To Preserve, Protect & Defend the Constitution

To Preserve protect & defend the constitution!

George Washinghton compare to AHittler & Evo Morales proves through his acts, who cares for his Constitution and people.
In fact Washington led a liberation war and when he swore to the presi dential office, he took the oath to preserve, protect and defend the constitution and he refused to be paid and simply receive a stipend for his work at the highest office for his people. He didn't bend the constitucion to remain lifetime at the presidency but honored his oath to office.

AHittler violated his oath to office and bent the german constitucion and stretched it beyond what the constitucion allowed, and besides causing the dead and injuries to over 50 million people, the antisemite committed Shoah/Crimes against humanity/ genocide/Holocaust of 6 million helpless and inocent jewish people, including children, women and seniors.

Antisemite EvoMorales following AHittler, stretched and bent the constitution to impose his 3rd and now his fourth reeleccion, violating the constitutions art 168, Referendum 2009 and Referendum 2016 through his internal and external actors of State power's collusion accomplices like TCP, TSE and the Legislative Congress, Facebook, and OAS' CIDH who deliberately sat on its butt not to inhabilitate the dictator by J
01/27/19 but too little too late on 02/06/19 calculatingly knowing its too late to inhabilitate its dictator.
Morales& Hittlerr rose to power and unconstitutionally remained in power because external actos of State power financed them and played blind, deaf and mute to the dictators crimes against humanity, antisemitism and comitting impeachable offenses of pedofilia, feminicides, corruption and violating the constitution and violating the oath to office, to preserve, protect and defend the constitution, crimes that qualify Morales to have been sentenced to life in prison and/or firing squat or community justice by the Bolivian people.

As morales continues to be immune and impune because he controls the internal and external actors of State Power, we 21F majority People continuo with peaceful hunger strikes and civil disobedience, despite global goverment actors like Face Book are running a similar Cambridge Analytica squeme to aide Morales reeleccion and despite FB blocking us w/o valid reasons but to impose its handpicked local dictator, who aides and empower the consumatin of Global bigbrother Goverment of corporatist-fascism, under alleged good intentions, good intentions of malice paving the way to hell like AHittler!
They are attacking us with climate change Existential threat. People of the world, voice and act locally with Nationalism, Nationalism, Nationalism and environmentalism, to defend true Democracy and true humanitarian-Capitalism, to survive against agression y this bigbrother Global govermente of the likes of Facebook, who refuse dialogue, compromise and deny us free democracy and substituting your free will, they think and talk and write for you with a pseudodemocracy, pseudofreeSpeach, pseudoconstitution and run you like a submissive and obedient self destructing robot to decrease world population to a mere 1% eltism of only themselves!
Tilla Maronon (c) Reserv 04/01/19

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