Climactic Change and Negligence

Climatic Change & Negligence

In California, fire is everywhere, accompanied by pain and worrying.
There's Fire in Paradise, fire in San Diego, Santa
Monica, Calabazas, Moorpark and on and on.
Climate change brings drought, dries the vegetation, soil and trees and the negligence of ignoring climate change increases the potential for disaster a thousand-fold.
The owner of a north Cal property was told electric wires crossing her land were giving off sparks, so who is more negligent, the owner who was late to provide access, or or the electric company, who failed to maintain their infrastructure. Just thinking about these conudrums causes us frustration, anger, loss and emotional pain.
We may feel the need to request prosecucion against that owner, whose act reeks with criminal negligence, or a civil class action against the utility company who, in the face of excessive wind and imminent threat of fire danger, failed to cut off power or failed to enter the property and replace the faulty sparking wires.
But really, nothing can give back life to those who perished needlessly. Nor can the thousands of homes and an entire town (Paradise) be rebuilt culturally or financially.
Smoke and flames surround us and seep through our masks. The incessant newreal repeat, repeat, repeating has the kids stressed, afraid and weary with the ordeal.
How can anyone believe there is no climate change. That insistant disbelief may be the worst kind of negligence causing the richest state in the world to go broke, to turn from oasis to desert. But the fact is, wether you believe in global warming or bury your head in the sand, we all bleed the same red blood, we all suffer the same pain of loss. And if we dont stop carbon dioxide pouring into our atmosphere and if we persist in our greed, we will lose our only chance to spare our mother earth and what remains of our lives.
We will miss the chance to leave any more inheritance to our children than the desert currently growing across the southwest U.S.
It is no different for the CEO of a multinational corporation, than for the poorest begger in the streets. Once the earth is damaged too far, there will be dousing the fire of global warming science.

DM (c) d Reserv 13/11/18

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