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Compatriots Despierten:

Compatriotas Despierten: Por favor no sean credulos en las entidades gobernamentales q rutinamente nos mienten, y asi nuestro capital humano, nuestra salud y vidas quedan con sequelas permanentes de salud, canceres, diagnosis indeterminadas y e inexplicables muertes repentinas. Como no nos vamos a enfermar y morir 30-70 anos prematuramente, cuando Evo, sus Fencomines y rosqueras mineras como COMSUR, para acortar costos, Irresponsablemente echan sus aguas coladas con metales toxicos Cadmio, cromio, zinc, Indio, plomo, mercurio...en nuestras aguas q terminsn contaminandi nuestras represas de agua potable y represas de multiple uso cono el regadio de plantas alimenticias y lo bebemos y comemos en la cadena alimentician y nuestras wawas caen cin diarreas, escozores de piel y enfermedades sin diagnosticos determinados y de pronto los encontramos tiesos, eh? Por favir hagan analizarse su sangre & orin para detectar la presencia de esos toxic oil s contaminantes q invaden nuestros cuer

SOS For Our Oceans!!

Dear remember our Earth planet is a closed system in which our climate is being destroyeddangerously with oil, gas, coal, carbon dioxide contaminacion and the evidence is a European 45° Celsius teperatureonearth and a rise on oceans temperature. Why are we we acomplices to itrespobsibly abusing our Mother Earth simply by being silent acomplices to the racist 1% oil Elite and consuming inneesarily oil, instead of avaialable clean solar, wind, geothermic energy , hidroge engine and electric means of transportation to save our Oceans. Our feed us and sustain humanity wit its free and generous fauna and flora and produce oxygen and are our 90% free gloal air cooling system . But we're passive Laissez faire accomplices to the poisoning oil-coal transnacionals, old fanilies banks and governments who irresponsiblycontinue to contaminateand coldly rise the oceans temperature withtheir contamination so they an acess and enrich themselves with more oil &minerals from the Artic and A

On June 26: Freedom Time Has Come

JUNE 26TH ON: FREEDOM TIME IS COME! Dictator Evo Morales has been unjustly been persecuting brothers& sisters and placed them in concentration camps and has been ordering murder contracts on the leaders of COFECAY& ADEPCOCA and after murdering them one by one, Eduardo Apaza's orphans, then Miguel Apazas' incoming orphan, "Evo is assasinated my husband and my baby has no father to look after him, what is it going to be of me, of us ADEPCOCA green farmers? Clutching his coffin, his young wife sobs reflected our pain, frustration, hopes for the future, while Miguel's mother cries not only her son's unjust assasination but her son Hector's and her niece's fight with death, trying to cling to life, after having been life attempted by dictator Morales' drug dealers hit men. Morales is in trouble with international JIFE, and to solve his raw material for cocaine a d cicaine production proliferation in global exports, he is thrown the stone of ci

Ende Gelande & Fridays for Future

EndeGelande & Fridays for future Deutschland must lead the way to trade fosil fuel for clean energy! There are 3 different interests at stake. 1] Mr Trump's keep contaminating with oil,fracking, carbon, cattle& Soy, keep contaminating plan 2] Paris- Swisscheese agreement which keeps moving the deadlines to ban carbon and has no enforceability ans gives no account of have much each industrialized country is alloweed to contaminate for them to throw bread crumbs of their table for poor countries to eat like dogs. 3] the trade now fosil energy-cattle-transgenic soy for solar, wind, geothermic energy and solar and hidrogen cars& solar and wind long winged solar and wind airplanes. sadly all climate conference rules are flowed, as far as who attends the conference. IE, Mr trump with the carbon oil interests, who boycots and sabotaged the USA's signed Paris agreement, he spies all conference delegates to divide them and the result is, he gets the benefit and eats h

CDU-CSU Contaminators want to use Greens

CDU-CSU contaminators want to use GREENS! DIE GROKO who MALUSED PSD till leaving it politically moribund, now Merkel's Groko-parasite wants to MALUSE ascending star environmental party PSD to save itself from falling off power and keep contaminating and destroying the Youth's future. Nein. Nein. Nein. No more Groko, frau Merkel must leave, so GREENS do not bail out the Groko who allowed multitransmacional car makers' contaminate and rip off good german' s money with their contaminating guzzlers, that hurt the children's health and multiplied Ashthma patients, cancet patients, etc. GREENS DO NOT FORm a Groko with CDU-CSU, let the crisis GROKO go to save our Klimatet for the children' s future. The GROKO is divided into two and let the GROKO ally itself with evil AfD, for though it may survive for a couple months, but not having a mayority in the BUNDESTAG, the GROKO WILL FAIL and this year will call to elections and environmentally conscious GRE

ALERT re global cyber currency LIBRA Corporatista Facebook

Alert to global cyber currency LIBRA corporatistaFacebook! It's too good to be true... this road to hell its asphalted with good intentions but the goal is to rip you off. And if things don't work for FB, they runaway with your money by filing for corporate bankrruptcy under chapter 11&13 and you lose all your money and no court in the globe can help you. You're screwed for life. Remember this type of cyber currency is cheating taxes to your country, it doesn't have any established bank rules nor guarantees like the Dodd-Frank banking rules and guarantees.  Your wife, your car, your family, your house and your money you don't trust it or loan it to any SOB who comes with his own currency, someone who stole his classmate's ideas and research and patented as his own, he is not good for you, for he left his classmates dirt poor and he got filthy rich with their sweat, tears and blood and he'll do you the same, for once a con man and thief, he ca

Suggestion from your Friends in Bolivia to our Brothers Y Sisters in Germany

A suggestion from Bolivians to our brothers and sisters in Germany Wir haben keinen bock mehr auf die ignoranz der Bundesregierung, Bundestag & frau Fuhrer Merkel? Nein, nein, nein groko& Merkel. Politicians sell themselves for money and are profesional confidence-men, who give empty words without good deeds and make empty promises, without good deeds. One puts a gas mask and helmet and peaceful&orderly and cautiously sorround Merkels, the Bundestag, etc and stay before them with non-violent civil Desobedience, chanting " you have no heart, gas-men don't steal our future. Don't kill us with carbon dioxide gas, heat waves, floods, starvation and droughts" so it will speed up their groko to go home and unemployed for not listening to the people's will, to trade fossil energy for clean energy. If politicians make the error of sending the police, a little after, one moves a short distance and keep shouting, " gasmen don' t steak our future..

Carta Abierta A C Mesa a la TSE

Carta abierta a C Mesa Ref: La TSE. Estimado Carlos: No tengo ningun interes en ser presidenta. Lo unico q me preocupa es tener un presidente/a q haya mostrado con sus acciones, ser promujer, egual salarios pa mujeres, empleo de mujeres y q este contra violaciones y contra feminicidios, q asigne presupuesto pa las victimas y huerfanitos, q haya firmado un contrato con el pueblo y con nuestra Madre Tierra, xq no queremos palabras vacias sin firma de contrato: No deforestaciones, no fracking, No transgenicos, no represas, ni robo de aguas gratuitas q el dictador y accionista comete a traves de ENDE, ETC.  PIENSO Q NUESTRA FUENTE DE AGUA, ALIMENTACION ORGANICA, SELVAS DEBEN PRESERVARSE, SIN MATAR la fauna, la flira, especialmente sin matar ARBOLES Q NOS DAN AGUA GRATUITA Y OXIGENO PURIFICADO, ETC. Tu sabes q las encuentas no son garantias de ganar y son puras manipulaciones estatisticas y especulaciones.  Sin un neutral TSE nadie puede ganar. Con unTSE en el bolsillo del

June 10 Everyone PROTEST

Evo Morales chinese, Brazilian, Colombians and his partymen for 14 years heavely contaminated with cancergenic Mercury, chromiun, cadmiun, lead, benzine and diesel contaminants in hundreds ofvBolivian Amazonian rivers, like the Beni River. Here multiple Drag ships, extract gold containing mud and rocks and using heavy stone grinding machines at the San Martin hill, continue to extract gold mostly without paying, the misery 1.5% tax. but leaving unique marine and earth life dead, fauna, flora and dead lakes, rivers and creeks. Morales talks being the Earth defender but delivers genocide to unarmed forest indigenous protectors of the Bolivian Amazons. This June 10th, 9AM we are taking part in the greatest protest against the Genocider's unconstitutional reeleccion and its puppet the Electoral tribunal TSE, demanding both to resign and stop killing Mother Nature and stop climate destruction. Follow me in:

Klimatet disastre!

This report reconfirms climate disaster being consumated by irresponsible politicians like Merkel, Trump, EvoMorales... The latter's transgenigenic, excessive use of mix of Bayer forbidden defoliants&herbicides; soy& sugar cane for triple subsidized transgenic biodiesel, bioethanol; Amazon desforestacion, fracking, mining polution, megadamns are irreversibly distroying our klimatet. On June 10th, 9AM, we the people of Bolivia are marching to the TSE & Presidential palace to tell Climate distroyer Evo Morales: Halt to deforestation& provide new electoral TSE members. Reconfirman irreversible destruccion de nuestra incaria fauna& flora organica, agua, suelo& aire con BayerMonsanto transgenicos. Sin alimentos organicos, ni agua ni selvas amazonicas q gratuitamente nos traian anualmente 6metros cubicos de lluvia y vientos & purificaban el oxigeno q respirabamos gratuitamente cada segundo. Ahora haciendonos respirar mortal humo canceroso de dioxido de car

Evo deforested Amozon Trees in Bolivia on Earth Day 2019

Undoubtedly dictator Evo Morales who talks by the sides of his mouth and doesn't look at people's eyes, is not only seeking perpetual presidency but materializing Amazon's deforestacion under the guise of producing the highest percent of economic growth, which really doesn't exist but in his mind and rethoric. And he is destroying the land that feeds 11 million Bolivians, with fracking, deforestacion, dumping over a 100 million gallons of forbidden herbicides, mercury, mining, transgenic soy-sugar cane for subsidized biodiesel, etanol; megadamns, freeways, ilegal mass seizures of amazonian lands for his party members while genociding indigenous protectors of the Bolivian Amazon jungle which freely produces 6000 mm3 of rainfall annually. And leaving behind permanent desertificacion and drought! June 10th at 9AM, the largest People's protest is marching from La Ceja in El Alto city for 8 miles to the 50 million dollars palace in La Paz City, of empoverished Bolivia, d

Todos Los Escolares

Todos los escolares en cada pais del mundo debemos enjuiciar a nuestro Gbno por matarnos con calentamiento climatico. En EEUU escolares enjuician al Gbno x freirnos con calentamiento Climatico por contaminacion petrolera q nos mata y no hay futuro pa la humanidad q esta siendo extinguida. Deje de sonar con PIB No hay tiempo q perder. El desastre climatico esta ocurriendo ahora. Experienciamos extremas inundaciones y extremas sequias. Frequentes altos terremotos! Los polos se estan moviendo peligrosamente! Las 4estacionrs se estan convirtiendo en solo: verano caliente e invierno helado. El Gbno en ocada pais debe ser enjuiciado por matarnos con Calentamiento climatico. In USA several students sue the Goverment for killing their future with destruction of the climate caused by oil contamination and the court ruled they have standing to sue. Students you must all sue your own country's government for killing you with Climate Disaster, manifested with extreme floods, extreme dr