An open letter to Diane Feinstein

Open letter to Mrs Feinstein & her colleagues who refuse to vote for the environmental legislation called the "green new deal":

We live in San Francisco & know you from your years as a SF supervisor and sadly nothing has changed of your corporate citizen self. Despite your old age, you still treat us as mentally retarded children to whom you say, I know better than you. Sadly you don't know anything other than your own corporate interests, which you voiced cruelly to our visiting children demeaning them,. Basically saying they should all shut up and bow down to you. Sadly your misguided interests and your insistence that
you wont vote for the bill: "Green new deal" has shown californians their mistake to vote you in instead of out.
I suppose it doesnt matter to you because you wo'nt be alive to see the young people suffer and their families who will suffer cancer caused by fossil energy, fracking, transgenic, etanol, plastic, etc and will suffer starvation and be dying out of thirst, starvation and cancers, as in the story of Joseph in Egypt, where people plead for a bowl of wheat and only Joseph the elite corporate citizen decided who lives and who dies of starvation during the 7 thin cows era/years. And your senatorial policies and lecturing to our kids was exactly as joseph of Egipt and/or an apologist for Mr Trump, instead of advocating and representing us, as the government of the people, by the people and for the people, which our kids reminded you but unjustly enraged, you covertly ordered your staff " Get them out out of hear" we heard it and saw your bully tactic.
If you don't change your corporate citizen mind, Ocasio' s New green deal bill fail because of you old democrats. Who are terming out and destroying our 400 million Americans voice& interests, just like Wall street Clintons. And its not good for our party, for the Party IS LEFT US behind and is long divorced from us american citizens, and from our needs and interests and those of our beloved America. And with your unrepentant misguided anti-environment conduct and policies, are hammering nails into your own coffins, including the entire Democratic party. So dont be surprised our party gets defeated at the 2020 elecction, for we won't be there but fighting for our environmental survival for we are part of our mother Earth, whom you and your corporate citizens refuse to protect or compromise with!
Felipe Campos PhD

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