Booster shot recipients or Non-vaccinated people are best fit to survive?

Booster shot recipients or Non-vaccinated people are best fit to survive?      By Domi Mamani The vast majority of scientists and physicians agree that current sarscovid2 are not a once a lifetime vaccine that protects you from the deadly pandemic and that you will become a twice a year new boosterAntigen shot addict/recipient! What most antipandemic experts are arguing is about triggering blood clot antipandemic shots from Aztraseneca& Johnson&Johnson, if the benefit outweights the growing chances to die by blood clotting! Now the responsibility of killing you by blood cloy shot, is being shifted from the pharmaceutical shots, onto you, to avoid paying your orphans and surviving spouse, No-penny at all for your death by Aztraseneca& Johnson&Johnson shots! They are asking you to chose your chances to die by Aztraseneca& J&J shots or die by sarsCovid2. It's a dishonest proposition that pharmaceutical makers are asking you, because their shots only work

Who needs validation by Lynch Mobsters Sam&OAS?

Who needs validation by Lynch mobsters Sam & OAS?        By Domi Mamani Solomon P Chase AKA Sam, during the early 18th century envisioned it and J Monroe& Andrew Jackson materialized the Imperial Monroe Doctrine& assassinated S Bolivar. Since then they extinguished the goal to consolidate an American continent Great Country & impostor it with a poppettish Organization of American States, which is a proxy tool for Sam to continue to impose their imperial Monroism, of working economic slaves from American States, to continue enriching themselves. Imperial Sam took over Cuba, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Florida...etc and since then has invaded and made countless Coup D'etats& neutralized the American States intelligentsia and indoctrinated them in its universities to continue using them as servants. What benefit have American states members of the OAS gotten for all their use? Bread crumps falling off the table of Sam's offspring, to the dogs. I have no us

There is no organic food security but imposed transgenic...

There is no organic food security but imposed transgenic food in Bolivia!                      By Domi Mamani M Mesa has burned 10 million forest hectares, Morales 10 million hectares, Anez 10 millon hectars& Arce is reaching ten Million hectares, for Latifundio Transgenic soy& Cattlemen. As a result low class is suffering famine, due to desertification, no rain, transgenics, mining and oil toxic water contaminating rivers& lakes. Despite the overwhelming evidence cited above, Morales& Evolucho Arce colluding with transgenic Latifundio for Cattlemen of the MediaLuna, allege they made huge rural investments & that they have food security. Those are  patent exagerations& misrepresentations, because we americanBolivians have seen starvation and transgenic food beingbdumped at below market prices, have caused  contraband  transgenic potatoes from Peru, transgenic corn, onion from Argentina, transgenic apples, apricot...from Chile etc Which breaks minifundio far

Today wolves are killed, tomorrow is US!

Today wolves are killed, tomorrow is US!    By Domi Mamani M We need to stop peacefully the extinction of fauna biodiversity, because pandemic vectors like forest arsoned and evicted Mice and Rats& multiple pests, without natural predators like Wolves,  not only will continue invading us but Cause Pandemics. We are peacefully battling locally against Southern Cal Gas Corporation, gassing us with deadly arsenic, lead, cadmiun, methane, nitric oxide...And this greedy Corp wants to excavate without covering countless tonez of their deadly poisoned soil and then expand their compressor generator turbines to Six! 6 turbines incinerating blasting radius of action would wipe out at least half of our Ventura city residents, including children& grandchildren attending schools& boys and girls clubs, less than 50 yards! These corporatist gasmen don't care to gas & incinerate live people with their deadly gases. At State level, we are struggle day after day in getting sup

Carta Abierta... ref: Frente Unido con Xiomara Castro Z Presidente de Honduras!

Carta Abierta a: @YaniRosenthal @LuisZelaya @SalvaPresidente Re: Frente Unido con Xiomara CastroZ  presidente 2022-2026 Distinguidos Sres: Soy catedratica retirada, familiar con el Monreismo, caudillismo, militarismo& narcisismo con el q el Tio Sam azota a nuestros pueblos americanos. He visto el caudillismo& narcisismo con el q nos dividen& manipulan adversanente porque nos hacen ilusionar q cada uno de nosotros es y sera presidente& si hacemos lo q el Tio Sam dice q hagamos seremos presidentes. La realidad de incontables caudillos que creyeron la ilusion de "Con Apoyo del Tio Sam sere Elegido" es tan comun porque cayeron derrotados. Cuando hicieron todo lo q el Tio Sam les mando hacer, sin embargo porque los candidatos presidenciales divididos fueron derrotados en elecciones? El tio Sam alimento su codicia personal a cada uno de los candidatos, lo cual significa el Tio Sam tenia marcadas todas las cartas del poker politico bajo su control& a ul

Xiamara Castro Z becomes presidential candidate of Honduras!

Good Omen: Xiamara Castro Zelaya  becomes presidential candidate of Honduras! Years ago fascism overthrew President Zelaya from Honduras, unjustly! Today, his brave& charismatic wife, @ Xiamara CastroZ became the presidential candidate capable to defeat them and claim back the presidency of Honduras, for the People, by the people and of the people!

Fake FB...!

      Fake FB...!               By Domi Mamani M Indigenous exiled Mallku Felipe Campos had forewarned us 3 years ago, that FB, Apple,Google, Amazon...are transforming true Democracy to Fake-Democracy/Authoritarian Theocrats, in most countries! He pointed out FB colluded with the Authoritarian Chinesse Gov& its disclosure of names, cost countless true democratic yearning chinesse lives! Money has no scruples but self interest of this breed of Temple's money changers for the third millenium! Each country must have their own national social media & not these unchecked global social media, because they are secretive& not transparent, are not fair, not democratic, not accountable& they are monopolists and/or cartel olygopolists! They must be broken like AT&T Corp & Microsoft ( windows2)! We don't know quantitatevely what exact percent in FB are fake accounts but studying patterns through FB's social algorythm& statistic models, estimate it'