Our Lives are Valueless

Our lives are valueless

Canine my husband and Paws my brother were the last defenders that sped to contain the serial assasins of my kind. I with my twins run while they fought and barely remembered paws fell shot and Canine wouded while containing them, charged just as someone shot my direction and I felt something burning my ear and along with my twins turn and another shot threw him down and with knives aproached my fallen husband, just as I led my twins away and the next days I waited but fallen paws nor my husband never came and I continue moving through shallow water to  avoid being followed by the colluding serial assasins. Days after I heard from someone, they had seen my brother depawed and my husband decanined his four canines and both had been while agonizing, torn out of their skins. What a painful way to kill and finish them off. It was cruel and sadistic, a shockimg crime that violates human rights. It is tragic to see your breed being sistematically exterminated and lose your brother and your husband. Who would protect us now when i am left with my young growing twins?
We kept surviving though hunting small mice for our habitat has been reduced to  isolated parcels of land, food is scarce and even water, run to max Tecolote, Mary the tweeter and Dan the moving sand  deer, and after they ate, the first died, the second was ill and the third shot and skined while it bled and I led my twins away.
One day I heard from a birdie, they had arrested a chinese couple with close to four hundred jaguars' teeth, tens of puma's teeth, deer antlers, taxadermied birds, rattlesnake skins and countless elephant  handcarved jewelry
and necklaces with jaguar canine teeth to shine wealth and even ground up aphrodisiacs. What gives you the right to skin us and hang us out. Those brutes said in their trial they killed us because it is love  humans love to kill. For long times the trials were delayed because the chinese government loans evo the genocider loans and  there counteless delays and lack of strong penal code laws to specifically punish serial assasins, is a threat to us, but the bipeds seem to love money selling our body parts and took hundreds of assasined jaguars, pumas and wild birds and animals as valuelless, for in the end instead of giving them 6 years for each assasinated jaguar  they slapped them on the wrist and gave them the pathetic sentence of 4 and 3 months, which is not even for one jaguar killing which is 6 years and for hundreds  barely sentenced them 4 and 3 years. Give me a break. How would each chinese mother feel if we jaguars killed hundreds of chinese families and we get 4  and 3 years sentence? Wouldn't they scream for the injustice.
With poisoned mice, poisoned water and reduced and disappearing habitat, where are we supposed to live, when the soy and sugar cane farmers and cancer red meat causing cattle, the murderers steal our habitat and leave us no corridors for us to move and live on ever reduced habitat and then you biped-humans hunt us for fancy jewelry, skin us and sell our body parts and skins, how can you call yourselves human and yet you're cruelly extinguishing us. What am I suppose to do when you,  the greedy businessmen look at me and my twins to serially assasinate and sell us out for jewelry. My kind is being extinguished and the next it is you humans being exterminated by others because of you kind. Why can't you coexist and let us live as you live so we can all survive?
DM (c) d Reserv 14/11/18

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