Climate Change Burns Californians

Climate change winds, short sightedness and unpredictable factors caused more wild-fires in southern California with Pt Mugu, Malibu, Thousand Oaks and Calabasas burning, and news of tragic loss of life.
Climate change deniers have their own eufemisms but undoubtedly the "greatest nation in the world" has been short-sighted in preparing for or preventing wild-fire tragedies. In my home I forbid smoking, barbeques, candles and such all of which create the conditions for fire tragedy, particularly those whose ashes may fall or blow on dry debris easily sparking fires, more so in windy conditions, and there are unknown factors that can enable the spread of fires, creating the "wild fire" designation.

Aside from not having allocated financial support and military manpower to scout areas and remove dry vegetation, the governments (both local and national) seem oblivious to the red flag warnings about wind and low humidity until the flames threaten us from all sides.
But perhaps we are over-extending ourselves out to the globe, taking care of other countries rather than ourselves. Where half a million men in uniform could have cleaned the dry vegetation after the red-flag so we wouldn't have these tragic lost lives it all reeks of hindsight.
Then too, there are our corporations. They could have passed the corporate hat to finance a portion of the firefighting and protection against potential fires to pay back in-kind the enormous bailouts they garnered during the presidencies of Mr's Bush and Obama.
So again, southern Californians are pending on news reports, trying to locate people we know that were affected by the fire. Most of us have our masks, & hoses at the ready to protect ourselves so we survive.
When leaders refuse to see the reality of climate change, we may lament the losses and unnecessary tragedy of death, but better we should act expediently. We must become active in our communities to better prevent, prepare and survive or at least offer our homes to people in need to rest for the time being in our communities. Who knows when a huge fire will strike here again? It could be us evacuated and needing a hand till we can rise up from the ashes around our feet.
DM (c) d.Reserv 11/11/18

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