Bolivian election fraud iceberg's tip, found at clandestine airstrip!

Bolivian election Fraud iceberg's tip found at clandestine airstrip!

Last year extreme right wing& sore election looser @Carlosdmesa seeking revenge against MAS, for election defeating him, coluded with OAS/OEA, military & police & with a false alegation magnified by their controled media and Exceland USA's funded NGOs, unleashed a civil military black octuber ouo which seized the presidency on Nov12th 2019
This year in the middle of SarsCovid2 pandemic climax& political persecutions, coup makers like UstachaJewishCroat Arturo Murillo Prijic, deployed the same military& police Coup commanders on the streets of Bolivia, disguised as Ballot box custodians&guarantors of the lives of Bolivian citizens.
But that's their fake mask for a sore masked looser @CarlosDMesag who has no economic plans for the people but his goal is to keep enriching the UstachaJewishCroat elite with privatization of State owned factories and the beggars change the USA corporations will throw to his elitist cohorts in exchange of giving 100% lithium rights to corporatists like Elon Musk owner of Tesla.
The military& policecomanders Mesa& Anez& her cabinet, who sold out to Carbon& Oil US corporations & executed a suave Coup D'etat against MAS, can't have the luxery of clean elections nor can't stop their aryan UstachaJewishCroat racism against indigenous climate defenders of MAS party returning to power with a landslide election victory bc MAS will prosecute them for cries against humanity, corruption, SarsCoVid2, etc.
So to avoid lifetine penal sentences and in collusion with TSE& OAS election observers& being the military the ballot box custodians, that gives them the oportunit to defraud MAS candidate Arce and if need be to insure his lose, they are actively working their fraud.l and use deadly force against MAS indigenous people.
Matter of fact security czar Murillo signed with OAS a secret election agreementfor their ends!
Further he publiclt admitted his involvement at the Senkata genocide, pointingto armoured carriers, to his deputy minister, Murillo said, " there they ste, the ones who shot the peasants at Senkata last year"
Besides ambushing andattacking election jounalists, there have been evidences of doctoring exclusio of countless peasants systematicly and military custodians of ballot boxes, flying to unmsrked and unlicensed dirt runways, to deliver countless thousands of votes for Mesa. The fraud iceberg's tip cones from places like San Miguel de Velasco, Santa Cruz, where military officers had landed ballot boxes for Mesa, which was tequested by the Mayor of the city of San Miguel de Velasco. When caugtinfragati, Airforce military captain JuanOrlando Pinaya Rocha tried to duck resposibility for election fraud by trying to deny his incriminating words & tryig to evade& flee the election employees. He shouldhavebeearrestedlikeay criminal but da military defends its officers to death, therefore they have inmunity and impunity for any crime& they had to let the officers go. But in other places there have been some arrests for exactly that!
Still there are many denunciations of electoral fraud and its overwhelming& there is no time to investigate and correct them all, so the Mesa coluding partners are active trying to materialize and doctor an election win without being caught, which becomes complex bc sone of them have been outed in their crimes but they own and run the electuon machine which gives them an advantage over the internacional elections oversearers and only tine will tell if they pull the fraud before the 25th of octuber.
To us climate defenders who are apolitical and non partisan, we just seek peace, stability, employment and the abrogation of carbon pandemic and oil pandemic and stop forest fires and we refuse to guess if theybpull their Mesa fraud or fail but only time will tell us...

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