This is Zero Hour Activism training conference

The ZeroHour climate conferences' 3 deal proposals!

1)Puppeteer oil transnacionals want humanity to buy into sin-indulgence- carbon-tax in exchange of 5°C increase.
Poppet Governments say 'yes'
We the people say 'No way Jose'!

2)Paris accord says its roo late for 2°C increase, but carbon tax + 4°C increase. Its a Swiss cheese deal with increase CO2 +Temp Rise+ No enforceability rules & No limit to how many billions of CO2 a day they will increase. It's a useless band aid scheme to treat metastized oil cancer, who want to keep killing our agonizing climate!

3) No oil, gas, carbon, cows & transgenic soy biocombustible!
Yes to solar, wind, geother
mic energy & cars with solar batteries +0°C increase NOW. We reject Puppeteers&Paris accord schemes to keep contaminating unlimitedly& perilously!

The carbon gas tax certificate is a death certificate!
Carbon tax certificate, it's a death certificate by CO2 + Climate temperature increase, instead of abolishing them and use solar, wind, geothermic& cars with solar batteries
Shell, Standard Oil, banks and car makers... bankrolled the rise of the gassman who committed genocide of 6 million inocent jews& now the same actors want to genocide 8 billion humans with oil gas CO2, NO2& methane, fracking & massive oil leaks..., so the greedy will enrich themselves with our blood, sweat and have us to suffer CO2 gas genocide of their making, they fly away in their Noah space ship. And after cloning themselves for a few generations, they will return to colonize the Earth like Noah, all just for themselves?
#ThisTheZeroHour, lets reject the carbon-tax-death certifique.
@ FridaysforFutureDeutschland

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