SOS For Our Oceans!!

Dear remember our Earth planet is a closed system in which our climate is being destroyeddangerously with oil, gas, coal, carbon dioxide contaminacion and the evidence is a European 45° Celsius teperatureonearth and a rise on oceans temperature.
Why are we we acomplices to itrespobsibly abusing our Mother Earth simply by being silent acomplices to the racist 1% oil Elite and consuming inneesarily oil, instead of avaialable clean solar, wind, geothermic energy , hidroge engine and electric means of transportation to save our Oceans.
Our feed us and sustain humanity wit its free and generous fauna and flora and produce oxygen and are our 90% free gloal air cooling system . But we're passive Laissez faire accomplices to the poisoning oil-coal transnacionals, old fanilies banks and governments who irresponsiblycontinue to contaminateand coldly rise the oceans temperature withtheir contamination so they an acess and enrich themselves with more oil &minerals from the Artic and Antartic poles.
They contaminate te our free food producing oceans by throwing billions of gsrbage, mainly silicone computer parts and oil derivate plastics which do not degrade 500 yeard and are i our blood system as harmful microplastics that entered us through thefood chain and airbornely.
Ad a result of the above irresponsible conduct, the oceans waters in many parts have risen to 2° celsius. This rise of ocean temperature has already and is still permanently, destroying free our oceans biodiversity.
Remember it took huge amounts of energy for these oceans's zillions tons of metric salted water and barely 50 years of irresponsible corporate greed, to rise two degrees celsius.
These 2 degree C rise of Ocean temperature endangers with extinction all millions of living species, including us religious fanatics and our helpess children who along our senuor cituzens bare the most consequences of destroying our oceans climate, which adversely afects our Earth's temperature, including this European 45° Celsius we experience.
The tragic facts are these transnational actors of state power that have national governments in their pockets continue not only to deny climate emergency but have been hiding & continue to hide the serious and permanent consequences we're already suffering and will continue to suffer permanently and god is not going to fix it for us because we just say so in our zealot prayers and biblical quotations we conjure.
These transnational corporations supranational actors of State powers are pullig us in with their deeptive talk of economic growth, block trade market agreemts such as the EU and Mercosur and their paid corporate scientists tell us the earth is being changing its temperature and nothing happens. But that's their deception and us voters like suckers continue to misguidedly believe them even when climate contamination deaths are rising. But the most serious problem is we religious humans are on the path of extinction should we remain pasivesuckers to these transnational actors of power and their governments accomplices like Frau Merkle and Mr Trump who tell us, capitalism is benign and only system that works and if it would have a human soul, it be perfect and this deceptive dominant scheme is endorsed in the last villages of the amazon forest by demagogue dictators like Evo Morales who talks of mother earth even when he is drunk slept while his policies have followed capitalist destructive actions of deforestation, fracking, transgenic fauna and flora, megadamns etc
Look at the evidence that is harming us humans: Arms race, nuclear wars o the horizon, rise of cancers, epidemics deaths starvations of milionsad migrations masses, while these 1% elite who began their nazi espacial flights withnazi Werner Von Braun, have been obssesed not in solvigclimate contamination whichthreatens ti extiguish us 8- 10 billion humans, but escaping like Noah on their Noah airships to space and dream to live in Mars to. Due to its cost, only this less than 1% elitist wil board and take off to live there after setting mutual destrution nuclear war, clone themselves for a few generations and come back to the oceans and own The Earth without us 8- 10 billions of mouths for them to feed. Thats how the see us simply 8- 10 billion mouths, colonizing it like Noah and his breed who refused anyone on their ship.
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