Fighting with Facebook

Propagandists come with deals, too good to be true. In many places like Europe and Bolivia, tv ads say, "Let's change poluting plastic bag for a reusable bag" and they show a cotton bag and people get hooked and vote for it. Once its aproved, the governments and oil corporations produce heavy duty plastic bags. And betrayed voters get stuck with a heavier duty plastic bag instead of the cotton bag. Its the usual deception goverment and petroleum transnacionals use. Europe, ourselves in California, we're deceived and defrauded by Jerry Brown who left us not the cotton bags we voted for, but these awful heavy duty plastics which clog our sewage, poluted street drains, rivers and ocean. And it causes not only microplastic to kill us when we eat see food, for sea food animals we ate, got into our estomachs and years after, the microplastics in our bodies get us ill and we die premature deaths. Bolivia is a country like many rich resource countries but economically empoverished nation. and Mark Zuckerberg endorsed EvoMorales to remain perpetual presidente.The latter is indebting Bolivia for 3 billion dollars for petroquimical plants, to replace thin pvc & polyurethan plastic bags, under the same old scheme, following J Brown's heavy duty reusable bags. I was about to post it accompanied by an ilustrated picture. FB threatend to suspend me for alege violation. I had not send it to anyone yet and under FB threat didnt post the factory picture and when trying to delete it. FB kept reposting it everytime I deleted it, FB putt it back. Wrote to FB asking them to stop reposting the deleted factory picture. I then send the evidence to FB. Later FB thanked me for having called their attention, and then FB deleted the factory picture.
Now clear of FB' arbitrary actions which chilled my free speech and freedom of assambly, posted my note attached a kommorant's Galaapagos Island suffering adverseplastic pollution consequences. Began to post it for Bolivians not to let dictator Evo Morales get the Iranians, the chinesse or Russian get contracted for the 3 billion dollars petroquimical factories to produce heavy duty plastic reusable useless toxic bags and advise customers go back to grannies values and replace plastics with cotton bags and baskets of bamboo of their own. But midway posting them, came a flash and inmediatelly, stopped.
FB had set me up and was now suspending/ blocking me for a day, which I read in my inbox.
This is another FB retaliation after the previous one of my parody of the RatCartel MonopolyFB, drawing I had posted.
As you read the top of my letter, you can see FB is acting retaliatorily and because it set me up (the posting in no way violates any standard
But I overlooked FB has endorsed Maduro's partner, Evo Morales and the transnacional oil corporations, give FB so much money. That I came to a sudden halt.
Arbitrarily FB had set me up and had allowed me to post my anti plastic pollution kommorant picture and now was suspending me arbitrarily for a day without any community standards violation. Simply for FB, might makes it right, so FB unjustly suspended me or a day w/o any due process and my letter to FB asking them to correct their arbitrary suspension, as usual, remains unanswered.
The picture of a nesting Galapagos nesting Kommorant inside a plastic nest, nor my post violatez anything or any standard but since this monopolistic cartelFB, has no one overseeing them, they don't care chiling my free speech rights nor assamblying rights, for they are judge, prosecutor, jury and executioner in their secret court and they continue to retaliate.
My question is how come FB gets to usurp our Executive, Congressional and judicial goverment and willy-nilly violates our constitucion, chiling our free speech. Is the cartelmonopolisticFB trying to tell american jews like me, there is no goverment nor god but me?
I oppose Maduro& Morales because they are antisemitic pro-iranian, pro- chinesefascism, pro-rusian and I will continue to resist them, because my grandparents taught me never let antisemitism happen again.
Thank you for your time.
EC(c) 03/25/19

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