Rebuilding after fire and ash

 "We will rebuild out of the ashes"
The tragic fires that have been sweeping different cities of Caiforinia. Have taken the toll of close to 90 fire victims and  almost two thousand disappeared people.  The worst experience is to find out some of the fires have been deliberately set by criminal acts. How could these criminals do such horrific actions to unsuspecting fellow human beings? It beats me. It also causes me frustration, and thought provoking emotional pain.
The most devastation occured in Paradise and Malibu both of which until a few days ago were thriving when they got suddenly engulfed in fire causing people to flee.
Today, Paradise is nothing more than a few charred embers. It is all desolation and ashes. Malibu is greatly affected with close to two thousand homes burned.
Paradise residents in northern California, had fire insursnce and its residents, have vowed they will rebuild out of the ashes and make Paradise what it used to be and even greater than before.
Undoubtedly they will accomplish this. Some though, were not home owners but were laborers who are stll looking for the american dream. Renters who lost all and for whom the fire insurance money was given the house owners. No monies will reach them and it gets worse. They lost it all, even personal documents and the like. I just Spoke to a Bolivian American single father, who sees the american dream moving further and farther into the distance, and who is moving towards Santa Barbara looking for a way to rebuild his life. "What bad have I ever done to be unjustly arsoned and left me like a homeless bird now and have to start all over again. I emigrated decades ago. We must put on trial and sentence the criminals who set us afire and stole whatever they could find while we were evacuated, fending for our lives. I saw, Throw the key away and dont you ever let them out of prison".

My school friend from Malibu among thousands of Malibu & Santa Monica residents evacuated and who lost their homes, is in the process of filing forms and fire insurance claims. She wants to rebuild the house she purchased with inheritance of her parents which she lost in the fire. No doubt she will rebuild and will try to move on, but the happy smile from our university days is gone and she seems afed as a senior citizen prematurely grey and that great soprano voice that earned her popularity in her sorority years at school is gone.
Tragedies and nightmare experiences transform us and yet we have to move on with life and still try to make the most of it and hope for the best. Nothing guarantees us an idyllic existance. We simply have to learn from our adversity to build on friendships and not a turn into traumatized PTSD monkeys that we carry on our backs.
Fellow Californians hang in there, we are all with you so lets keep that chin up, there has to be a morning after, where we can thrive in a newly built paradise.
DM (c) d. Reserv 21/11/12

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