June 10 Everyone PROTEST

Evo Morales chinese, Brazilian, Colombians and his partymen for 14 years heavely contaminated with cancergenic Mercury, chromiun, cadmiun, lead, benzine and diesel contaminants in hundreds ofvBolivian Amazonian rivers, like the Beni River. Here multiple Drag ships, extract gold containing mud and rocks and using heavy stone grinding machines at the San Martin hill, continue to extract gold mostly without paying, the misery 1.5% tax. but leaving unique marine and earth life dead, fauna, flora and dead lakes, rivers and creeks.
Morales talks being the Earth defender but delivers genocide to unarmed forest indigenous protectors of the Bolivian Amazons.
This June 10th, 9AM we are taking part in the greatest protest against the Genocider's unconstitutional reeleccion and its puppet the Electoral tribunal TSE, demanding both to resign and stop killing Mother Nature and stop climate destruction.
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