrogate the 2nd amendment and your deadly gun laws, which perpetuates police killers and terrorist-militiamen Patriot prayer& QAnon and then your evil gemibi twin Trump fundraises not for the murdered victims or wounded victim but for patriot prayer murderer Kyle Rittenhouse, to pay for his legal defense and then he will get a presidential pardon Meantime Trump's crack forces militiamen embedded with the police, will keep killings us, you and your carbon perpetuation cohorts don't want to abrogate in congress the police bill-of- rights nor enact new laws abrogating your bad laws which incarcerates 5X people of color like me.
Your words are empty and cost a bucket of spit and you can't resurrect your victims of police unjust executions and your unjust laws Freedom Act, omnibus law... are killing our people of color, while you collude with Carbon republicans to perpetuate carbon pandemic and then you turn and give us empty promises while selling out to BlackRock-Bush- Saud carbon interests just as Trump!

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