About this time of the year two things took place. The first was Krystal nacht and the second was that the military industrial complex that continues its excessive growth. On Nov 9th & 10th the SAH, the SS & the hitlerian-youth systematically arsoned our Temples and shops, and persecuted and killed citizens who refused to accept war as a way of life. It started with those, singled out for being what we are in prewar Germany.
With the same tactics the antisemite, EvosonofSatan singles us out for no other reason than our being jewish.
Hijodesatan would later genocide and holocaust innocent children and their makers and right now in Bolivia antisemiteEvosonofSatan wants to genocide jewish citizens in bolivia after dehumanizing and humiliating us, sneeringly calling us his "decadent middle-class jews".
Brethren, arise and stop Evothesonofsatan. Shout out to him that never again, means Never Again!
The military industrial complex that grew from that old shoah on, has never stopped growing and has a special separate billonaire-made annual budget that leaves our citizens and children lining up at the soup kitchens for a meager meal. The wealthy fail, without common sense, wasteful in their environmental destruction. We need those resouces for we citizens and if the 1% elite wants to play war, they should pass the corporate hat and do it with their own corporate money and not with our national budget. Now the earth is tired, intoxicated and overproduced. Mother earth is slowly dying as a result of its poisoned soil and water. Our Air and oceans are being intoxicated with carbon-dioxide, Fracking, Transgenics, Plastics, and Ethynol and we have no other earths to flee to from our dying planet. Either we give up the madness of hoarding and decrease our GDP, loving frugality after controlling the population growth of rich and poor alike. Otherwise, we hoarderers and starving senior citizens will all go extinct.
DM(c) d. Resv, 10 11 18

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