Victims of hate and antisemitism

Why are misguided politicians failing to protect victims of hate and Antisemitism?

After the cold cowardly execution of innocent people at the Tree of life synagogue, shocked and mourning relatives of the victims want respect for their loved ones.
Mr. Trump and Mr. Pence miss the mark with their pointless rhetoric. Tree of Life was cut down by a weapon of war, an "AK47" machine gun. Our leaders have a perfect opportunity today, to rid the nation of the menace of destructive killing machines in the hands of people filled with hate.
Now is the moment to get our nation together to change the way we view the 2nd amendment. We dont need machine guns to protect our homes and places of worship. Now is not the time for placing blame, the man pulling the trigger is no longer free.
But lets not forget the true victims of Antisemitism and racism and hatred. Lets honor them by having two political parties and their independent peers come together in peace and negotiate an end to war weapons in our streets, an end to the NRA control of bipartisan politics.
U.S. Congress why are you bowing down to the NRA and what are you waiting for? Can you not see the outlandish malaise of killing eachother? Can you not feel the pain, or smell the blood, sweat and tears of the most recent of our citizens fallen for nothing but hate?
Awake brethren! We need to survive and remind the politicians, Never again, means NEVER AGAIN. What part of Never Again don't our leaders and the NRA understand?
In Bolivia the Government perpetrates its Antisemitism, refering to the jewish middle class as "Decadent" another euphanism for "hated" why are the US govt and the Bolivian govt singling us out to be their Jewish victims?
Speak up, write, call, take to the streets. Only our passion will bring positive change, only our passion will guarantee NEVER AGAIN!
DM (c) D Reserv 30/10/18

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