BlackRock's racism& fascism& oil& carbon perpetuation causes our Climate catastrophe

Evo Morales:
Debes Recordar q el Racismo Ario&fascismo del Gob mundial BlackRock los impone noEstaDerrotado xq #BlackRock perpetua RenteriaPetroleo  reemplazo OilTrump con #OilBiden q sobrefinancioPoliciaQ asesina incontables emigrantes,multiples PetroGuerras interminables  invadiraVenezuelaNicaraguaALoMonroe
Big Brother BlackRock doesn't let the global media expose its managed oil corporations and poppet G7 govs& BRICS cause this climate catastrophe with its oil& carbon perpetuation policy that is gasing our lungs& human bodies with  BlackRock's deadly trapped greenhouse gases!

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