...OEA election fraudsters intrude again in Bolivian elections!

Letting the same old OEA election fraudsters intrude again in Bolivian elections!

Under the intimidating eyes of Bolivian fascist military torturers and killers graduated at the school of the Americans in fort Bening, Georgia, on Sunday octuber 18th 2020, the votes went into the numerous ballot boxes in Bolivia, watched by the eyes of precints delegates of different parties& the same old OEA election observers who have a history of election frauds in Spanish speaking countries in America and they have co-participated in a previous Coup against MAS-party's candidate Evo Morales in November 12th 2019 and at the end of sunday octuber18th 2020, each voting precint delegate witnessed the counting and sealing of votes in ballot boxes and the same coup's military members took custody of the ballot boxes, bound for the 9 central OED's in the 9 main cities of Bolivia.
For a given number of days prior and post octuber 18th, the ballots were not under the control of the delegates of the parties, but were in the custody of the military according to secret agreement Anez's gov and OEA's secretary signed in washington DC, the headquarters of eternal coup maker, election fraudster and tool of domination of the empire: the OAS/OEA!
No one knew what the military custodians did with the ballot boxes and what the TSE did, but at some point in la paz city, the main parties delegates saw Anez' handpicked TSE president Salvador Romero Ballivian, cousing of R Paz Ballivian, one of leading C Mesa's party heads centralized the opening of ballot boxes and the count of votes & announced, C Mesa won over Poll's leader L Arce Catacora.
MAs party requested a recount, bc the two main systems were not counting and it seemed to be abnormal!
After long arguments, the same of OEA election fraudster from 2019, at this octuber 2020 election said only 5% of ballot boxes will be recounted and imposed it along TSE's chief Romero Ballivian, repeating the Honduras election recount.
5% was recounted in Bolivia and OAS's recount stood backed by the imperial power, its cronnies the EU, the Lima Group, the coup makers and the catholic church and the minority voters for right wing parties' Carlos Mesa.
Anez transfered the presidential sash to Mesa to avoid prosecution and lifetime sentence for multiple genocides.
MAS people couldn't understand how consistent and unanimously polls favorite L Arce lost the election to poll's weak candidate Mesa who was 12% below Arce, and yet Mesa had won.
Mass protests went on and polarized bolivia was/is the center of extreme right wing gov repression and the unaccepted win of Mesa has no solution nor peace, bc indigenous majority voters opposed almost two to one, &;they swores not to accept being stolen their election victory by an imperial's and OAS' fabricated Mesa president but elected honestly!
Since the Bush- Gore election fraud, the empire who used a die bolt software to materialize fractions of votes transfer to Bush, has for 20 years perfected this electronic Die Bolt software fraud, which transfers secretly fractions of votes in countless votes and converts a looser into a winner and that's how Bush Jr stole Gore's presidency in the year 2000 and that's how Mesa stole Arce's victory but with another improvement that makes it undetectable to an audit vote: military custodians of the ballot boxes had in their sole control along with coluding TSE Chief Salvador Romero Ballivian for more than enough time to match the physical votes with the transfered votes by Die Bolt software score and once they matched both scores of votes, they resealed those ballot boxes and next, congregated the party delegates and opening the ballot boxes in their presence, counted, then announced Mesa won and when MAS protested the election outcome, OAS& coluding TSE recounted only 5% and got away with Bolivia's biggest election fraud of Oct18th 2020, bc all the aces were under the sleeve of the OAS election fraudsters, who participate in all these elections, "OAS/OEA election observers" was their mask and worked for the biggest imperial power, who imposes these OASfraudsters as the election observers, used them to confirm only who they pick as winners, as they did it in 2016 in Honduras and now in Bolivia, whereas the USA rejects his own OAS members from being election observers in the USA's elections.
The question is why you spanish and Non english lspeaking countries in America, don't reject this election meddlers in latin America, and USA doesn't reciprocate election intrusion in their domestic elections but reject it
Surely the USA can't keep inmune& impune to intruding in other countries' elections and toppling govs under their excuse of human rights violations, when in fact the USA has committed HR violations and genocide in its own territory and overseas: Indian genocides, black genocide, Japanese nuclear genocide, japanese con- centration camps, oil countries's genocides, vietnam genocide, Bolivian indian genocide...

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