Did the OEA 2019 Coup grew MAS into a Non-deification grass roots party?

Did the OEA 2019Coup grew MAS into a Non- deification grass roots party?

MAS was being distroyed from within& without by colluding Uncle Sam's NED& USAID-CIA by financing NGOs, with which they armed UstachaJewishTerrorist emigrees in Bolivia plus the right wing parties& the usual domestic coup makers: the military & National police, fir short akl of them, Coup makers frim here on.
These Coup makers who overthrew MAS from power with a doctored fraud election report and a latifundioCivic-military after unconstitutionally seizing power, the MessAnezCamacho Gov moved to kill MAS caudillos with a murderour 4078 executive Decree, which granted genocide's inmunity& impunity! And the Ustachavterroristsvembedded with the police and military committed multiple genocides of indigenous climate defenders.
We won't adress all the political errors that wete comitted by the Mesanez- Camacho Defacto Gov mascarading a transitional democratic gov nor the whole political circumstances that reigned in Bolivia since Black Nov 2019.
We will address the MASS party as a cuasi personal deification of Evo Morales while in life, in order to explain why the Unipolar think tank& policy makers failed to defeat MASS which until through the OEA 20199coup overthrew him and had their puppet Mesanez-Camacho regime execute multiple genocides of small scale, they believed in the reports of Murillo&Lopez and Tuto Quiroga the CIAdoorman in Bolivia, were realistically apraising and consumating the annihilation of MAS caudillos to destroy the MAS party, had Evo exiled and his ministers imprisoned in the Mexican embassy, etc
But they were all wrong, bc MAS despite its internal cuasi division in two wings and desputev their errors MAS was changing and adapting from being a personal deificatuon Evo Morales party.
With A Salvatierra in the sidelines of ALP& a weak Eva Copa senate president, who refused to listen to Dr Felipe Campos, who is the most experience campaigner and world plotics expert, specially Latin American politics against coup D'etats and estabilizing and desestabilizing gov, Copa was giving- in multiple extensions of gov to Anez in exchange for nothing but through political actors like Sergio Choque some people as Dr FCampos were regrouping the two wings of MAS by trial and error& got some cohesion as a party
This was the most critical bc peronal deificatuon parties die once their main caudillos are sidelined, eliminated or exiled.
But Dr FCampos was like a head baker, telling MAS bakers how to make a new dough to get a stronger and tastiers and winning bread. In othet words he &others were directing to make MAS a better party by being a non personal deification evo Morales party, in order to withstand the political challenge to make MAS a strong party able to defeat all the right wing parties.
Dr Felipe Campos advised to go on the offensive for the hearts and minds of the people of Bolivia by denouncing Anez racist hatred was causing a growing number of SarsCovid2 victims, asked to denounce Anez for corruption on overpriced and useles spain imported respirators, pandemic hunger, economic disaster of our economy and then to choose from a teuo od Andronico R, David Choquehuanca& L Arce the next presidential candidate and that one was Luis Arce.
Dr FCampos& others advise for Luis to concentrate on an economic plan to show he's got the solutuon to the people growing needs and anguish. And Luis did a superb Job.
In the political election front dr FCampos made a psychometric profile of the right wing candidates and hoped the coup makers don't force the others to rekebt their candidacy to back up dogmatic Lucifer Camacho and let Mesa be their front runner vs Anez to face Arce.
Fortunately Eruck Foronda advised his suoeruors ti choose Mesa over Anez and Camacho and to this dr FCampos breath in relief, for he had foreseen it happen when he got us to write at begining 2020 C Mesa Vs MAS and now knowing the unipolar power had thrown its hat for Mesa and havingbreached more cohesion as a Party, he said to us women, "Good omen, the old cowering bull is in the plaza to face off Luis our Bull fighter but at this point any of our candidates from MAS can defeat Mesa, Anez and Camacho"
We asked him why?
" MAS is grown into a Non personal caudillo deification and that is good news bc it mean the coup makers can't destroy MAS and impose sell out presidebtsvto sack our trillions of dollars and throw beggars change at us by stealing it as a raw material, as they stole our tin"
But Dr Felipe Campos competing think tank and military pilitical strategist were not iddle and they pressed Anez to drop out bc she had remain unappealing to the voters and was diservising their bids to defeat MAS.
TQuiroga who we know from childhood had expected unfeasibke to be chosen the opposition candidate, was instructed to drop out & eager to keep gaining his contractor's trust, eager he dropped out.
We saw Anez 12%+ Quiroga's 1% was could not make Mesa strong enough to defeat MAS
"Girls who betts against me, for Camacho not to drop out till friday 16th?"
" I do" The crystal blue eyes blond senior citizen& former professor said.
Days after when we browsed the OEP site, we saw the ballot with Camacho still in it.
"I won"
" True! My teenage daughter will have Samon dinner with veggies by 6PM, Would you like candle light dinner with win at my home?"
" No, bc if one is in politics, one needs to have an irreproachable record, else the CIA will demonize and extortion you"
" But you are not running for office"
" Right but i refuse to become an extortion party and if i go, i can't go to dinner alone nor have a candle light dinner nor do i drink"
Indeed he has habits he will never change and though he xgose not to go but instead went to my home, about last night crystal blue eyes, hosted him and us but to celebrate Arce's mid twentysh % election advantage over Mesa.
And we had a nice dinner and were happy with defeating the coup makers and before we toasted, Tammy asked him, " so is the party a onebperson deification party and if Evo is not in it, is MAS party taking the road to decline and extinction?"
" are you believing the coup makers political beliefs?"
"No but answer me"
" Mas is transitioned& grown the hard way into shaking up the all party's incurable syndrone in Bolivia and is a party now of strong grass roots and even if Evo doesn't exist, MAS choosing any candidate can defeat all right wing parties" he paused and then added, lets toast to MAS as a non deification party but a party of syring grass roots who reoresents now the majority of the People, will have ALP majority and though i appreciate Evo, bc of polarization and the difficult situation in all senses Boliviavis suffering, Luis will be better off keeping Evo ay distance, bc the loosing Couo makers wull be following Evo day in abd day out and c ou st Arce dearly if he keeps evo near him bc the media will never stop portraying him as a weak alcoholic and pedofile and through Evo's scandals destroy Luis's Gov and good intentioned policies. It's an injustice but in politics you are either an angel or a devil and Lyis is better off ny himself handling his gov than carrying a yoke on his back with Evo being photographed in the palace or at gov's acts, the media will immensely exagerate and distort it and say, 'Evo is Governing and Luis and David are screens and bus boys to him'"
Jallalla Luis & David and Jallalla MAS, I said and after the celebration and befire going i asked him as we stood in the garden, while feeling the hot night, "You really believe evo is a political heavy liability to Luis or is it bc Evo& Alvaro exiled you"
"No, though Evo and Alvaro my neighbors, without any grounds exiled me and i was denied my human right to attend my mother's wake and burial and to visit her toomb. But i live reality...sadly Evo has been suffering alcoholism, is a womanizer and got involved with minors& many party women asked him to refrain and be medically treated, he doesn't listen to anyone.
I believe he served Bolivia but is time to let go & fir new leaders lead MAS and let other MAS leaders be presidents and after the hard won electoral victory, as the coup makers want our lithium, it would unfair and inviting disaster for Luis to carry a yoke on his back and on MAS's back. I never sought the presidency and if it would be up to me, i would free Luis from the yoke. .not fair to have him to baby sit& protect him from getting into further troubles.
I am like Mujica and Evo needs to learn from Mujica and let MAS be and let the youth lead MAS just as Mujica does...Mujica endured prolongued torture in torturers' prison, Evo in a public prison as a congressmen wronged by the Gov. Let Luis be Luis and run his gov the way he sees it fit"
We heard a car behind us, Dr FCampos jumped for cover.
It was my nephew, he calmed down and boarded and turning they faded in a black car.
I look into the night and think about Dr FCampos, he doesn't write, he dictates, he never sleeps in the same place, always in the move since having endured the same as Mujica, he wants climate defender women to be presidents, "For my mother who i owe everything... want to see women presidents but women who defend our climate and defend the future of their children & grand children...without women, mankind goes extinct"

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