Quick-Sand Elections

After brushing aside the turtle with the LOP, the electoral race between the fox and the rabbits, in which  the  Bolivian  Supreme Electoral Tribunal/TSE will officially publish the list of approved binomial presidencial candidates  on Dec. 8, 2018 for an unprecedented primary election on 1/27/19.
The opposition rabbits have not enrolled as a single  united alliance to defeat the strong predator, who happens to control all the powers of the State, and the opposition head is Carlos Mesa who has allied himself with Revilla's party in a partial aliance decorated in Facebook , with few social media groups. The rest of the rabbit parties are running their own  binomial candidates.
To insure not being eliminated from elections, the Fox party is implicitly colluding with TES. But the electoral tribunal, to cover its collusion has written to the People's defender to create the appearance of being intimidated by the opposition. The peoples defender, is giving the appearance that TES is
endangeredand pressured by the opposition who, on Dec. 7, 2018 will be on a vigil to remind the TES, to ban the fox-Morales-GL, because art 168 & the Referendum 21F, forbid the fox's third reeleccion. Foxevo is therefore violating the Constitution. So now the defender is also warned to abstain from being on vigil before TES headquarters because he has asked the government to enact his mechanism of using force to wipe out the opposition. In other words, to prevent those against foxevo from being on vigil the day before  the publication of appoved binomial candidates.
There is no doubt the reason to ban the opposition from exercising their  constitutional rights to assemble and to express their freedom of speech, is exactly because TES doesn't want protests. Because they back Morales they decided  to allow the fox-Morales to run, based on the TCP's catch22 judicial decision that the dictator-fox can be president indefinitely, thereby alleging it's Evo's human right for reeleccion.
Allowing the colluders to impose their fox to run on his 3d reeleccion, though an appearance of  legality is not constitutional but TES might make it "officially" right and fox-Evo will run and win the primary election.
What can the divided opposition rabbits do, to prevent and/or stop TES and the fox before their collusion succeeds?
Get off the election quick-sand and stop the foxy Goverment from consumating the fixed winning race by going into the streets for an indefinite National Strike till the foxy dictator resigns. And/ they can burn their ballots so that no mandate can stand. To the streets!
DM (c) d. Reserv 11/29/18

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