Will the Phildelphia Liberty Bell toll for life or extinction?

Will the Philadelphia Liberty Bell toll for life or extinction?

Separated by a thin line of plain clothes policemen, OilBiden's & oilTrump's followers stand face to face at Philadelphia's historic Liberty Bell
Anxious and anguished waiting to hear it toll!
Oil Biden's deceived people of color&environmentalists with false promises for their votes, he said he will join the Paris Agreement of volunteer cheaters of carbon quotas& bring nuclear proliferation camouflaged as GreenNewDeal but it is fossil fuel perpetuation.
OilTrump promised to deregulate everything, keep stick beating anyone who doesn't do what he wishes& anyone who requests oil ban.
As you can see both oil candidates are rented oil mouths for BlackRock's oil perpetuation with a carbon tax of death4Humanity by trapped deadly greenhouse gasses!
Long ago libertu bell of philadelphia, tolled for Freedom
Being an absolute truth both BlackRock oil candidates will give
Victory& perpertual oil profits to BlackRock,
Don't want to think we're marked for the road to extinction but hope like drunks BlackRock's trapped carbon&fossil fuel's trapped deadly greenhouse gases will magically disappear but we know we live in a closed system and they will remain, thicker and thicker, but BlackRock promises with beggars carbon change, mitigation, resilience& adaptation, death won't touch us
But since these deadly carbon gas molecules are getting hotter, they speed up and a meaningles spark sets giant climate forest fires which genocide billions of animals burning them alive to extinction
And we rational animals like drunks believe BlackRock's deadly gases won't touch us and their beggars change will do its magic.
Being genocided in this closed system the gases can't dissipate yet buying Biden's new fossil fuel cars we'll sit with a fare in our mouths for Achaeron death, to lead us in our car coffins to the other side of Hades
Will Philadelphia Liberty bell toll for life or for us to be gased by these same oil corporations, who bankrolled
Aided & abetted an AustrianJew to power and he gased 6 million innocent Jews to death! 
Nowadays 70 million are gased to death annually and we are told silence, be obedient to BlackRock's gov of govs and it goes on & on!
When we'll snap from BlackRock's fossil fuel drink for drunks?
Like Greta we are deceived but if we block oil refineries,can save us from extinction, but instead of civil disobedience, talk cheap denunciations and listen to BlackRock's policies of fossil fuel with carbon tax , resilience, mitigation, adaptation half truths through the paris Agreement cheaters club everything will go away by 2050 or by 2035 wevare told, but we know that is a wrong climate model with wrong asumptions fed to us by BlackRock scientists, bc climate catastrophe is already happening here and now, and their 2035, or 2050 carbon zero, its too little too late.
You voter wonder like everyone else in these 2 lines of foes, will Philadelphia liberty bell will toll for life or for extinction?
You wish it be life but as long as oil Biden or Oil trump go to office, blackRock has won
In fact BlackRock already ordered its global media to shut off their microphones to Trump and they did!
So BlackRock is already thrown its fossil fuel hat for Biden& extinction policies!
So does it matter philadelphia Liberty bell to toll its bell when the end result has already been decided for oil Biden& extinction?
No more, but since you insist waiting the liberty bell to toll, who will they toll?
They will toll for you and I and humanity's slow, painful fossil fuels's gas, gasing us to extinction slowly
Unless we all stop
BlackRock and Biden from perpertuating gasi ng us with trapped greenhouse gases to extinction, by massively joining peaceful civil disobedience around oil refineries, oil sea ports, oil pipelines and stop now the global forest fires financed by BlackRock...!

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