Civil Disobedience with no end in sight

Civil Disobedience no end in sight!

According to dictator Evo Morales and his accomplices the EU and the OAS, all Bolivian laws only apply to the 3 millon opposition voters of Bolivia and not to the dictator and his one million party voters.
This Defacto inmunity from prosecution and impunity for crimes comitted is also true inside Bolivia, where Morales controls all the powers of the state and has fabricated the appearance of legality by bending the constitucion and the laws to habilitate his binomial candidacy in the primaries and the October '19 presi-dential elections.
Morales' coluding internal-power institutions over-ruled the current Bolivian constitution and the 2009 and 2016 Referendums that barred him from reelection. The TCP and the TSE overruled art.168 and 2 referendums. They can't hide the dictator's human rights violations but he'll be reelected based on his bias application of the OAS's Art 23 (of the pact of San Jose), ignoring over 12 millions citizen's constitucional and human rights. The TSE has sided with the dictator by rushing to deny multiple impugnation hearings against Morales-GL, thus not only confirming that the electoral empire is in the money pocket of the dictator, but insuring its' colusion partner and master has the road cleared to be president for life, using the primary and presidential elections with its impure official roster of voters and MAS party membership, refusing to listen, election authorities have not purged the it, hence its political machine is ready to materialize the dictator's victory at both elections.
We women, who comproise the biggest voting block, were excluded from candidacy by TSE to favor the 2 century old patriarchal monopoly-hold. We stand to gain no power but have plenty to lose, including the increase of feminicide, sexual rapes and violence against women, should the sexual-harrasser-in-chief, unconstitucionally perpetuate himself to indefinite power.
Morales is also genociding Jewish Bolivians and politically motivating antisemitic judicial trials against our jewish leaders such as Maria Galindo, the leaders of Kuna Mbarete, and the state civic leadership which have been opposing the dictator with civil disobedience on the streets of Bolivia.
Morales os empowered by his accomplices, the OAS secretary Gral Almagro and Facebook and especially the EU, which, instead of honoring the Venice council's advisory ruling against Morales, have betrayed it and have endorsed the bias and abuse of TES by directing the abused people of Bolivia to stop speaking out and conform to the decisions of TES. They order this under the excuse that its' to preserve TSE's independence, which currently doesnt exist but favors the dictator and his imminent unjust perpetuation of power. This has led to the exodus of Bolivian refugees to the EU, an exodus which nationalist europeans hate to happen on their shores!
Why are they supporting the dictator? Billons of dollars are at stake for them, from natural resources like Litium, cobalt, indio, uranium, gold, etc. to the Morales-GL former "contractors" who blindly follow their economic interests and policies. Who really cares what happens to Bolivian indigenous or the middle class Jews?
3 million Bolivians are fighting in the streets, in the universities, on television & on-line to deter the dictator, but he is not working alone. Morales has powerful accomplices plus the CIA, Chinese, Russians, Iranians...
It's a divided opposition with no USA support & no powerful allies, it has become an unfair fight of David against the Goliath Morales and his powerful friends.
We've seen isolated 24 hr off-again/on-again civil disobedience acts, halting Bolivia briefly. But the disorganized opposition has wasted 2 years & 9 months uselessly posting facebook memes rather than buildint a consistent and efficient strategy to get the dictator off the backs of the people. These few little isolated incidents of paralizing goverment and business is not going to stop the dictator or topple him with isolated acts like hunger strikes.
Worst is the disunion of the all-too-many candidates, who refuse to work together, refuse a random casting-of-lots to select a president and VP united front ticket to run as opposition candidate to rid the country of the racist antisemite dictator. Caciques/caudillos Mesa, Ortiz, Cardenas, Paz, Patzi, Revilla, DMedina are such cowards so useless that the won't go out to lead the fight in the streets. How will any of them bear the stressful job of president when they can't even lead a protest group or join the hunger strikers?
To the 3 million citizens pasively opposing the dictator. The only way you can defeat him is to cancel the primaries. This can happen with an indefinite Nationwide civil disobedience - everybody in the streets and standing your ground till the dictator resigns like Goni.
It took almost 50 days took to defeat Morales' draconian penal code, and another long paralization/halt defeated the dictator raising the gasoline price. So surely to get him to resign, we must be willing to participate in an indefinite civil disobedience and stand our ground till he flees like Sanchez. We must just fill the plazas and sit without any other thought, as we did to rid ourselves of Bectel.
This is 21st century Bolivia, and this Bolivia said NO.
DM(c)Reserv 15/12/18

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