Ende Gelande & Fridays for Future

EndeGelande & Fridays for future Deutschland must lead the way to trade fosil fuel for clean energy!
There are 3 different interests at stake.
1] Mr Trump's keep contaminating with oil,fracking, carbon, cattle& Soy, keep contaminating plan
2] Paris- Swisscheese agreement which keeps moving the deadlines to ban carbon and has no enforceability ans gives no account of have much each industrialized country is alloweed to contaminate for them to throw bread crumbs of their table for poor countries to eat like dogs.
3] the trade now fosil energy-cattle-transgenic soy for solar, wind, geothermic energy and solar and hidrogen cars& solar and wind long winged solar and wind airplanes.

sadly all climate conference rules are flowed, as far as who attends the conference.
IE, Mr trump with the carbon oil interests, who boycots and sabotaged the USA's signed Paris agreement, he spies all conference delegates to divide them and the result is, he gets the benefit and eats his cake too without being a participant nor abiding by the agreement's terms of contract signed by all the conference delegates and their countries, but his delegates walk out without any obligations to stop contaminating our climate. Wouldn't it be wiser to exclude any country who is not going or hasn't been abiding by the terms of the signed agreements, rather than having a troyan horse inside?
3] we the ban now fosil carbon and trade it off for clean energy, are the third party and see Mr Trump wants to have it and eat his cake too, is not a solutuon but the major problem to perpetue carbon contamination unconditionally and since the Paris signers industrializide countries like France and Germany keeo violating their signed Paris agreement goals and said in the name of the EU 2050 should be the carbon ban and the other wing of the EU said, no, we want to continue contaminating, but buy us out so we get your money if you want us to ban carbon by 2050
By then we and our children we'll be long dead and extinct along with the human especies on Earth.

What are we going to encounter in NY and Santiago Climate conferences?
The USA& Paris agreement signers we'll tell us, the 2°C increase of temperature Greta with the Paris agreement is asking is long passed and unfeasible, lets move the limit to 4-8 Celsius increase, and let's ban carbon not by 2030 or 2035 but by 2050.
And the USA proxies will set them up with, Pays us big bucks if you want us to ban carbon by 2050.
And they will defeat Greta's Paris Swiss Cheese agreement and agree the ban will be in 2050. And the contaminating industrialized reoresentatives will say, "okay crumps for the dogs from our banquet tables, so they get used to sunburn, now and signed it here"
And they will get it signed ban of carbon by 2050 and 4-8 Celsius temperature increase of climate by toxic green gas effect.
And then the contaminating industrialized countries lead by Macron and fraun Merkel will say, " light camera, action, say swiss cheese. Great. Let's go home and tell citizens how great we are" and carrying their big swiss cheese, the conference delegates will i firm with big swiss cheese smile, "the new Paris swiss cheese ban of carbon by 2050 and 4-8 Celsius temperature increase because 2 Celsius increase, the industrial countries and the oil men told us in long past and undoable"

This is what what we suggest to be presented at the NY and Santiago conferences:
1] Inmediate ban fosil energy, cattle and transgenic soy and replace it now with solar, wind, geothermic energy and solar and hidrogen cars and solar and wind energy airplanes now.

If its aprove is great and if its rejected and the attendees go home without climate agreement. Its great.
Because this racket of contamination disguised as an enforceable Paris agreement its a useless swiss cheese because the industrialized nations who polute the most get to benefit with a false peace of comfort zone, which is destroying our climate.
Once there is no agreement in each country, following civil desobediencevdone by Ende Gelende & Fridays for future, its up to us the people to push our own goverments with frequents Civil Desobedience protests like against the coal mine, to ban carbon now and substitute it with clean energy in lieu of toxic death fosil carbon contamination.

Any suggestions?
Write us via messenger
Danke Schoen

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