Fooling you into your coffin

It's a fact. Bolivian authoritarian-fascist dictator, EvoPinochet Without Morals,   negligent  and incompetent immigration policies  have bears znd significabt increase of crimiality  by his inmigrant guests: Chinese Mexicans, Colombians,
Peruvians,Brasilians, chileans  Argentines and Haitians .
The dictator is missed his chance of creatig a tourist mecca and industry that  could have generates economici growth equal or greater than its oil  revenue. The dictator has pushed a fake socialism and has a n obessive and compulsive antiimperialist rethoric but his economic Neoliberalism for 13 years, it:s just a cover for his civil contractor work for a foreign employer. His Neoliberal economic policies have sacrificed human rights, democracy and his  "socialist revolution" which he and Alvaro  and him have switched to a plane  "cultural revoluction" Which is simply a brainwashing to instill the peasants  to sccept "a change of mind". A complete cheating policy!  He is mismaged 400 billion dolars and has a facade of stadiums, sinthetic sport fields and white elephant factories, he continues to materialixe fracking, transgenic flora and fauna. Deadly toxic mix of herbicides and agrotoxic fertilizers, plastics, subsidies to gasoline, diesel and etanol, burns and deforestations, damns and hidroelectric plants. And in exchange of votes, he is letting latifundistas rip ilegally and throughcorrupcion state   lands for agrobussiness and transgennic s but has a zero chance to compete  with Brasil or the USA in exporting soy, etc and his 51% GDP services is a heavy burden  and alonog with  consumerism has depleted 30 % of hard earned reserves, yet morales hides to his people oil export is gone dowb 40% and his market for natural gas is sevetely decrease and calls oall signing of memorandums of understanding as signed export deals. Oil reserves going away in 10 years at the most and  his expectations on fracking had an overstated gas production increase. With frackig and transgenic agrobusiness comes the fast  desertification of bolivia's rain forrest and soil depletion, 
starvation and water scarcity. And as the bolivian evironment becomes severely toxic with 190 ppm of  air polution, cancer  very sigbificantly increases, specially  lung cancer, making it hard to hide and people, specially  the predominant originario and  idigeus popuation that is the dictator's backbone of political support,    unable to cope with urban migration  desilusioment wo'nt only abandon him but pushed by starvation, lack o f drinking water, uneployment, high double digit inflation, tired of the hardship of living under card board shanty houses, will  their lakes and rivers dry and killed by Morales-GL privately owed stock int hidroelectric plants who stole state water for de cades forr ENDE, MISICUNI  ROSITAS, CHEPETE and BALA  will cause the grounds for toppling them  will be high and what will  it be of evo the dictator who can choose in between fleeing  with the booty he stole,  or if he fails to flee his end may not be that of a prisoner but  another Ceaussescu facing  trial by summary judgment or community justice  for he is alienated millions!
DM (c) Reserv 23/11/18

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