Open letter to Omar can't see it was a coup...

  Open letter to @ OmarAguilarBol Re: Misinformed by CEB you can't see it was a 2019 Coup D'etat! Dear Omar: I will not pass judgment to Erick Foronda Castillo, but remind you Erick has been so experienced in executing  CoupD'etats in Bolivia since the Coup that brought Banzer to Defacto gov until Erick along with civil contractor Tuto Quiroga, Almagro, Mesa, DM, R Paz, Arturo Murillo& his father& Lopez, Anez, Ivan Arias, Kaliman, Calderon, the CEB...the UK ambassador... You don't realize extortioning/coersing/threatening to death/ torturing&Lawfaring are their habitual tools to get them to resign until it reaches Jeanine Anez turn to al li ege it's her turn to succeed the president. The evidence of their Coup D'etat you suffered it by the implicit threat of burning you & your family alive. Your house the Coup makers burn it, Mallku Felupe Campos House was burned& by sheer luck he escaped from becoming burn alive. The fact is they have

Open letter to @ GamboaRocabado

Open letter to Franco @ GamboaRocabado: Re: Your essay on Bolivia's Democracy 2019-2020! Dear Yale fellow GamboaRocabado: Implicitely not only you blurred the line between obtaining power by Coup or by democratically being elected president, but rubber stamped and gave free mileage to Jeanine Anez' Coup D'etat, calling her governing Democracy, which in reality was a sophisticated new Coup D'etat by the State Department without the use of the word Coup D'etat& avoiding military as ministers to deny it was a military-civil Defacto Gov! Your agenda is written in between lines that " bloodless Coups by the people is the way to go from now on. So parties are no more the governated democracy but in the name of governing democracy it's good to throw the elected Gov& obtain power as long as it is a bloodless coup which justifies throwing from power the democratically elected president, be this Evo or Arce or anyone" Being you a poorly educated bac

There is no extension of impugnation time in Peruvian Elections!

  There is no extension of impugnation time in Peruvian elections!     By Domi   Mamani Having concluded the peruvian presidential elections of June 6th 2021's clean, honest,transparent &fair and there was no compelling evidence of Stawide/Systemic election fraud& there are no grounds for K Fujimori to hysterically cry out fraud. The few impugnations regarding genuine voters's errors will be solved, even though these few impugnation votes will not make any difference to the 0.5% Candidate Castillo's advantage over Fujimori. Peruvians must remain calm till this Non- significant impugnation gets solved in the upcoming days. JNET's impugnation deadlines of June9th 2021 by 8PM are chisseled on rock by the JNE&Congress! And this deadline wasn't officially extended till June 11th, nor extended indefinitelly and any allegation or missinformation or desinformation by Fujimori is not valid by her say so or by Almagro or anyone else because only independent J

Open letter to Francisco Orgollo at @ Pontifex

Open letter to Francisco Orgollo at @Pontifex Re: Your CEB's November 2019 Memorial letter Dear Pibe Pancho: Not making you a living god nor vicarious, bc we both are mortales getting old as everybody else& having grown up with you in Argentina, write you to question your Bolivian CEB's memorial latter's following their Non-sense asssumptions& or allegations like, "...the church helped to rescue Bolivian democracy..." No, your CEB helped bury 40 years of Bolivian Democracy by you instructing your Bolivian CEB not only to interfere in State's affair which is  a forbidden mortal sin, because even Jesus separated Church and State by sentencing give to Caesar what is to Caesar, in this case to Congress what is to Congress, because congress represents the State after CEB, military, police& your Bolivian catholic Latifundist fanatics threatened Morales' life& he had to escape! "Adriana Salvatierra& Victor Borda resigned & caused

What does it smell?

What does it smell?   By Domi Mamani Sadly there are 100K miles of gas pipelines in this part of North America & any time&all the time deadly gas pipes break& intoxicate tax payers with deadly carcinogenic fracking chemicals mixed with oil&gas being extracted& pumped through pipes MethaneGasNoOdor # FrackingCarcinogenicChemicalsSmell # ShutDownAllPipesNow

carlosDmesag you can run but you can't hide

  Civil Contractor Carlos Mesa you can run but you can't hide!         By Domi Mamani Latifundist Carlos Mesa refuses to self incriminate but compelling evidence& his co- CoupMaker Jeanine Anez, has already incriminated him for sediously having opposed Adriana Salvatierra's constitutional  presidential succession in lieu of cowardly Evo Morales! In fact legally and constitutionally the sucession belonged to Congress and to Salvatierra as president of the senate, which is an undisputed truth in all democratic countries, including Bolivia! But @ carlosD mesag, Tuto Quiroga, Lucifer Camacho...CEB...military& police commanders acted seditiously by not obeying Congress's constitutional authority to vote for and against accepting Morales resignation& as for Lydia Gueilert, congress would have voted 2/3 MAS majority, for Adriana Salvatierra, or Borda, or Susana Rivero...for interim president of Bolivia in 2019, who would have called to Elections, but Mesa, Camacho

In my love river deep without end!

  In my love river deep without end! ( All Rights Reserved) Whenever open my eyes at dawn Missing you ask this of you, Embrace me tight in the river of our love Keep squeezing me in your arms while we're wet kissing let our lips confess the things we know r true While feeling in our faces The breath of our love, then let our hands speak in our backs All the things My heart would like to say Whenever you play the song I wrote before u depart from the river of my love The greatest love we lived undoubtedly spring&summer's honey we shared undoubtedly In our hearts& minds we treasure it even if fall& winter in our lives may bring wind and snow, Know there is  enough love waiting for ur return To my warm love river deep without end. And then we'll live again Spring&summer honey Kisses& vibrate in each other's arms, unendedly: I am heart breaking before your impending departure now Non-stop tears breaking like heavy rain With words