Pattern of kidnapping: HVD!

Pattern of kidnapping: HVD!

During past decade 80, Dictator Garcia Mesa had ordered kidnapping of countless youths like Mallku Felipe Campos, in Bolivia!
During their terms as Presidents, Bush-Cheney Obama-Biden used this 3rd milleium prevalent and incident patterm of High Value Detainees/HVD kidnappings to fly them to subsirvient 3rd countries for enhanced interrogations by water boarding them!
Brave Federico Angioli& an argentine embassy staff suffered the predetermined malicious attempt of Kidnapping that left seriously wounded the embassy diplomat& triggered Figioli to cover him with his own body to avoid they kill the argentine diplomat who came to save him from the kidnapping inteligence police squat bc Anez& Murillo resented Angioli's prior investigating report of Human Rights violations & multiple genocides committed by the Anez Gov, during the 2019 Coup D'etat in Bolivia!
Brave Federico Angioli survived the kidnapping attempt by Anez-Murillo Gov's inteligence squat, due ro the personal intervention of Argentine President @ Alferdez&
@ CFKArgentina& Bolivian congressional heads and a flood of viral videos of their cruel & malicious predetermined human rights violations at El Alto airport in Bolivia!
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