The Anti-Semite Dictator Perpetuates Fraud at the United Nations

     On February 1, 2019 an horrific fraud will be perpetuated at the U.N. General Assembly when the Bolivian President, Evo Morales, takes the stage to mark the opening of the International Year of Indigenous Languages.
Mr. Morales, known for violating his country's Constitution and for dismissing the norms of democracy by rejecting the majority vote of Bolivia's people, claims to be his countries first "indigenous" president. Yet Morales himself does not speak the indigenous languages of Bolivia.
It has been noted in the Bolivian media in recent weeks that Morales has been rehearsing the Aymara language greetings likely for the pretence of greeting the general assembly in one indigenous language). Morales cannot however answer questions by reporters in Quechua (the primary language group in Bolivia), nor in Aymara or Guarani, or any of the lesser indigenous languages of Bolivia.
Facebook, Twitter and the blog: have been on the cutting edge of challenging Morales' credibility as an indigenous person while he has forsaken Bolivia's indigenous languages and indeed the entire Quechua people who comprise roughly half of the Bolivia population believe he is a fraud.
I strongly encourage any and all media attending the international year of Indigenous languages events at the United Natipns on 1 Feb 2019 to challenge Morales about these points. See also Facebook: "Bolivia dijo No, mi vota se respeta"; "Bolivia dijo No k-rajo"; "Indignados Bolivia", etc for insight into the ideas of the men and women suffering under Morales' dictatorship.

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