Rag tag Bartolina Sisas vs FB corporatism!

Rag tag Bartolina Sisas vs FB corporatism! There are severe problems with the way  captive western academics educates& grant's doctoral degrees, but I won't waste my time with it but will slightly compare 2 simple institutions in Bolivia& Romerica: Bartolinas vs FB corporatism. Contrarybtibextreme right wing definitions, Bartolinas do not fit into the mold of corporativism, even in the criteria of Weber, etc. Bartolinas from Bolivia, is an indigenous climate defender political party, formed in Honor of Bartolina Sisa, an indigenous wife, who along her husband was inhumanly tortured to death for fighting for indigenous independence from inhuman european Colonialism against the true owners of this American continent. Rag rag indigenous women form the MAS political party in this III milenium, to have a voice in front of racist military- civilian extreme right wing dominating elitists, who dominated Bolivia since Colonial times to present. Bartolinas are a horizontal s

Trucking fish to the Ocean?

Trucking fish to the Ocean?      By Domi Mamani I was a todler when i tasted fish and since then i counted my blessings of free wild fish, even though i am a vegan consumer& no longer eat fish nor any meat bc i respect the lives of marine , terrestrial and air-living beings who have same rights as us biped rational animals! Humanity has had a wide array of biodiverse fish, which belong to all humanity. But then corporatists wating to have ownership monopoly of food, used less than 1% genetic and added/ change that small portion of DNA and stole 99% Humanity's common ownership by patenting it as his corporate ownership. Since then corporattists have been stealing flora and fauna common Humanity's ownership, to privatize it as a monopoly in many foods like Soy, etc. Nowadays these corporatist thieves through patents have monopoly in key food and they keep expanding and stealing ir, through their monopolies into owning more species of biodiversity, as theirs. Certainly

Did Extreme right wing...execute the 2019 Coup D'etar or not?

Did Extreme right wing Camacho-Mesa-Villa Reyes-CEB-Kaliman&Calderon execute the  2019Coup D'etat or not?     By Domi Mamani Repeating J Goebbels million imes to create a believable act, the extreme right continues its daily  denyal of Anez having ever reached power through a Coup D'etat in Black November 2019! They allege Anez reached through popular uprising. Fact, Mesa trigered the genesis of the popular uprising by falsely using as a true fact the preliminary voting irregularity authored by his accomplice Secretary Gral of the OAS Luis Almagro who despite 2 years hasn't been able to prove his allegation that there was a Morales's 2019 election fraud, because multiole internationalbelection audits, conducted by independeny MIT& CLACSO... have proven there was no election fraud& two presidebtial elections in a row have proven C Mesa lost both elections to the same MAS indigenous party. Don't they see that their extrene right popular uprising was i

Attention please!

Attention please: If u say you don't care what oilCarbonGas Pandemic does to all humans & when they get you ill and you die& leave your children to suffer, & get ill by compressor stations, that pump methane gas for cooking, heater... they will get sick and die so young because their careless parents didn't care. Compressor stations keep pumping gas and exposing you to carcigogenic particules that cause you asthma and deadly cancers...without your knowlege, regularly their Compressor Stations blow down at night to depressurize, on and off again and you keep breathing them ever second. How long before you get gased to death? You are getting lied and killed sooner or later by these gas companies& corporations. If theynget suit, quickly their lawyers will buy your silence of how harmful and deadly are their gas carcinogens and you walk out with beggars change in your pocket, after they have you sign to seal the settlement agreement and dismissal of your case.

Today tweet for # JusticeForBerta

Tweet today May 2 2021 Justice 4Berta Caceres Tweet hastags 4 prosecuting: # JusticeforBerta # MissingTheAtala # CastilloCriminal Sharing a poem Of all the fire in our blood veins, we loved and lived and fought against evil loggers & cattlemen who are greedy for our forest lands. Suddenly treacherous civil contractors striked at at you& U flapped wings like angel towards the sun! We got no one but the love fruits of our love, Two Lenca-Amazon daughters who drying their tears took the torch you left& continue the fight you bequeathed us, for life, love and defending our Mother Earth, we remain united Berta river of blood &hope in today's life!

A note of peaceful reflexion!

A note of peaceful  reflection!      By Domi Mamani Solutions don't come from volunteer Paris cheaters accord nor from govs. Solutions can only come from peaceful  people like you and me and whoever join us in peaceful civil disobedience at Oil refineries and not from fools who blindly believe in govs' &oil CoalGas corporatists- politicians. Fools who fell for OilCoalGas Pandemic corporate's empty promises to abrogate oilCoalGas by year 2050 instead of now and here! We are at the genesis of irreversible climate catastrophe&OilFrackingGasCorporatists have condemned you to perpetual famine, lab-made mutated pandemic viruses and perpetual 6 months booster shots falsely called vaccines( they are not vaccines, because a true vaccine like the measleas vaccine is a once a lifetime shot that protects you lifetime from pandemic virus), can start getting used to eating and drinking oil and breathing deadly methane& other greenhouse deadly gases imposed by these inhuma

two orphan daughters answer to @ JeanineAnez 's offspring!

Two orphan daughters answer to @ JeanineAnez 's offspring!        @ CarolinaRibera4 Anez& Jose Ribera Anez, two very adult offspring of former Dictator J Anez, wrote to Bolivian president  Luis Arce's children. These indigenous children wrote in Quechua and Aymara but fearing for their lives asked me to withhold their names TranslatedBy D Mamani: "Estimada Carolina& Jose: You say about your mother Jeanine Anez wonders but are plain exagerations and lies, like alleging she saved Bolivia from violence & let Arce leave the country, and that you are not asking anything and no privileges for her and she needs to be treated humanly? What offspring doesn't defend her parents? But we are here to remind you your mother's malicious inhuman acts and genocidal policies by killing our innocent and unarmed parents, which you know but to aided her by overlooking  and choosing to omit in your letter, for the purpose to have her released& not tried for her i