You men have battered us...

You battered us and want our vote? Not a chance!

Your sister Karen D suffered an unjust assault and battery by her significant other, house member Cabrera, but evilEvo and Alvaro the Butcher, who control all the powers of the State of Bolivia, protected him by ordering a 30 day leave. Then Karen suffered more intimidation through 3rd parties and without women's support, the MAS party broke her down and she relented to file a victim battery charge.
It's the usual batterer pattern to get away with battery and/or feminicide.
The corrupt and high crime disgovernment of EvilEvo has the best record of all the previous bolivian governments, with the highest infanticides and feminicides and cancer causation through its policies of fracking, transgenic flora & fauna, mix of forbidden deathly herbicides by Monsanto/Bayer, subsidized transgenic ethanol. Burning and deforestation and unconstitucional give away of lands at the cost of indigenous genocide and permanent extermination of biodiversity for corporate cow grazing farms, poultry, pig farms and monoculture agrobusinesseses, dams and hidroelectric water corporate thieves who modeled themselves after Bechtel and mining businesses of chinese, colombian 90% temporary corporations, who thanks to evilevo's proteccion, get away with their environmental crimes.
Its about eleccion time, evilevo & evilMesa, you battered us and want our vote? Not a chance. We have Rebeca Delgado- Edurado Maldonado as our candidate in postevism elections!
DM (c) reserv 02/11/18

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