Why Shall we not Defend Ourselves Against Fascist AntiSemite Evo Morales

Evo Morales' terrorist, antisemitic persona has been rising since the year 2009 with his on-again off-again, government's pattern of hostility against Bolivian Jews. This follows September 2014 explosives attacks against a La Paz Jewish cemetery, and with two attacks with molotov cocktails against a Jewish Synagogue in the city of Cochabamba (April and July 2014).

Trying to prevent further attacks against the Jewish community, the synagogue's leadership asked president Morales for respect and for guarantees for their safety, lives and hard earned businesses.
These above described attacks came after Morales refused to listen. These attacks were his responsability, because he had incited them with his fierce anti-semitic rethoric and Anti- American rhetoric coupled with overt hostility against the state of Israel and Jewish Bolivians.
There have been officially sanctioned violent attacks against jewish Bolivian journalists and Jewish owned institutions continuing from his first election through today. This is a consistent perilous pattern of attacks the government needs to eliminate. To do so Morales himself must make a u-turn, redeeming himself and eliminating anti-Semitism from his personal rhetoric and government policies. 
    For Bolivia to be free of anti-semitism it is up to Morales to end it from the top down.
Anti-semitism is a tragic and perilous policy for Morales to continue, as he has unjustly labeled Israel as "a terrorist State which sponsors terror against the Palestinians".
     Evo Morales is not content with having broken off diplomatic relations with Israel as far back as 2009. Currently Bolivia has re-ignited its hatred against Israel and its national policy of committing violence ans #anti-semitism against Bolivian Jews.
Bolivia's leadership espouses hatred against the State of Israel for having declared Jerusalem its capital and more recently the U.S. for recognizing Jerusalem as such and announcing the move by the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem.
     Morales labels and calls the state of Israel relations to palestinians, "Genocide, like they (the Jews) suffered by the Germans".
     Such inflamatory rethoric and hatred of the State of Israel is shattering, painful and malicious!
Morales, seeking to attain (unconstitu-tionally) a fourth term in office, has no scruples, retaliating against anyone in Bolivia, especially Jewish Bolivian journalists, Maria Galindo, Raul Penaranda and others, who might disagree with Morales or his devotees who fancy him Bolivia's messiah.
Maria Galindo, exercising her freedom of press and fredom of speech, wrote against 600 feminicides (Bolivia's world for the murder of women). Galindo documented and wrote about the countless rapes and other violence against women, that Morales, the sexual-harasser-in-chief publicly encourages, sadistically declaring
"I love making women cry".
      He didn't pay his child support obligations for 10 offspring he had from different women.
Frustrated and pained by 13 years of growing crimes against women, using washable red paint, Maria Galindo painted the lower wall of the govt's $50 million Palace, for which Evo's police tortured her and applied a forbidden choke-hold as they laid her face down on the concrete street with a knee in her back and pulling up on her hair. Humiliating Galindo and violating her human rights, they inflicted untold pain, to break-down and control petit Maria. But our tenacious Maria Galindo turned the brutality against her torturers by indicting Morales for being a feminicider and falsely portraying himself as a defender of women's rights and lives.
Courageously, Maria unmasked Evo as the violator and assassin with blood on his hands, who attempts to manipulate and use women to support his perpetual dictatorship. "I will wash the red paint on the walls, that paint which symbolizes our sister's blood. I will wash it off with my own hands, but Morales can never wash the red blood of 600 murdered female victims from his hands, his presidential legacy."
     A while later Maria painted the Electoral TSE' floor blue, symbolizing the lack of transparency as today's electoral tribunal (TSE) is Morales' puppet.
Dictator Morales then retalated ordering that Maria be indicted for vandalism.
     The problem for the dictator Evo is, there is no money damage inflicted on either building because Maria, after making her public statement for the Media, washed clean the red paint on the palace walls and the blue from the floor of the TSE.
Raul Penaranda, another jewish journalist, published an article regarding the hiring of foreign cyber-security firms that were not legally registered in Bolivia. Such action constitutes a flagrant violation of Bolivian law by dictator Morales' ENTEL company.
Morales immediately retaliated and ordered ENTEL to have PeƱaranda prosecuted, rather than address his grievance before the National Media's guild as is required by Bolivian media laws.
I ask you, how can you prosecute a journalist, who is patrioticly denouncing a violation by the dictator's administration? The prosecution of Galindo and Peneranda is simply the tip-of-the-iceberg of Morales'
deep-seated hatred of the Jewish people both in and outside of Bolivia.
Morales perceives the media as controlled by the Jews and spreads his racial hatred by his words and actions throughout his administration's policies, especially when the media inform the voters of Morales's corruption patterns.
    Humbly yet truthfully, when we Bolivian Jews see Evo's antisemitic fascism, we do not cower but stand up to the beast of fascist antiSemitism like Esther's kin, Mordechai.
      My brethren across the globe please unite with me to deter this wrong-headed dictator who abuses democracy by defying the peoples' voice/vote, the dictator who has no respect for any person or faith, the dictator who defies the rule of law, violating it, bending it and using it against the State of Israel and against we Bolivian Jews, as he continues his unconstitutional reelection campaign and receives Hitlerian style oaths of loyalty from his military, police and cyber-warriers, who when saluted by Morales raised arm they salute back nazi-like, placing a hand on their chest and raising the other, as if standing in front of Hitler himself shouting. "Patria or death, we will win!, we will win."
      United Jews of the world, shall we not defend ourselves against the antisemite dictator? Otherwise Evo Morales will all too easily commit another Shoah against us?
DM (c) d. Reserv 10/01/19
11/01/19 edited

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