Now Even Speech Costs Dearly!

The freedom of speech has been taken away from we people and now are extorsioned to give up our sustenance money to purchase freedom of speech. The EU aproval of copy rights to most words, means only 1% corporatist elites have the freedom of speech and 99% of humanity do not have freedom of speech, for they have no means to purchase the freedom of speech, because the 1% corporate elitist FB-oil- banking-publishers and military industrial hoarding owners, have already taken 99% of the worlds wealth and 99% of humanity who fights for the crammy 1% economic resource left, not being able to feed itself, least purchase freedom of speech from hoarderers FB-oil-bancs-publisher and military industrial complex owners,
creating the master- slave global order.
We are 99% of the humanity who has no means to pay this extorsiosist scheme aproved by the EU and since we are being denied freedom of speech and have to purchase food and water, we are as before Joseph the pharaoh of money, and confronted with being denied social media, freedom of speech and freedom of assambly, for 99% of humanity. Whatever happen to our free speech and freedom of assambly rights?
EC (c) all rights reserved 3/26/2019

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