Suggestion from your Friends in Bolivia to our Brothers Y Sisters in Germany

A suggestion from Bolivians to our brothers and sisters in Germany

Wir haben keinen bock mehr auf die ignoranz der Bundesregierung, Bundestag & frau Fuhrer Merkel?
Nein, nein, nein groko& Merkel.
Politicians sell themselves for money and are profesional confidence-men, who give empty words without good deeds and make empty promises, without good deeds. One puts a gas mask and helmet and peaceful&orderly and cautiously sorround Merkels, the Bundestag, etc and stay before them with non-violent civil Desobedience, chanting " you have no heart, gas-men don't steal our future. Don't kill us with carbon dioxide gas, heat waves, floods, starvation and droughts" so it will speed up their groko to go home and unemployed for not listening to the people's will, to trade fossil energy for clean energy.
If politicians make the error of sending the police, a little after, one moves a short distance and keep shouting, " gasmen don' t steak our future.. we the people give you jobs. Groko go home. Frau Merkel go home" and they send the police, we move a short distance and go on singing, "PSD the people demands you quit groko or pay at the polls for your end"
Please remember Merkel former chemical employer is a poluter and they bank rolled her with other corporations to power and to Groko and she soldout to the polluters and Merkel's Groko is causing the end of PSD, and the PSD only survival is to come to fridays for future climate causr or the PSD dies politically in the next upcoming election. So if PSD wants to survive, it will come to the climate cause camp and when Groko makes the mistake to arrest some of us protestors, it will cause the PSD to quit and precipitate the Groko desontegration and Merkel quit and Steiner and the Bundestag call for new elections and the Greens will grow and be the new climate friendly goverment with a GreenGroko instead of a MoneycontaminatingGroko.
Do you want to try civil desobedience or be ignored by fuhrer Merkel and stagnate instead of growing and saving ourselves against climate disaster Mr Trump, Fuhrer Merkel and the oil&gas contaminators cause us climate disaster, expensive and painful cancer illnesses and death by choking toxic gas?
Jetzt muss gehandelt werden fur Solar, wind, geothermic, hidrogen, electric cars & clean energy and no more oil nor gas, nor coal, nor cows but organic food to save humanity, fauna, flora, biodiversity and drinking water.

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