ALERT re global cyber currency LIBRA Corporatista Facebook

Alert to global cyber currency LIBRA corporatistaFacebook!

It's too good to be true... this road to hell its asphalted with good intentions but the goal is to rip you off. And if things don't work for FB, they runaway with your money by filing for corporate bankrruptcy under chapter 11&13 and you lose all your money and no court in the globe can help you. You're screwed for life. Remember this type of cyber currency is cheating taxes to your country, it doesn't have any established bank rules nor guarantees like the Dodd-Frank banking rules and guarantees. 
Your wife, your car, your family, your house and your money you don't trust it or loan it to any SOB who comes with his own currency, someone who stole his classmate's ideas and research and patented as his own, he is not good for you, for he left his classmates dirt poor and he got filthy rich with their sweat, tears and blood and he'll do you the same, for once a con man and thief, he can't help it!
PD this alert will be posted daily for FB hacks and deletes everybody's free speech, that doesn't benefit FB or his accomplices dictators like Evo Morales, Jing Ping and turns them to the big brother!

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