Open letter to Chancellor Merkel & President Trump 1/23/19

      23E 2019, del escritorio de Domi Mamani.
Companeros, finalmente lo q les prometi, aca, copia de carta q me envio nuestro asesor y consejero del Movimiento social Mama Ocllo, Dr Felipe Campos, en ingles, the idioma universal
DM(c)Rserv 23/01/19:

Open letter to Merkel& Presid DTrump01/21/19
In Re: Ambassadors to Guaido
Dear Chancellor Merkel & President Trump:
I don't know if your advisors are informing you competently and realistically but to me a simple brinksman, seems they have you living inside an air buble of desinformation and deficient informacion, on regards to Bolivia Venezuela and Nicaragua. I am a former advisor along Sergio Ramirez for the defeat of D Ortega with our formula UNO by Violeta Chamorro that defeated Ortega. It's not enough to simply stop at suspending the membership of Ortega's dictatorial regime.

Please, officially consider financing and/or materializing a regime change in order to avoid a civil war, which can spillover neighboring Central american and Caribbean nations and countless millions line up in USA's border and thousands in Europe, seeking refugee or asylum escape.
On regards to Guaido, its not enough to recognize symbolically Guaido as interim president, for he and his followers can get slaughter as animales by heartless Maduro loyalists and because humans emotions change and with a change of heart you may derank him as we saw the UE ambassador was deranked/demoted to a simple charge Daffairs or observer-ambassador and it would really hurt antidictator venezuelans and Guaido to suffer a demotion or forgetfulness.

Please recognize ofgicially Guaido as the legitimate interim president and exchange ambassadors with him and support him by everyway possible, so that when next wednesday Jan 23rd the people of venezuela go out to the streets, incertainty and potencial mass death surrounds them, Guaido and his millons of followers do not get slaughtered but support them with Venezuelan troops if possible but OEA member states and specially the Lima 16 group's troops at least make massive military movements at the borders and shores of Venezuela, to deter Maduro from slaughtering venezuelans on the streets and to cause Maduro negotiations and agreements for new elections within a year. Please do not hesitate to make a decision for new elections or for Guaido to remain president, the time it needs to make a sucessful transition with clean, fair, an transparent elections and not the pseudo democratic elections Maduro and Morales are doing.
I write the Bolivian situacion specifically:
Morales and Garcia L, two CIA contractors, in 13 years have established a D'facto regime which has buried the separation of powers, buried democracy, substituted plural partisanship with a MAS, Comunidad de Ciudadanos, the Democrat party and pulverized raggety parties. The working class has been destroyed and both dictators have created paralell institucions replacing the true ones and centralizing them in a servil Conalcam. All the powers of the state colude under the Morales-GL fascist executive authority. Like Hitler, Morales has demanded and gotten loyalty oaths to him and not to the constitucion or Bolivia. With the military and the militarized police being partisan loyal to the dictator. Agravated with an unconstituciknal ruling 00084/2017 by its coluding partner TCP and the TSE which have unconstitucionaly ruled without legitimate authority and above the constitucion, sentencing Morales-GL's reeleccion habilitacion indefintivelly, based on a faulty, invalid and voided asumption that OEA' charter art 23 of the pact of San Jose gives them the human right to indefinite reeleccions to the presidency, even in the absence of a ruling of the OEA, in the bolivian case and after they pursposefuly evaded asking an advisory to the OEA and its CIDH whether or not, ad the owner of the charter OEA does recognize as a human right Art 23.

Lately, the TSE has continued colusion with Morales-GL to dec look sre itself incom po etent so to avoid disqualifying both for violating electoral law art 135& 136, which mandate their disqualification, same as Ernesto Suarez, for conducting private presidencial polls, paid with treasury budget money.
summing it up to a pseudo primary elections and a pseudo presidencial election with over a milplion unverified voters and a biased and coluding TSE with Morales-GL.
The danger arises in condoning Morales-Gl's unconstitucional reeleccion by ekectronic voting and with a Data and security directors of the TSE and the TSE biasing the electoral body and the upcoming results of primaries, within thi week. The danger of civil war is here, even if Morales-GL get away with being unconstitucional and fraudulently reelected. The 4 million majority 21F citizens are going to continue opposing Morales on and off again, on the streets and with the first wounded and/or dead, it will set on the civil war of low intensity.

Please act on regard to these countries, specially venezuela, for Bolivia is following its steps and the fall before Guaido, should it occur, it will mark the begining of the end for Morales-GL.
Felipe Campos PhD

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