Bolivian Jewish Women Active in Protest Dictatorship

Finally Bolivian women have had it with genocide, corruption & the antisemite dictator EvoPinochet & his antisemite  butcher Garcia Linera. Among the protest's grassroot organizers are second generation bolivian-jewish women who are tired of the drunken,  racist, lynching, antisemite hate speech of a cobarde  maleante fake-indigenous dictator.
These supposed  civil servants, gay, greedy anti-women, are too busy laundering billions of tax dollars with white elephant "public works" that are useless. In power for 13 years, they have cared nothing for the people they've trapped in poverty but have been destroying the geopolitical country embedded in the very heart of the rainforest of south America. On the dictator's watch "feminicide" (the murder of women) has increased to epidemic proportions, followed closely by infantocides and podofilia. Which have skyrocheted in this nation with the richest natural resources and lowest population density of the south american continent.
    That is why the mature daugters of the lineage of Deborah, have joined the rebel  leadership of Bolivian women.
Women are the moral fiber of the Bolivian people.  Like the original Bolivian woman comander, Juana Azurduay,  they struggle and fight for women & children's rights, for Mother Earth, for the 21F democracy and  in solid opposition to the perpetual dictatorship of fake socialism, evopinochet, who has unaccounted for the $400 billion facade of  2500  synthetic sport courts,  stadiums  & empty  airports and unsafe "new medical clinics", which this Government takes credit for building.
   Three of the important Bolivian Jewish grassroot organizers , S. Barbery, MC Soto, & Xiomara  Klinsky , who are active both on social media, and active organizing,have been bringing to the streets numerous  crowds of  chanting rebel women. Their well organized protests and publications worry the human-rights violating Government that claims the alleged legal "right" to run for reeleccion a 4th time, violating Bolivia's constitution and degrading the will of the people of Bolivia who voted "No Reelection" on 21 February 2016 (21F).
These strongest of Bolivian women protest the dictator moraless' unconstitucional and fake "human-rights" claim to stay in the 43 million dollars luxery "Evo's Palace".  We call him evopinochet because he persecutes  judicially-innocent disidents, murders protesters and opposition leaders, and protects criminals, rapists and corrupt elite members of his own political party.
    I ask you, how can Evil-Evo party in luxery in his palace while some bolivian people starve, while feminicide is skytocketing & while countless  women and children are dying in droves with cancer because of his petroluem polution & GMO foods he has introduced.
   Bolivia's evopinochet has repeatedly promised but refused to materialize a universal health insurance. He has repeatedly promised but failed to build hospitals equiped with linear accelerators & anti-cancer medications/equipments.  But now that it is election time, he comes again lying to our people alleging that this time he will build the hospitals and give the healthcare for free.   The lying dictator just does this to avoid being unseated. Evopinochet knows that if he loses power he will be tried and convicted for his human-rights violations. This evil-evo-dictator cries only for his own rights, calling running for reelection a human right.
The crazy dictator evopinochet says the people of bolivia are violating  evil-evo's human right's. "How?" you may ask. W ell, by voting "no", by voting "no you can't violate the constitution", "no you cant run for reelection". So with his racist anti-semitic drunken speeches he & Alvaro threaten to wipe us out with his crack troops.
But the Bolivian people, led by some very strong Jewish women, are not going to stand for this and are raising our voices to say "Bolivia says NO" "Bolivia Dijo NO!"
  We will not behave as his owned servile peasants. We demand the dictator respect our constitucion art 168 and respect our vote on 21F, a vote the  racist, lynching, hate-speech dictators, refuse to submit to.       The law & the constitucion is for everyone, so we demand  the (TES) Supreme Electoral Tribunal, declare evo/alvarounqualifiedfor a 4th reeleccion!" Dressed on black with red handkercheives on, these strong jewish leaders of "Kuna Mbarete/ strong women" protest, in a sea of women, with green, yellow, blue and of course red handkerchiefs, the red, symbolizes the blood, sweat and tears of the generations.
Evo's partner, Alvaro, an unrepentant terrorist &  hopeless opposition candidate, who doesn't care to stop the skyrocketing feminicides nor care to stop the desertification of the Bolivian Amazon, deforestation of the amazonian rain forest, the starvation cleansing 30% of the population. Narcisistically & deceitfully the Evil-evo/alvaro are courting women to vote them back into the presidency.
    The pair paint themselves as saviors of women and allegedly prove it by promising to put women in government positions, should evopinochet win reelection. In fact  the dictator's friend F. Patzi attempted to recruit the beauty and brains, Xiomara Klinsky of G-21, a young millenial generation new party leader, but true to her jewish women's values, Xiomara heeded our advice, telling Patzi "Thanks, but no thanks". 'We are fighting for 21F democracy, which is the most important value we cherish and fight for and until the people defeat the dictatorship's goal of perpetuacion of power, I can't think of  being an accomplice in your government".
 Our brave fighter-sister stood her ground as the legendary Jewish leader, Deborah. These brave women join a  long line of other leading women, such as Reque T.,  Analyn Suarez,  Amalia Pando, and this global blogger Domi, originaria and Jewish. 
  We've got an uphill slippery Illimani peak to climb to unseat this anti-semite dictatorship, the 6th  8/12/18 are arriving & Doc Felipe  Campos, the longest innocent, unjustly exiled for 12 years, has foreseen the TSE is going to unconstitutionally habilitate these dictators. We Bolivians must store food supplies & water and prepate, not for a meaningless 24 hrs of blocking streets, but for 77 days- indefinite  national strike,  or a burning  of the votes to avoid evoPinochet from being reelected thru fraud to indefite dictatorship.
  We can never allow this evopinochet to implement his own plan condor, hearding us into his poorly built stadiums which were built with the intent of hearding us into a new genocide.
    Like the other pinochet who put those opposed into the stadiums and tortured and exterminated his people, and just as our  innocent Jewish ancestors were herded onto trains and unjustly  genocided evoPinochet & terrorist  butcher GL, son of a dutch nazi, will not spare us. In fact they have been dehumanizing us for being jewish,  calling us bolivia's "decadent middle class".  I even was singled out and received a torn cardboard package with  missing contents  but a yellow star   of David drawn inside with red ink smeared on it.  Nevertheless I will stand with my sisters for the battle ahead because Bolivia Sai d NO.
Domi M (c) d. Reser 26/11/18

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