Why arent we all out in the streets?

Why arent you fighting in the streets, just like we fought and changed the bad penal code?

I notice that not one presidencial candidate or wannabe, not one political party, nor the people of Bolivia are in the streets, shouting and fighting to revoke the Bolivian coup-making LOP, fighting for a new appointed TES, and fighting to stop the elimination of the 21F voice of the people.
Whats up with you young Bolivians? Rather than fighting in our streets against Evo-Contractor and murderer of Zulmah, you guys are partying and binging on drugs, alcohol & sex?
Montano, the speaker of the deputies, is pre-empting the new TES a changed one as desired by the people. While usurping the law, Montano wants to install two Mazistas into the old corrupt, servile, 5 member TES whether from previous lists or her own party members.
Hey Mesa, Revilla, Cardenas, Costas: why do you not go to fight it out in the streets, you damn parasite politicians, you need to make those 5 leftover members of the old corrupt TES resign so a new, clean voice can represent our people. At the very least you can go to the notary, sign contracts to abolish fracking, transgenics, hunting endangeted animals to protect Bolivia's flora & fauna, and to eliminate the deadly mix of herbicides ontroduced by Evo. You can stand up and shout loudly to eliminate toxic plastics and dirty air thus defending our Mother Earth.

For the four days the teamsters have been gassed while blocking Four Canadas & being unjustly incarcerated for blocking the Santa Crus-Beni freeway. San Matias, San Ramon y Chiquitos and you lousy politicians, Mesa, Revilla, Cardenas, Costas you all continue hiding out behind your desks, you cowardly caudillo-constractors. You obviously plan to giveaway our state-owned companies for pennies behaving just like all the Neo-liberals, working to enrich yourselves and your transnacional acomplices --all parasites and SOBs.
You politicos clearly don't care what happens to 12 million Bolivians, that pay your wages. You are parasites who live off us.

My countrymen, are you so young you dont recall the murder of Coro Maita? The previous running away of Carlos Mesa, who, when the people came out to the streets, he left Bolivia to save himself. Are you so young you dont recall the revolution against the mighty Becktel water company who was so arrogant they told us we must pay for the rain that falls on us? We won those battles by going to the streets. And we should take to the streets again. Don't hand our democracy to the lousy caudillos, don't allow a lying, killing dictator to change the law to perpetuate his rule over us, his destruction of our lands.
Countrymen, you cant read & see the cowardly politicianciacandidate-parasites, all are obsessed with stealing your votes, all are enticing you false promises. Once they get the power, just Goni & Evo they will serve only their secret employer and themselves. "The IDH isn't possible". That's what the World Bank, Spain & the USA have said. You can believe it.
Follow Evo to NY & as usual keep betraying our country and on election day ask their votes to say yes to his secret employer and no to our Bolivian people, for we are not your yoyos, for you to keep manipulating us, in your false & dirty fraudulent election. Because when you lose the vote you will blame the people of Bolivia for your having lost it before Antichrist-beast/ Evo-Alvaro, your true accomplices!!
DM (c) 25/10/18

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