The Anti-semites, today call for Death and Beatings of Jewish Activist Women

     An act of Non-violent Protest through civil disobedience, for the unpunished murders of many women in Bolivia, got a Bolivian Jewish woman singled out for arrest. The police arrived en-mas and inflicted excessive force as ordered by the commander of the elite riot police. That leader, captain Napoleon E.C. knocked Maria Galindo to the ground. While she lay face-down, he twisted her arms behind her back. He remained seated on her with face to the asphalt. While she was cuffed and non-resisistant the vicious commander violently seized her by her hair yanking her upwards, and throughout Ms Galindo never cried or cowered.
When media cameras came around the corner to investigate why so many police had arrived Maria didn't cry and when somone called her name, she turned her head, and voiced this was an act of civil disobedience questioning the blood on the government's hands by their failure to prosecute violators of the law against murdering women and children. Asking why the govt has failed to provide a well-funded specialized resource office or assign an investigator to prosecute the machoist men who murder their wives, lovers or dates and remain immune from prosecution. This is especially true for soldiers, police and other govt workers, including an Assembly member. "it costs over $10,000 to the victims families to bring expert witnesses for each case and because the families can't afford it, and the govt wont pay it, 95% of the murderers go free. Bolivian law #348 is a law without teeth and this govt has failed to give victims justice".
"The present machista govt has made women a mockery. It's a failed system. Talking about forming a ministerial task-force and appointing a defender's office for the victims of murders is a mockery's all just empty words without a budget..." Maria, even as she was being shoved by the police, stood her ground and continued to indict those abusive police, and the immunity for violence-against-women by some ministers and assembly men.
Maria also questioned and shattered the president's image and reeleccion campaign, he's a masogonist, whose discourse & promises to protect women are demagogic...he has made women a campaign ploy..made women an Electoral device. While these shocking truths become public knowledge, undoubtly the dictator who wears a "democratic" facade, won't want to be in a damaging struggle with the leader of "women", so, after the media had witness and broadcast the violence and pain being inflicted against Maria Galindo, the evilevo ordered her release along three others.
Their arrest was for having splashed paint on the palace's wall, symbolizing the blood os women killed on evo's watch. After the media broadcasted the arrest video, showing the abuse of violent force against Maria Galindo, Maria offered to wash the red tempura paint stains off Evo's palace wall. "I will wash the red paint that symbolizes the victims blood spilled by evo's friends with my own hands, but the women victims murders can never be erased".
The public also viewed the machista comander's misdeeds of too-tight handcuffs, swelling her hands and leaving deep bruises on her wrists on her wrists.
After our Bolivian Jewish leader was released, antiwomen hate speech and anti-semite threats of violence and implied death were posted on Facebook against Galindo. These anti-semites implied deadly threats posted by a man who is working at Facebook Bolivia and as a cyber-warrior for Evo. He is one who has made a career in social media and uses multiple fake identitys. like "Kumkurah", Rawue", etc. and currently uses another identity, Hermogenes Novose Aguilar. Just like in the shoah, with the brown shirts and the deadly threats Hermogenes reminds us, with his antisemitic deadly threats, of the murderous nazis writing on facebook. "Maria should be flogged and stomped like in nazi Germany". This is the chilling effect of the racial injustice & vengence of the current government. It is reminiscent of his vicepresident's racial hatred against jews of the Bolivian middle class. Garcia Linera, in speeches refers to Jewish culture and people as the "decadent middle class". GL has dehumanized us, and manipulating the masses of peasants, he has said: " we come from the fight...we will defeat them". He also maliciosly accuses us, saying "these racists hate our evo, they can't accept him for being a president". But that is no fact, it is clearly untrue, for we have accepted evo as president since 2006 through the present. But evo and Alvaro want to violate CPE's art 168 and referendum 21F, which limits him to a 10 year minimin, which they have already exceeded.  According to the council of Benizia, artical 23 is not a human right, evo doesn't have the right to run for re election indefinately, so there is the impending interpretation coming from the court of human rights of the OAS that may prevent evo's unconstitutional reelection asbeing disruptive of the process of democracy in the member states, which is obligatory and compulsory.   Evo now wants to twist our arms so as to remain president indefinitelly and since he is disrupting the democratic process and violating the constitution, we cant move forward, he must be stopped. "We cannot have him indefinitely."
Bolivians are deeply concerned about this government's acts against journalists, and Maria being a columnist and Jewish is being implicitedly threatened. She and I both fear this evoantisemitism may engulf  and wipe-out we bolivian Jews and all unjust victims of this national socialist government in bolivia.
In fact, evo's own national commander of the police is in charge of a government monitoring, spying-on & surveillancing of bolivian citizens in order to persecute us. We demand guarantees for journalists and Jewish people in Bolivia and the opposition persons, to avoid an unjust shoah and holocaust! The world needs to see the unjust brutality against Maria Gallindo as the beginning of another attack on Jewish women attempting to genocide us.
Domi M (c) d. reserv 29/11/18
To see videos of Maria Gallindo's arrest go to the facebook page of Ellie Campo and look for Domi's post.

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