GasmanBiden threatens not to ban fossil fuel!

GasmanBiden threatens not ban fossil fuel!

We voters know Trump is a hopeless liar& embedded with aryan BlackRock oil& carbon Corps...and he doesn't deserve our climate defenders vote& he is being defeated by his same bed partners BlackRock Oil& carbon corps...bc he's embarrassed them by acting as a vociferoud alocholic syndrone sufferer, but #SecretiveJoeBiden is worst!

When @ JoeBiden was about to be done for by Sanders& Bouttegieg, with big money, Black Rock& bankers&superpacks like Bush's, came to his rescur& Klobachar, Yang, Warren&Buttiegieg inmediately joined dropped out Harris and they all endorsed BlackRock's picked president for 2021-2024: OilJoeBiden!
All the superdelegates& Democratic party jumped to endorse and destroy antiCarbon climate defender candidate Sanders and soon had Sanders drop and then duped him to believe Biden was a born again antiOil&carbon candidate
Soon Biden got Sanders to endorse him& then BlackRock's controlled main media gave Biden free mileage, alleging he is the Green NewDeal candidate. Then Biden repeated his handed down script and proclaimed himself at the Dempcratic convention as the Green new deal candidate!
Amid SarsCovid2 pandemic, when Biden campaigned with his republican like campaign platform to get republicans and democrats to elect him to the president, day after day he purposefully excluded the Green New deal from his presidential campaign speeches! Senile Sanders meekly complained why Biden is not living up to the agreement to make @ AOC and Markey's Green New deal, the center piece of his campaign and soon Biden whacked him on the head, plagiarizing it, " it's my version of green New deal" in words of deception but not in his policies and speeches Biden forewarned Sanders.
Biden's Green New deal is all a folly, exist only in name with tokenism, bc the candidate remains with his whorish hands in BlackRock's pockets, Sanders and his fools replied, "We hate Trump & can't have Trump reelected so we stay with you"
Sanders and his fools believed the oil wolf who talks like a green New deal sheep is a sheep, but they are enabling BlackRock and oilBiden to perpetuate oil& carbon by sugar coating them with a carbon tax.
But our climate& our lives& our babies' lives can't be spared with their hate to Trump or substituting evil gasman Trump for Evil gasman Biden.
Uninformed voters who presumed to be highly educated are doughth & are shaped by the manipulating media and BlackRock's hands to believe what they want you to believe and see what they want you to see and that is, they want you to believe JoeBiden is humanity's savior& for you to vote him in to become president and he will take the USA back to the Paris Agreement, tax carbon& oil and give you the green new deal and abrogate carbon by 2035 but now he said its too soon, so he changed it till 2050!
But taking USA back to Paris, with failed carbon tax is no solutuon to our being gased to death by BlackRock's genocidal gases and by means of BlackRock's gasmanBiden against hum&anity, bc no carbon tax will stop their 20X increase of deadly carbon emissions, & no failed tax carbon is going to resurrect ?kannually 70 million innocent victims killed prematurely by their deadly fossil fuel gases.
Nor going to resurrect newly born babies, dead by toxic BlackRock's toxic methane, nitrogen oxide, mercury, carbon dioxide and 1000 deadly oil& gas fracking deadly chemicals which poison our rivers, kill marine life by billions, poison our food chain and eco systems on which we deprnd to feed ourselves nor spsre our lungs and organs from continuing to be intoxicated by their gasmanBiden's gases and make us ill and keep gasing us till they finish extracting the last drop of deadly oil, gram of carbon amd finish genociding us for them to hoard out assets and natural resources...

BlackRock is a globalState gov bigger than USA, China& Rusia andvthey have an ongoing conflict of interest with True country states, which by virtue of their financial muscle(body), control over govs(nerve center) and managing globally corporations' investments, they are in control of most of our carbon global capitalist economy and from New York, they run it.

Sadly little Greta and her advisors, who have spent less than 2 years fighting for climate with protests in nowhere, denouncing and being aware and knowing slowly what is been done to our climate, etc, is no match& 100 years from now she will realize too little too late, she was a pawn used by BlackRock's men like obama& Biden and their failed carbon tax and climate conferences were all foto ops and circuses controlled by BlackRock and everytime they were duped with false promises to abrogate carbon but leave alone fossil fuel and it was useless bc blackrock is present and infiltrated every side of the conferencencess attendees and they come out from the climate conferences worst off everytime, when you should not have sat with thembin the wasteful conferences, but instead had she led parents in civil disobedience around the oul refineries, oil tankers sea ports, pipelines, she would have halved oil consumption bc, BlackRock would not hsve been able to sell, distribute and deliver countless billions of oil and paralized would have to throw govs police forces on civil disobedience adult protestors lead by Greta and the more abuse, the more it would grow a pilarized humanity globally till BlackRick took its mask and come to negotiate along with their chosen president Biden, an agreement with one single item to megotiate hete and now: Are you BlackRock going to close oil& carbon by the end of this year or are you telling us we have to continue in indefinite masdive disobeduence globally till you agree to abrogate carbon& oil by the end of this year and begin cleaning your global open toxic dump sites and oil wells and fracking sites and oil platforms and carbon mines...?
We refuse to vote for BkackRock picked man FrackingBiden who said to Pensilvanians, " I am not nanning fracking", then after the debate, he called the media to say opposite to what he said during the debate, "I made an error but I am not banning fossil fuel"
No @ JoeBiden you didn't nake an error, your lifetime agenda has been as is now, perpetuate oil& carbon, bot ban fracking, not ban fossil fuel, with which you get filthy rich but you know you are gasing our newly born to death in India, Sudan and now here and now.
No, we reject you, bec you are mass genocing with deadly oil gases, deadly carbon, deadly nitrogen oxide, deadly methane and deadly carbon dioxide gases and a thousand deadly fracking chemicals and earthquakes caused by your fracking!
And peacefully we climate defenders are going to join massive civil disobedience and peacefully fight you in the beaches you along with BlackRock use for your deadly oil and gas pipelines, seaports of oul tankers and oil refineries bc we refused to continue being gased to death by 880 mmp of carbon dioxide, etc!

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