Why are you Hood-torture executing Black Americans, same as Abu Ghraib tortured prisoners?

In re: Why are you Hood- torture-executing Black Americans same as Abu Ghraib tortured prisoners?

Dear @JoeBiden& D Trump:

You jumped & initiated NeverEnding oil wars through your congressional years and despite Gral Taguba having denounced hood-torture murders at AbuGhraib&Guantanamo, since then U converted America into combate zone& as a mastermind over your police, you Hood-torture-murder black Americans like Daniel Prude, a mental pacient & parade their widows& orphans to get elected president, but refuse to abrogate your unjust Omnibus law& police bill of rights that inmunizes and impunizes your police for acting as, jury prosecutor, judge and executioner of people of color& you refused to defund police& yet keep gasing us to death with genocidal carbon gases, specially fracking.
Can you look at your childre&grandchildren& tell them hood-torture murdering handcuffed American mental pacients is the law you created and perpetuate it through your political career and tell them you refused to abrogate it and refused to defund police killers& that they have no future when they grow up and police have the right ti hood you, drawn you with wet paper hood and when they cause you to vomit they have the right not to help you bteath but have choke to death in the vomit your police caused in the victim. Can you see your children with their lungs stuffed with carbon gases, which you perpetuate it& profits you?
I write you as countless of other citizens write you in an attempt to save lives of my innocent countrymen, so no one else is unjustly hood-torture-executed in America and beyond from now on.
You can't deny them human rights, constitutional rights, pacient rights and deny them a jury of their peers, a just public trial to our citizens and Non-Citizens bc they are humans as you and me!
Why you both continue to create a n aproved law for paramedics to respond in lieu of your overfunded racist executioners who you empowered with 2nd amendment guns , overfunding& your created qualified inmunity law/police bill of rights, which is a murder law and/or a decree of police execution of people of color, who they hate racially!
Domitila Mamani M
Sep 6th 2020
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