Open Letter to Greta Thunberg

Dear Greta Thunberg: 
I write this note to you & your trusted head leaders of our Fridays for the Future.
I am your mother's generation peer in the Americas. A retired academician whose trusted friends have run campaigns and Dr. Felipe Campos, is an exiled, indigenous Bolivian environmentalist. I want to point out how the movement you wisely are guiding for the salvation of humanity is becoming sequestered into the old petition of "let's limit ourselves to a 1.5 Degrees Celsius increase of climate temperature..."
You see, Greta, in the world of makers and breakers, whenever you want to reached a given number goal, you don't go with 1.5 to the negociating table of the oil corporations and governments climate negotiators, because they will outdo you as they have outone the Kyoto negotiators and buried the kyoto agreement.
Our negotiators committed the same mistake in Paris, proposing the 1.5° Celsius increase and the Oil and goverment interests backed them in Paris outdid them and sold them the Paris agreement which is a good for nothing climate accord that continues to harm our planet.
One of those sell-outs, Evo Morales, keeps poluting worse than he did before signing the Paris agreement. Unfortnately most political leaders do the same harm. This includes Germany with its coal increase and Nordom II pipe-line which will continue to polute worse than prior to the Paris Agreement. Then there is the white elephant, the USA, who is bound by no rules, and which has the old petition-strategy of "let's agree for 1.5 celsius increase".
To this climate crisis the negotiators attitude is: "here we go again" they will sequester us with the old useless negotiating plan of "lets limit ourselves to 1.5° celsius increase to climate temperature".
Please, dear Greta, realize your mother intends good and we of her generation have lived the failures and deceit of having us embrace the "agree to 1.5 celsius increase". Its an oil-led corporate manipulation they are having sequester us to again, which includes no accounting of how much increase of billions of carbon dioxide is getting dumped. And as you said so wisely, there is no time.
Please Greta consider dicussing among yourselves, as our global leaders against climate crisis:
1] Stop using fossil fuels & substitute them with solar, wind, geothermic...clean energies available today. The world and the mountains won't fall in the ocean as businesses allege, for clean energy saves us all
2] stop worldwide deforestations and plant trees for the filter of carbon, oxygen, water recycling etc.
3] Ban fracking, for fracking permanently kills acuifers and rivers, fauna, flora, oxygen, soil, etc. Simply demand the expanded use of solar, wind, geothermal energy sources .
4] Ban herbicides, insectides, mining chemicals such as mercury, cromium, bromide and use natural predators to fight agro-pests, etc
5] Ban transgenic seeds & transgenic foods and ban red meat, soy, sugar cane and palm oil. Substitute them with organic seeds and organic foods as our human ancestors did, eg: the inca cluture did before 1492 and had not starvation, as Europe had. The Inca's organic agriculture produced organically. more than 10 thousand varieties of potatoes which our modern geneticists can never achieve. So our globe must turn to organic farming which uses no polution and we must eliminate red meat, etc.
6] Ban plastic and plastoform, which are killing marine life in our oceans and depleting the ozone.
We can use reusable cups of our great grandparents cultural style, straws made of paper, bamboo, etc
7] ban mining polutants such as mercury, cromium, bromine, lead and use the Norwegian model of water treatment/recycling to decontaminate mining waters and the dumping of medicine waste of antibiotics before releasing the water. Our drinking waters are being polluted globally and an epidemic of mass causualties is imminent.
8] Ban water damns and hydro-electric projects. Instead use solar, wind, geothermic energy.
9] Ban drilling, mining & shipping in the artic and Antartic which oil and mining corporations want, just to enrich and exploit. These activities cause over 5-15° celsius rise of the earth's temperature.
So lets preserve Mother Earth and let the artic/antartic, by agreement, be two sanctuaries for biodiversity
10] purchase the amazon rainforest and the Albanian forests and beyond, by international agreement or by money or by private purchases, for the purpose to preserve it as rain forest for we need it for rains and for oxygen globally. These forests are like our ten fingers, easy to remember.
I was still riding on my parents backs when I slowly and gradually, thorough the years, learned to fight for civil rights, then learned to fight the war and the nuclear-missile threat. As time passed I found myself traveling back to my hinterlands and fight for miners human rights and lost my friends to death or exile by repressive military governments who embedded themselves with the same transnational oil and mining and agriculural corporate interests.
Money buys people and I experienced it when some of the ones I trusted sequestered our movement and decades later, after I taught in universities, I found out the hard-way. Eventually I learned, an old marcher-against- repression (of human rights), Evo Morales, had become president of Bolivia and years later I saw Dr Felipe Campos, an old civil rights and human rights and union rights fighter was living in exile, we were chatting about our old memories and Evo' s name popped up on TV and we talked of him and he confirmed to me, this was the same one who we had considered a friend. I learned he had been financed by the old oil and mining interests, and that he is still exiling Dr felipe Campos and cutting down the Bolivian Amazon rain forest, allowing oil polution, transgenic crops, etc.
So, this is how money can buy out and sequesters our Fridays for the Future. Please beware of it.
This is a lifetime lasting struggle and we have to trust our guts for counsel, because friends come and go and few remain. But we must be cautious, even in cyberspace, including e-mail for moles come from within yet our guts or subconcious or instinct is our best counsel.
You Greta, and your trusted inner circle, might want to ask yourselves who else to invite as counsel for everything adult humans do is politics and its a field where your mothers, myself, Dr Felipe Campos are experienced and outdo think tanks which counsel the oil and mining interests. These all are allied with old family bankers who always with deception and double talk through governments and commissions and are in every side in negotiations. Thus no matter which side wins, the deceivers walk out from climate conferences and accords getting their interests preserved. This is how they have kept contaminating and killing our earth.
So Greta, be wise and rested when you meet world leaders. Let your heart counsel you what is best and check out the above ten suggestions and all the counteless things you must decide, adopt and achieve.
Even if we can achieve only a few in our lifetime struggle for solving climate crisis, that still is good for our Mother earth and we living beings.
Today is mother's day in Bolivia. May God , Mother Earth and humanity bless you all.
Domitila Mamani, for Dr F Campos, Ellie Campo, and all
May 27 2019

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