CDU-CSU Contaminators want to use Greens

CDU-CSU contaminators want to use GREENS!

DIE GROKO who MALUSED PSD till leaving it politically moribund, now Merkel's Groko-parasite wants to MALUSE ascending star environmental party PSD to save itself from falling off power and keep contaminating and destroying the Youth's future.
Nein. Nein. Nein. No more Groko, frau Merkel must leave, so GREENS do not bail out the Groko who allowed multitransmacional car makers' contaminate and rip off good german' s money with their contaminating guzzlers, that hurt the children's health and multiplied Ashthma patients, cancet patients, etc.
GREENS DO NOT FORm a Groko with CDU-CSU, let the crisis GROKO go to save our Klimatet for the children' s future.
The GROKO is divided into two and let the GROKO ally itself with evil AfD, for though it may survive for a couple months, but not having a mayority in the BUNDESTAG, the GROKO WILL FAIL and this year will call to elections and environmentally conscious GREEN, will become the new mayority party and so Fridays for Future Deutschland will have a chance to be listened and advance a climate emergency agenda which GREENS AS THE NEW ELECTUONS VICTOR will make it happen even partially, which is better than the useless contaminator GROKO which in more thsn 6 months has done nothing but empty words and empty promises and worsens people's health and the klimatet's health.
Groko falls and new elections, Greens arise to victory with a green environmental agenda for Deutschland and for trade to happen with an emergency klimatet with solar, wind, geothermic energy instead of petroleum fossil energy, and we'll se a trade towards hidrogen and electric cars rather than deathly contaminating diessel guzzlers which choke our lungs and caused us tears and we humans and our klimatet suffer.
Merkel party members aim 'to reconcile the social with the national'

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