..we're about to loose our remaining constitutional rights!

Post January20th 2021, we are about to loose our remaining constitutional rights!
Our country throws out a trillion dollars/annually to the military& Police, economic policy done for decades.
A trillion dollars to pay weapons of mass destruction& multiple inteligence services. Nothing moves on Earth w/o intelligence & military services knowing and allowing it to happen.
9/11 and the attempted sedition against our country happened because from inside the military& police& multiple inteligence services allow it to happen and it is an insider job and that's why they let it happen and with it they created enough appearance of justification to enact Draconian laws against 333 million citizens.
We're not conspiracy theorists, we are common sense and tealist, peaceful& climate defenders.
We're pointing facts& reality happening in our midsts now.
After they let happen 9/11, they created more National security, the pseudobpatruot Act/ FreedomAct and the Department of Homeland Security to benefit only their corporatist members and Defacto took away many of our constitutional rights and Biden-Obama refused to abrogate this injustice and disguised it as Freedom Act and still invade and denied many of our constitutional rights and using D Trump, from the inside, spearheaded by JoeBiden, Schumer, Nancy Pelossi& multiole inteligence services they happen the taking of our congress. In fact the Military and police in plainclothes, lead the taking of congress, by flashing their Identification cards in consort with their Capitol police, Washington DC police, opened the gates and let the seditious take congress.
Even as congress was taken over, the insider aryan Military,Cops didn't summon helicopters to tear gas them, what Ronald Reagan did and call them, " hoodlums, rebels, seditious...terrorists"
No sir. They didn't tear gas the armed seditious militiamen rebel, terroristscommittigthe act of taking over congress and multiple federal crimes, including armed assault& kidnapping and mail thievery and possesing assault rifles, pipebombs, and breaking in congress and stealing cobfidentiak data off the computer data base of Nancy Pelossi, evidence that points at intelligence officers gathering data without a cout order and without a FISA order.
This up the ante, bc plain clothes inteligence  officers stole sensitive information that endangers our country, our citizens and congressmen.
But we are not suppose to see how sensitive informatiowas stolen making look the watergate scabdal a joke, bc, sensitive national security information was stolen from Pelossi and others in congress.
This is corporatism fascism steaking sensitive natuonalsecurity information off the computers of members of congress.
So the media and other are stealing the meat and onlybpointing out to the empty bun of sedtious attempt, which was a cover up to steal the sebsitive information discussed above.
So media and some congressmen and the people wgo allege being god's people, pointed at Trump, Cruz, Rubio, Howley...but where are the armed militiamenTerrorists who attempted the sedious act against the people?
Free, unincarcerated and imune as Trump and the gang of 13 lead by Mitch McConnell...
But don't miss the central point of this peaceful informative column of the acts of June 6th:
We 333 million people/ the people as post 911 got screwed against our constitutional rights with a repressive and dictatorial Patriot Act, (rebaptized Freedom act by Biden- Obama), now they are about to screw us further with new laws which will use the narrative of June6th to curtail our remaining constitutional rights as if we are tge enemy and inder National security, they will tell us these new Post January 20th 2021 are necessary to protect us from enemies.
Ghostly enemies bc they won't investigate the thieves who stole off Pelossi congressional computer, all the sensitive national security information.
We the people are not the enemy but how come they will be trampling with our few remaining constitutional rights?
Thd very corporatists who condemn the cobspiracy theorists, are the framers of psedudo Patruot Act and now will be cobspiring and materialuzing the curtailing of our few remaining constitutional rights under their old doctrine of nztiobal security, " against the enemy within/domestic" are going to legally victimize 333 million citizens,  bc that's the unjust pattern of acting by pseudo-corporatist- citizens who run all the institutions of our country.
So beware post JoeBiden oath taking, they will trample the rights of 333 million true citizens.
Matter of fact, they are doing it so:
I rejected Trump and will continue rejecting his schism corporatists but for all the evil Trump did, he is still a person who must be impeached, found guilty along his countless terrorist armed suspects, so i disagree with already punishing him dispriportionally by taking his free speech rights off Twitter, google, Apple.
When he gets succesfully impeached, found guilty by the senate and found guilty by the jury for all his serious crimes amd imprisoned to pay for his crimes along with his co- culprits, then ask and get from the coury to impose on him, the taking of his free speech and certainly the court will do so. But until then apriori don't take his free speech off digital media, bc innocent peaceful Rabin followers and climate defenders, etc will be free-speech-banned without any fault, bc JoeBiden-and- corporatist actos of state power will enact laws for digital state actors of power, to ban us from expressing our peaceful free speech...!
Thank you in advance for being wise and not banning apriori any dissenting peaceful opinions or free speech, which with one stroke of pen Joe-corporatists can destroy 333 million citizens rights!

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