Are you Ready to Come to the Streets

    Are you Bolivians ready to defend yourselves in the streets?

EvoPinochet, a contractor since the
years of Tambo school, has made a political, drug lord success of his life, thanks to his secret employer, whose friends in high places have not only protected him and won for him immunity and impugnity, compared to the blacklisted goverment of Nicolas Maduro, the prosecution of Chapo Guzman and the infamous L Arce Gomez but also spared him from economic aggression.
     Playing the fools, evoPinochet and Garcia Linera have  been fabricating the deceiving myth of themselves as perpetual  rulers of Bolivia. In fact,
EvoPinochet prides himself in having been a starving poor child who  survived on banana peels, he got by begging  from passing travellers and devouring them like a banquet.           But that's his fictional biography film. Some of us recall that we've known him since his days in the elite school of misionaries and operatives'children at Tambo school in Chapare.           Having managed 400 billion dollars/13years and tons of coca leaves and cocaine shipments through out the globe, and  having cheated on his taxes, EvoPinochet has silently outdone the Bolivia opposicion politicians, as well as Maduro,
Chapo Guzman, & Arce Gomez.
Indeed, the mestizo EvoPinochet has impersonated a pure bolivian  originario, a people who are called to defend Mother Earth (Pacha Mama) from climate change and imperialialism.  That false indigenismo alleged himseld to be an anti-drug crusader,  an oil nationalizer and calls himself the author of Bolivian nationalizacion,  but that is his deceptive camouflage.  Evopinochet's purpose is to avoid being unmasked in his double dealings with the parties he is accustomed to making secret deals & secret contracts with. Just consider this Evopinochet as president of the cocaleros.  EvoPinochet is commonly associated with the inf amous Teran clan  working for his own self interest through his 8  federacions of cocaleros, some of them found with cocaine labs, yet he is insulate d from penal investigacions and prosecutions because he controls all the powers of the Bolivian state and has global friends in high places protecting him while the coca  grows. Bolivian coca is proliferating along  with the increase in mobile labs, even in the poligono del Tipnis reserve which an internacional NGO investigating destruction of the Tipnis natural reserve, were banned from inspecting and ptotecting mother Nature, even though evoPinochet had laid the foundation of the committee for the rights of Mother Nature  but had done so, just to make fame for himself, because in practice the alleged champion for Mother Earth is a confidence man. This Evopinochet is nothing but a noisey, ranting, do-nothing and his words do not match his malicious actions, especially the constitucion, which he willingly and wantonly violates incesantly and much of Bolivia is becoming a dry desert due to his disastrous government policies such as fracking, mixing of herbicides, transgenics etc.  Surely, this evoPinochet is condemning us to perish, we, the very people who elected him, the very people who in 2016, defeated the dictator in the referendum 21F. Now, as the worst  enemy  of Bolivians, this EvoPinochet continues to manipulate and fabricate the appearance of a legal re-eleccion but violates human rigjts and the Constitution while he silences his critics.  He is deceiving many good peasants, with bono Juancito Pinto and a second bonus,  and though he is not done so in 13 years, suddenly he demagogically talks of universal health insurance, free  treatment against cancer and delivery of  token works under  his pork barrel program, "Bolivia cambia, evo cumple". All of these "ideas" are just more lies to get re-elected perpetually.
Who is this boogey man/messiah who calls himsel "the people", and ignores his own narcissism, this Evilevo who always gets what he wants? He is lord of cocaine traffic who, contrary to the falling stars of Maduro, el Chapo Guzman and Arce Gomez, Evo's star is still high and while Maduro pleads "no more economic war please", and el Chapo Guzman wakes up with chills facing life inprisoent in USA, and Arce Gomez shivers in the cold  maximun security prison of Chonchocoro, evoPinochet has learned from the errors of Noriega  who having challenged his secret employer,  died in prison. This evoPinochet has stashed away secret documents as leverage, documentshe believes will embarrass his employer.  Through the back channels Evopinochet has been managing to convey to them, "if I go down, I am not going alone. But hear me well, I've spoken and have acted acording to the scripts you gave  me and I have materialized your fracking, transgenic products, herbicidas, hidro-electric dams, fires and deforestations, mining and so on. This entitles me to get your ear. Do your part for our common interest and do not desert me.  Support me to get reelected and when i am, you must keep recognizing my goverment and keep doing  business as usual, ignore my anti-imperialist speeches. Because you know how much I love your country."
      This is evidence that Evopinochet is far from falling in disgrace and is materializing slowly but surely, his reeleccion plan.
    To these great evils, we must endure great sacrifices and expect great remedies.
 Go to the streets to sacrifice, to liberate, to save our patria from the tyranny and genocide of our people by the Evopinochet, the destruction of our Mother
Earth that feeds and gives us life. Sacrifice
In the streets fighting to defend ourselves from the evil forces of Autoritarian fascist evoPinochewith an  indefinite strike, with blood,
sweat and tears, next to
Marcial Fabricano, Fernando Vargas and all our brothers and sisters that are in the streets.
    Fight on our side with the courage and determination of our commander Juana Azurduy de Padilla. We must stay until we die in the battle field of our streets. This is now our hope to survive and prevail over evil evoPinochet.
     I'm old, I've seen this before you need to be stocking enough food water & supplies, for the long battle ahead.
And are you Bolivians ready to be true to yourself so we can deliver our country from oppresion?

DM (c) d reserv. 18/11/18

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