...Since when US extends from Canada to Argentina to allege US is America?

Since when one equals two dozen countries to say US is owner of two dozen countries that form the American Continent?

@ JoeBiden u need to learn Reality&Geography& the ongoing climate catastrophy due to fossil fuel& carbon with your fake elimination of oil by the fakeParisAgreement of cheaters& volunteers, who talk, talk and talk like you of GND but its a fake GND and you and parisAgreement are imposing your failed carbon tax( which also failed while you were Obama's VP) to perpetuate carbon& oil which causes human extinction by deadly greenhouse gases & taxing carbon means taxing deadly extinction. You can't tax deadly extinction, you need to abrogate carbon& oil&fracking& nuclear space race and nuclear energy AKA deadly NuclearPandemic AKA MAD/Nuclear Mutually Assured Destruction!
Please learn geography: US doesn'textend from Canada to Argentina to missappropiate the name of a whole American continent! In fact our United States is a mere state out of two dozen countries& all of them form America& are TrueAmericans
And  the United States endangers humanity with our National security law, bc is a facade for Neverending oil wars whichyou sadly sponsored it for half a century and is a mask for a police state for all the globe. The US has to reinvent its policies and abrogate its vaccine compulsory law, its Nal Security law, Freedom Act and defund its military and its police bc in a world of sars Covid2, and hypersonic multiole nuclear head missiles, your patriot batteries which never worked, are useless and wastes scarce money, better use it for food, bc global faime is arising from poor countries to our US' urban cities of countless unemployed PhD holders to countless homeless and famined US citizens plus millions of true Americans from the south, central and north America.
#AbrogateFossilfuelNow or you are going to abrogateHumanExistance with fossil fuel, carbon, nuclear power cancer causing residuos,radiation, etc

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