Joe Biden's Pattern of Lies

 @ JoeBiden 's pattern of lies:

Re: Omnibus law!
To become president Biden alleged he couldn't abrogate his lifetime prejudice against people of color. Biden Omnibus law increases 5fold imprisoning them& even now Joe sits iddle as a senstor along with Harris& Both refuse to present congressional bills to abrogate Biden's penal law excesses& injustices against blacks!
"It was a Republican congress"
No Joe, it was you!

Re Oil& oil subsidies
In debate Joe  lied to voters, "Oil is an existential threat the next 8-10 years we will cross the point of no return...I'll abrogate oil& oil subsidiez"
After he got off the debate, cold& calculating, he called journalists and told them, "It was an error! I will not abrogate fossil fuel nor stop oil subsidiez"
He lies to millions of voters to get our votes& then tells blackRock carbon corporations' jornalists, the opposite!
As unrepentant liars Biden& Trump subsidize oil& perpetuate oil and gas, to gas us to death as they gassed our goodshooshoosancestors during WWII! We have to refuse our vote to these gasmen, who gas our new borns to death in India&
 Sudan & now here!
#VoteNot4FrackingTrump & Join #CivilDisobedience around oil refineries because they are gasing us!

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