A Weak-Willed Opposition empowers the antisemite Evo!!

A Weak-Willed Opposition empowers the antisemite Evo!!

The opposition -to-the-president Bolivians, banking on the CIHH and the TSE to knock-out dictator evo morales from his repeated attempts to unconstitutionally run for reelection, are living a neurotic life of self-deception.
The fragmented opposition is like a co-dependant spouse pushing against while still validating evo's primary & presidential elections despite the fact the TSE is implicitly validating fake party membership. And too the TSE's official records have not been re-certified by international monitoring institutions since 2009, hence it's tainted & unreliable padron electoral data-bank, which plays into dictator Morales's hands.
With a million supporters campaigning against a fragmented individualist opposition, the dictator who controls all the powers of the state, including the TSE, most of the media & social media as well as a "big-brother" National police who intimidate and monitor the media through "intelligence/spying, and surveillance has himself easily situated to win the unconstitutional re-eleccion.
His campaign opponents, Mesa-Pedraza have a very weak alliance & will not win any elections, because they have no way to unite the opposition. The Mesa/Pedraza team is chronically fragmented, not widely respected & except for maybe winning seats in the assembly has nothing to offer.
In addition to that weakness, participating in elections is destructive to achieving the goal of ending Bolivia's longest dictatorship. The murderous tyrant evilevo has painted a mask of democracy such that Bolivia's people
face perpetual racism, antisemitism, severe polarization, destruction of their economy, the permanent desertification & contaminacion of Mother Earth in Bolivia. The evo-facade is an irrational choice. Without healthy soil, water, un-toxic air; with the loss of thousands of flora & fauna, under conditions of famine, the slightest inflation will decimate the population, specifically the self-same impoverished peasant and chronically under-employed social class.
The only viable solution is a painful complete National strike. That requires everyone, poor and rich alike, going into the streets from this December 6-8th and continuing indefinately until the unconsttutional, non-transparent, "fixed elections are CANCELLED, or until the dictator resigns. Otherwise, the opposition will have no recourse than to to strike a match and burn the ballots. This will be effective because Morales is determined to stay in the dictator's house forever and wants to validate being "president" by using the so-called "democratic" election, which is truly fake and meaningless.
The evilevo dictator has no respect for democracy or the people's voice/vote. This is proven by evilevo's ugly disregard for the people's 21F vote, as well as the Bolivia constitution's art 168. That article invalidates evo's perpetual hold on power and makes Bolivia a laughing stock of the world.
DM (c) d. Reserv 11/30/18

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